No Water For Debtors In Detroit

July 17th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

Can you imagine living in a huge city or municipality and having no running water in your home? A few months ago The Detroit Water and waterSewerage Department (DWSD) started turning off the water supply of people who simply can’t afford to pay their outstanding water bills. So now folks and families from an estimated 80,000 homes in Detroit will not be able to flush the toilet, wash their hands, and bathe. Even more terrifying is if these poor impoverished people have no money to buy bottled water, they will not even have drinking water. Even if you have a couple of dollars, where do you go ? The city looks like an apocalyptic war zone with everything shut down. How can this possibly have happened in this country?
Detroit filed bankruptcy in December of last year because it simply put is flat out broke; no jobs, no money, and no businesses. The city has become undone and can’t pay off its debt. The people residing in the city can’t pay off their debt. The fact that the DWSD is permitted to simply cut off your water – something essential to life itself is beyond disturbing. Incidentally, it is rather surprising that many families from these homes are only 60 days past due.
I understand that the water company is in a spot and fighting for its own survival but this action is cruel, inhumane, and barbaric. What needs to happen NOW is for the federal government to intervene and declare a public health emergency. In addition, what we all have to keep in mind is not only the obvious well – being of the destitute, but also the possible consequences and repercussions of the government doing nothing e.g. an epidemic of disease from lack of proper hygiene that could spread exponentially.
It’s also interesting to note that The United Nations has also called for our federal government and Pres. Obama to take action. This whole situation is alarming and what’s so sad is the water problem can easily be remedied (the reviving of Detroit is another issue). We can only hope and pray that Detroit gets the help they so desperately need – and soon.
So WhaDaYaThink, What do you think ? I’ll end this blog with a quote from an uncaring spokesperson from the water and sewerage company, “It’s a new way of conducting business and we’re going to continue to do it. We will shut off every single one who doesn’t pay.”


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