The Great Le Duke de Fromage

April 23rd, 2018 by Magdalena Tabor

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Today marks the passing of a very dear friend.


When Michael and I first started Whadawethink, we began receiving commentary from a mysterious person by the name of Le Duke de Fromage. We delighted at his interest in our blog. So much so, that we kept writing and he kept responding. His deep and insightful remarks were often laced with subtle good humor that always elicited a chuckle. Who was this fancy French dude?


Time went by and still Le Duke’s comments kept coming and engaged us in a volley of charm and wit.  When at last it was revealed that Le Duke was none other than the father of a long time friend, Michael couldn’t have been more surprised or more pleased.


Le Duke continued to be the biggest fan of our blog, and more often than not, the only one who ever took the time to read and comment on whatever we had to say. Looking forward to hearing from him made our efforts worthwhile. In short, Whadawethink will never be the same.


The profound sadness we feel at the loss of his friendship is only eclipsed by the bleak realization in knowing that at the end of this blog post there will be no comment from Le Duke de Fromage, not now or ever again. And that is simply unthinkable.


Mr. George, if we may be so bold as to reveal your true identity, you were a voice in the dark and a light when we most needed one. Thank you for your constant friendship. In our endeavor to create a platform in which to be heard, you responded with interest and with kind good humor. You will never know how much that meant to us both.


I think you would have wanted us to keep writing, so no matter the blog post met with silence, we will always remember you.