The Irrationality of Nationalism

May 2nd, 2017 by Michael Tabor


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The way I see it there are essentially three existential threats to our survival as a species:

1.     Climate Change.

2.     Nuclear War or Catastrophe.

3.     Artificial General Intelligence.

This growing trend of Nationalism, intolerance, and authoritarianism beginning with our simple-minded president is trending now and spreading throughout Europe.  This notion that America,  France or Austria are subordinating their best interests to outsiders is absurd.  We ought to be building NATO and economic unions not dismantling them. We must have cooperation, regulation, or some sort of governance on a global level if we’re going to evolve and flourish as a species in this day and age in light of these 3 very real aforementioned threats.

So WhaDaYaThink? What do you think?

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3 Responses to “The Irrationality of Nationalism”

  1. chipster Says:

    What I noticed from his rhetoric from the beginning was he ignored the fact that we are now living in a Global society. The only place he recognizes and accepts it, is when it benefits him. Prime example “Buy American/Hire American”, yet he buys mostly from overseas, from furniture and supplies, to his AND Ivanka’s clothing lines are manufactured overseas. Why he is asked and his response: I can get a better deal. Well if it’s ok, why isn’t it ok for the rest of the world.

    Trump instead alienates us from the rest of the world and puts us on the brink of annihilation. America First he chants and then proceeds to think he can dominate the world and be the sheriff and tell them what to do. In case he doesn’t realize it; he’s the President (God help us all) of the U.S., NOT the entire planet.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    I’m not as nervous about Das Trump now as I was when he first took office. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that all of the checks and balances of a liberal democracy i.e. congress, media, judiciary are keeping the incompetent hypocritical madman in check. Dems. & Reps. were both equally uncertain as to what degree the executive branch can wreak havoc. I’m pretty confident that he’s going to eventually hang himself and and ultimately be impeached. The sooner the better.

  3. Chipster Says:

    Michael, I have deep respect for your thoughts and opinions, but not to try to scare anyone all I can do is say: don’t be so sure. This man is psychotic with grandiose thoughts. He pressures the Republicans to do things you’d never thought could be done. Come on, for the first time in history the VP put in the deciding vote for SCOTUS Gorsuch. This will be seen time and time again. I keep hoping for impeachment because I believe we both know that Trump is guilty as hell or colluding with Putin, breaching ethics, guilty of violating the emoluments clause of the constitution with his business dealings and even with Ivanka’s business dealings and last but not least his refusal to release his tax returns. Yet isn’t it funny that we haven’t heard one word regarding the investigation into these atrocities? There was a demand for the release of his tax returns and he said “Nobody is interested in them. I’m President now”. Yet despite efforts by Democrats, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee blocked a Democratic effort to force President Trump to submit 10 years worth of tax returns to Congress for lawmakers to review and possibly publicize.
    With the Republicans in the majority, we’ve lost all checks and balances…………the mainstay of our government! What’s sickening is that they’re protecting a thug.

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