Republicans Are Shameless Cowards

May 4th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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I’ll begin this blog with a tweet by John Fugelsang: “Healthcare Republicans just took healthcare away from American children with cancer but it’s ok they’re so pro-life.

So the House achieves a NARROW victory by repealing Affordable Healthcare Act. 217 spineless Republicans in the House voted yes. In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe a single Republican who voted YES did so in good faith. Pandering, partisanship, and sheer cowardice prompted these sycophants to vote YES . Anyone and everyone who knows anything at all about the healthcare system in this country knows that a repeal of Obamacare will be absolutely disastrous to ALL living in this country. The consequences are unfathomably far-reaching.

I’m just going to itemize a few salient effects:

·        23 million people in this country will immediately lose coverage.

·        And of course the super-rich will get their huge tax cuts – somewhere along the lines of $195,000 – or a total of $2.8 billion and on the flip side, the poor and the middle class will lose tax cuts of around the same amount – $2.9 billion actually.

·        The Affordable Care Act and Universal coverage will be replaced with what our illiterate President says is “something terrific.”

·        Tens of thousands of people will DIE due to lack of access to medical care. The Trumps and everybody else in congress have no skin in the game. Their healthcare coverage is not in jeopardy + that juicy tax cut!!!

·        About 1.4 million young adults who are on their parents plan will be gone.

·        12.3 million people on Medicaid – also goodbye.

·        This is scary. The pre-existing condition ban will be lifted which will result in an estimated increase of 52 million more people uninsured.

·        Premiums invariably will skyrocket, as high as 50% within 1st year of repeal and doubling afterwards.

·        Here is something people don’t think about. No healthcare also = slashing jobs – about 2.6 million people currently working in the healthcare industry will be jobless.

So WhaDaYaThink? What do you think? It’s not over yet, so be hopeful. It’s not going to be a cakewalk for the republicans to get it through the Senate.

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8 Responses to “Republicans Are Shameless Cowards”

  1. chipster Says:

    To say I’m livid is the understatement of the century. This despicable thing called the president (NO, I’m not capitalizing it and I’m NOT calling him by name…………well, not the name I usually call him), had the audacity during the campaign to chant “repeal and replace Obamacare…………’ll be SO easy”. Then after elected, the ignorant bastard (correct, he’s ignorant and a bastard and I have no trouble being blunt at this point) has the balls to say “Who ever thought healthcare could be so complex; it isn’t easy”. WHAT????????????? You’re freaking kidding me that this imbicile didn’t realize the complexity of our healthcare system?????

    How stupid and heartless can someone be to demand a change for the sake of change and then preach that “it’ll be a good plan and getting better”. He doesn’t care about making healthcare more affordable and available to everyone, he only cares as you so aptly stated, about the money he’s putting in his pockets and the pockets of all his wealthy friends. The individual who has suffered from kidney failure……………go ahead and die from your pre-existing condition. The individual with heart failure……………..die, you couldn’t afford healthcare so don’t come crying to me. Oh please, this whole thing makes me so angry. I knew this was going to happen because of the spineless citiziens who continue to believe everything that comes out of his lying mouth. How do you know when Trump is telling the truth……………………………….when he keeps his damn mouth shut!!!! Now it’s the spineless GOP who caved into what they knew was right because they got promised something in return- quid pro quo. I only wish the many who lose their health care coverage and the many who die from lack of coverage or inadequate coverage, are the GOP and the voters who were too dense to truly hear what he was saying. Who heard him speak out of both sides of his mouth and still proclaimed “he speaks to us”.
    I can’t believe (actually it’s Trump, so I do believe), so I guess I refuse to accept the fact that he wants to cut coverage for pregnancy, lab tests, ambulances, mental health. To think he sat there and said “I have a heart”. Maybe so, but it’s cold as ice.
    Never before have there been so many protests after an election. I hope it eventually opens up some eyes. When I speak to people overseas, I can’t help but ask what they hear regarding the U.S. and they literally laugh. I tell them for the first time I’m embarrassed to acknowledge who our president is.

    Michael, I can go on, but I’ll be ill. What do you think of him writing yet another stupid Executive Order (remember when he said Obama took too much liberty in signing Executive Orders?), weakening legislation on Relgious organizations from contributing and supporting a political campaign? Sure, get the entire extreme right wing bible thumpers out there to donate and support the GOP. He’s getting ready for his 2020 campaign…………….which he’s already started with rallies throughout the U.S.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Chipster, I love what you stated here – everything is right on the mark. UNPRECEDENTED!!!

  3. Son of Walt Says:

    Not that I’m a Trump fan or against Obamacare, but the reality is Obamacare has a lot of problems and was not working the way it was envisioned. Many insurers have struggled on the exchange and have pulled out. Partly due to underestimating costs. Partly due enrollees being sicker than expected and partly due to others taking advantage of the program and going to the doctor for every little cold they get. Thus, making the current version of Obamacare unsustainable. I think the mistake that Tump and many Republicans are making is instead of saying they are “repealing” Obamacare, they should say the are “fixing” Obamacare. Thus, keep the best aspects of the program, and fixing the things that are wrong with it. I think they would have a better chance of getting the general public to support them. Instead the news media is having a field day with their ratings.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Chipster is right on this , Son of Walt. Universal coverage ought to part of our Bill of Rights if we want to be consistent with the notion that our country actually gives a damn about people other than the super-rich. Experts on Healthcare and economics have been studying Universal coverage for eons and still are still perplexed. So, yes improve the system DON’T repeal. And, afterwards improve it some more – don’t go backwards.

  5. chipster Says:

    “Son of Walt”, I’m so happy to hear you say what I’ve been saying for so long. I totally agree with everything that you state. I’m livid because they were in such a hurry to “repeal and replace” for the sake of repealing Obamacare. I totally agree with you that it had it’s problems. Lordy, did it have it’s problems, but it took quite some time to see what those problems were and it took quite some time to adapt to the changes that it created. Hillary Clinton said just that during one of the debates (the one where Trump was rude-ha, big surprise, and stalked her on stage). She acknowledged that Obamacare was far from perfect, but it had some very good points and rather than dismantle it entirely, fix it.
    To repeat, what has me so livid is that the way the GOP went about the change was, in Trumps language “WRONG”. They just didn’t want to have anything remotely related to Obama. They were out to prove a point. The only point they proved to me was that they are indeed favoring the wealthy.
    If they truly cared about the average working class person, they would have given it more thought and looked for ways to fix the current system. It can be done. My only hope is that the Senate has more sense and some of the Senate Republicans have a bit more integrity and a pair of ” ___”.

  6. le duke de fromage Says:

    Das Trump obviously has not read the proposed health bill because he is unable to comprehend anything beyond a sound bite or video headline. Yet the moron stands and tells us it is a terrific program. The other idiot Ryan has supposedly spent 8 years working up this completely unworkable piece of crap and expects the majority of Americans to be grateful that He has finally abolished Obamacare. Guys you are all correct in condemning the crap they are peddling and hopefully the Senate will reject this con job these Nazis are trying to shove down our throats. God help us for electing the lowlife greedy spineless self-serving scumbags we call our representatives.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Indeed Le Duke!!! It’s a truly frightening spectacle to see Ryan and Pence (or Himmler and Goebbels) – sickening sycophants, toady up to their clueless, heartless, and imbecilic Fuhrer.

  8. Magdalena Says:

    Everyone knows he brought his men behind closed doors and strong armed them into this. Why else would the vote have been so tight and those who were previously opposed suddenly agree? This is nothing short of a personal assault against the Dems and Obama himself not wanting to credit him with any accomplishment at the risk of millions of people in desperate need of healthcare. Shameful! He’s a vindictive slime.

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