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May 18th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery

Just finished watching Russell Brand’s documentary on drug and alcohol addiction – an inside look into his personal anguishing journey as well as other people’s nightmares. Russell nails it when he states that being a junkie is worse than DEATH – way worse. It’s HELL, simply speaking. I’ve personally had abuse issues with alcohol, Xanax, and suboxone . Today I am completely clean and sober and by the grace of God have zero desire to EVER go back to Hades. Unfortunately, I now have real (Note: addiction is absolutely real on a physical and psychological level.  Amy Winehouse, at the age of 27 died from alcohol withdrawal not an overdose)Physical health issues (I won’t get into it here) and am grateful that I don’t have to contend with addiction issues anymore.

It’s surprising to many that Russell Brand who on the surface had absolutely everything: money, fame, celebrity, extraordinary good-looks, etc. but his life was spiraling out of control. At the end, he was just another desperate junkie just waiting to die or get his next fix – 24/7. Many people who don’t have addiction issues simply don’t understand. An outsider looks at an alcoholic and is completely perplexed. “Why is this person destroying himself??? It’s so obvious to the addict and everyone else that he or she is slowly killing themselves and ruining the lives of everyone around them.  The person who doesn’t drink or do drugs just doesn’t understand. WHY is it so hard for someone to just STOP??? It’s very seductive for a “normal” person to wonder why addicts do it. Not drinking is so EASY and natural for someone who doesn’t have a problem. I understand. STOP!!!! -is the impulse for them to say. But, sadly it’s so much more complicated than that. Russell Brand tries to emphasize over and over that alcoholism is a DISEASE not unlike cancer.

Russell Brand is back and better than ever and is enjoying his life. He was one of the lucky ones who caught it in time. I struggle everyday 24/7 with chronic and agonizing pain but at least I don’t have to worry about getting that next drink. WhaDaYaThink? What do you think? As bad as alcoholism is, you do however have a choice to do something about it. With ALS, Cancer, and other dreadful diseases, you don’t have that luxury. God bless and stay sober!!!

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2 Responses to “Mike At The Movies”

  1. Magdalena Says:

    The disease, not unlike other diseases, affects everyone in its path and oftentimes destroys the person afflicted with the disease as well as those closest to that person. Unless experienced, the pain and suffering endured by all concerned is nothing less than a hellish nightmare. Speaking from experience, only steadfast perseverance can conquer the disease in the end and sometimes even that is not enough. Our only chance of survival is to never ever ever give up and hopefully, you get lucky. Michael, you are most certainly one of the lucky ones. You came out of it alive.

  2. le duke de fromage Says:

    enjoy a sober life my friend, and god bless Magdalena

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