The 70 year –old Man-Boy

April 24th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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I’ve been saying this (I know, many other people have been too) that our President, Donald J. Trump, is a little boy in a man’s body. He’s still trapped inside that Freudian stage of development where a person thinks he’s the center of the universe. I’m not a parent and I’m certainly not an authority of which, but I’ve blogged about how spoiling a child or allowing a person to have all the toys in the world is BAD for you. Trump is and always has been an over privileged boy who never grew up. To his credit, I certainly admit that he seems to have an excellent work ethic but he also is what I like to call a person who is a connoisseur of vacationing and luxury – always the best for Donald. Btw, sure he shows up to work every day but the – “Populist President” or representative of the people or working class folk is absurd. No, Trump never worked in a coal mine but he condescendingly says he understands them and will save their jobs.

When I was a child, I thought everybody was a Catholic or Christian just like me. I also thought that this country was always right. We’re the good guys and everybody else is “other”. Us against them. Then you learn about the world and you realize that no, not everybody is Christian. Not everyone has the same culture as you have. Not everyone has the same beliefs as you do., etc. In other words, you grow up and become an adult.  Trump sadly never has had this revelation. Trump is a textbook narcissist who pathologically believes he’s entitled to all the money and power the world has to offer including the Presidency of the United States.

So WhaDaYaThink? What do you think? We’ve all witnessed his temper tantrums and his inability to not get rattled by every slight. Just like a little boy.

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2 Responses to “The 70 year –old Man-Boy”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    this is classic Trump 5 yr.old behavior….so funny

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    For some reason I’m unable to cut and paste the image Trump re tweeted. Just Google image Trump compares his wife to Cruz’s ….pretty darn childish …our fearless leader

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