Our Fearless Leader

April 12th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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Everyone knows (especially if you pull the transcripts from his rallies) that President Trump’s command of the English language is at a “tremendously” impoverished level (Can you imagine the profound intellectual conversations he has with Melania?)  I just pulled this off twitter:

New studies show that Trump’s depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension is below that of a 6th grader.


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3 Responses to “Our Fearless Leader”

  1. chipster Says:

    I just remarked to someone the other day, who was equally appalled at many of the same things I was with regard to RUMP (as I call him), that he’s a prime example that “you can be rich, but have absolutely no class”. Sadly, it goes beyond being lack of class. He LOVES to repeatedly speak about his IQ and how “he’ll get things done”, but he’s an absolute idiot with a grandious image of himself. He lied to get into the White House. He told people what they wanted to hear, not what he believed in and it worked. I truly believe it only worked because of his “celebrity”. Personally I don’t see him as a celebrity, nor am I impressed with any celebrity…. especially xenophobic, misogynist, racist, blow hards, but sadly a great many people are impressed by celebrity.
    All I can say is God Help Us All. Under his leadership (lack of), I feel that we’re in the Russian Annex. In past electiions, even if the party I didn’t want got in, life moved on and I didn’t fear that this could easily be Armageddon (if you don’t count Sarah Palin), but now I do.

  2. le duke de fromage Says:

    You nailed it Chipster, I feel exactly the same way. A good example of his fractured use of the language is his description of the train wreck of a health reform program the Ryan tried to stick the country with. In defending the program in which he admittedly never read Trump described it as a beautiful program. Well, health care programs may be okay or lousy but beautiful? I sincerely believe Trump has very limited intelligence and literally no common sense. You are right God help us.

  3. chipster Says:

    Oh le duke de fromage……………..don’t even get me started on health care!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, if he gets his way, I may just go without, because with the deductibles, increased premiums and the items (that SHOULD be mandatory) removed (ie, prescription coverage, mental health, urgent care, ambulance, etc), it’ll be like having no insurance anyway!!!
    Absolute idiot! Actually, worse than an idiot……….because he truly doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.

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