Nobody Came Close to Mike

April 4th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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Before the Buster Douglas loss, nobody in the history of boxing was ever so dominant than Mike Tyson. He had it all – devastating power, speed, finesse…. In my opinion Evander Hollyfield would never have gotten past the 2nd round in Mike’s prime. Too bad he threw┬áit away.

But P.S.- Mike Tyson is now a gentle, soft-spoken, self-deprecating vegan. See – everyone can change!!!


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2 Responses to “Nobody Came Close to Mike”

  1. le duke de fromage Says:

    When Cus Damato great boxing manager/trainer died Tyson lost the only reasoning voice that could direct him. Mike started spiraling out of control which effected both personal and professional life. The once most feared fighter on the planet became unable to keep the focus needed to perform at his expected level. He hit bottom and has shown signs of becoming a rational human again. Lord knows the demons he has overcome just to get to this level. It would have been spectacular to see him maintain his early dominance throughout his career. Usually rated in top 10 of all time fighters.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Right on the mark Le Duke!!! Cus Damato was so important to Mike

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