Can Trump Actually be Another Hitler ???

April 14th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a very bright young man (pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry with a minor in German History, especially WWII, at Brown University) and I asked him pointedly if the Trump comparisons to Hitler were fair or just overblown rhetoric. He stated that not only were the similarities spot on, but the demagoguery is carbon copy. The good news is that for Trump to actually become a “Hitler-type” genocidal maniac would be virtually impossible for these reasons: 1. Though flawed, this country truly is a liberal democracy with all the checks and balances in place (congress, judiciary, media, etc.) 2. The U.S. is basically just too divided for him to pull off some sort of crazy majority rule. 3. Although many think that our economy is bad, Germany’s economy was unfathomably far worse (because instead of rebuilding Germany after WWI, we forced them to pay back reparations).  4. Trump would have to abolish the entire Constitution and establish a dictatorship, which is just not going to happen today in the United States – 2017. But having said that here is an uncanny laundry list of parallels:

1.     Both Trump, now, and Hitler, in the 1930’s, were viewed by most of the world as cartoonish caricatures of buffoonery. Nobody initially took Hitler seriously.  Remember Charlie Chaplain played Hitler in the satirical film ‘The Great Dictator’.  And well we now have SNL’s Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression… German historians still marvel at how Germany could have fallen for such a foolish man with a funny mustache. And we…well

2.     Both have their scapegoats: Hitler – Jews and communists and Trump – Mexicans and Muslims.

3.     Both EXTREME Nationalists i.e. Hitler – restore Germany to its prior greatness and Trump’s “Make America Great Again.’

4.     Both monomaniacally petty and vindictive.

5.     Both obsessed more with perception as opposed to facts and reality. Propaganda and lies are & were essential.

6.     Delusions of grandeur. Hitler believed as Trump now believes that they are the only human beings on the planet who could and would be able to “fix things. “Both demonize[d] “others” i.e. immigrants. (Exception for Trump is beautiful leggy East European super-models).

7.     Both obscenely vain, selfish, self-involved, and narcissistic.

8.     Both pursue[d] their twisted agenda even if it means/meant total self-destruction to themselves and to the nation as a whole.

9.     Both love[d] the maniacal adulation of the fanatics.

So there you go – 9 compelling similarities (I could probably think of more). One may ask – do you think Trump is actually genocidal and homicidal? My personal opinion is that if he’s confronted with an EXTREME situation (say a 9/11 event), I think he’s capable of unspeakable behavior and yes, atrocities.  WhaDaYaThink? What do you think? I pray for impeachment asap.

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6 Responses to “Can Trump Actually be Another Hitler ???”

  1. chipster Says:

    Please, I’ve been hoping for Impeachment since January 20th!! Michael, seriously, you don’t think he’s already a dictatorship? Trust me, we’re on the precipice of a drastic change in government as we discuss this deranged mans actions. Your comparison to these two dangerous men is uncanny, I thought I was the only one. When I saw how he spoke about the Muslims. How he tried the Travel Banl How he used ICE to round up illegal immigrants, I had images of the horrors of the Hitler regime.
    The fact that few people saw it before electing this idiot to office astounds me. I can’t tell you the number of people, who when I stated my concern when he was campaigning, told me don’t even think about it, he’ll never get in. I always replied, “trust me, stranger things have happened.” How can it happen they would say and my reply was always the same, “he’s a celebrity, which so many people are in aw of and he says what he knows they want to hear and he does it in an entertaining way (personally to me, in an idiotic and ignorant way, but that’s my take on his bombastic rhetoric).
    You cite 9 details of his personality and if you reread them, you’ll see that he’s heading in that direction. You did a great job of pinpointing them and as you said, I’m sure you can come up with others.
    Some other sad notes: If he makes it, hell, if we all survive his 4 years and he makes it to another four years (oh if there is a God he won’t be relected), we’ll have the joy of seeing his mini me Donald Jr run for office. I swear he sees himself as the ruler of a Dynasty, not the President of the U.S. Then we have Ivanka and Jared Kushner, just think of the possibilities; it’s disgusting and frightening.
    My hopes are that the idiots who believe what he says, will wake up and make an about face and realize that this isn’t a reality show, it’s realilty and he’s dangerous and only cares about theatrics (yes a bomb to him is theatrical). He enjoys being able to make a mockery out of his office. Who else is appalled by his weekend trips that to date have cost more than Obama billed for his two terms! Trump used to complain that Obama plays too much golf, but RUMP is out there almost every week! Add to that the Secret Service Details assigned to Donald Jr and his family, Eric RUMP. They go wherever they want, whenever they want and charge it all to the U.S. Sometimes it’s for the family business and sometimes it’s to go big game hunting, but what the heck!!!! Did you know that RUMP has the Secret Service use RUMP’s planes and then RUMP charges the U.S. for the trips???????????? How the hell is that legal? Then add to that security in NY for Melania and Baron. What the hell is this? No other president has ever had multiple “White Houses”. He has his Washington White House, his Weekend White House “Mar-a-Lago” and his personal NY White House “RUMP TOWER”.
    OMG, how do people not see this?

  2. chipster Says:

    Oh, I know I said I had to stop but one more thing. Just by virtue of the fact that the Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate and they used the undemocratic “nuclear option” to get in their Supreme Court Justice is a prime example of how close to a Dictatorship this presidency is. They elected a Secretary of Education that knows nothing about Education, but has lots and lots of money and therefore RUMP thinks she’s qualified???????? How does she get in? By having RUMPS little yes man break the tie………………..a never before done move.
    Doesn’t it look to you that we’re already in a Dictatorship of sorts?

  3. le duke de fromage Says:

    Chipster you are not the only one who is mentally comparing Trumpie and Hitler. Das Trump has his little band of rapid republicans Nazis evidentially willing to carry out his twisted greed infested form of government. Chinless wonder scumbag Mitch McConnell, Health care screw you Ryan, Goebbels Spicer, gray eminence Steven Bannon and last but not least my very favorite scary person Kelly Anne Conway. My God that woman is frightful. If that crew doesn’t cause alarm bells to go off nothing will. The other nightmare is we haven’t even started with his family. Their main concern is to see how much money each can make while Das Dada is in office. I still wake up every morning and wonder how the f— did we vote him in.

  4. Magdalena Says:

    Here’s a scary scenario, Twitter refuses a U.S. Order to reveal the user behind an anti Trump account opposed to his tough immigration policies. Twitter, citing freedom of speech, has declined to comment on whether the government has demanded info on other users critical of Trump. As if this isn’t frightening enough, should they ever learn the identity of Trump haters, what would they do with this informational? Well, here we are, standing in defiance of the most ridiculous regime in U.S. History. How dare they attempt to intimidate!

  5. le duke de fromage Says:

    Magdalena, What you describe has been Das Trump mode of operation his whole career. From refusal to pay contractors, intimidation of those who oppose his goals, to threats of long expensive legal action if you complain. Das Trump needs to have no opposition. But like all bullies when faced with a determined foe he will sputter, lie, stomp his feet and eventually walk away. The best course of action is to remain steadfast and refuse to concede to his spoiled brat little boy behavior.

  6. Magdalena Says:

    This calls to mind when I was twelve visiting my fathers family in what was then known as East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Being from the U.S. my parents spoke openly against the Communist regime but were quickly shushed and told in hushed voices that people who spoke out against the government soon disappeared afterwards never to be heard from. Trump is a thug, a bully and a cheat. There, I said it. But this is not communist Germany. We tore down the wall, remember?

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