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March 7th, 2017 by Michael Tabor

Be Here Now

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This is a documentary film about an extraordinary man’s struggle with terminal non-Hodgeon’s lymphoma. His name was Andy Whitfield and he was the star of the series ‘Spartacus’. After having achieved all this huge success at first as a male model and then an actor, he was diagnosed with this horrible stage 4 cancer at the age of 39. Andy Whitfield was a beautiful man both outside and inside; when you see the guy, your 1st reaction is “Damn, why do some guys get all the breaks in life ?”. I mean I don’t think you can get a more handsome man with chiseled facial features, stunning blue eyes and a perfect physique – 6-pack and all. And no I am not a gay man but yes even a heterosexual can’t help but admire this Adonis and say to themselves that lucky guy must get all the girls or anyone he wants.

This was an important film for me because of my own personal health issues. I know all the stages and the ups and downs, hopes and disappointments, strides and setbacks, the chronic agonizing pain…. Seeing this documentary has inspired me to be a better person, to only hope to be ½ the man Andy Whitfield was in every respect. In this film you see what a great husband he was, a father- so kind, loving and nurturing. Andy was as brave and courageous as a man can be and he never gave up hope right to the end. Not to mention his extraordinary intelligence, wit and charm. Watching this and seeing him fight through the chemo, radiation and alternative treatments I kept saying to myself – please God don’t let him die – please save him but it was not meant to be (spoiler alert – sorry)

The one scene that really tore my heart out was when Andy got the terrible news that after dozens of rounds of chemotherapy he wasn’t going to make it. Hearing the news, Andy didn’t cry or get angry, he just sat silent and then turned to his incredibly loyal and loving wife and said I LOVE YOU! Please see this movie – you can stream it off Netflix. It truly is a story about courage, love, resilience and everything that is beautiful in life. This life truly is a gift and Andy Whitfield has shown me in this film how to better spend the rest of my life, how to be a more loving person, to have more gratitude, and when the time comes to die like a man. RIP Andy Whitfield and as he said to his 2 beautiful children at the end – my body is broken like a butterfly with broken wings but I’ll always be with you – always.

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