All Life is Unimaginably Complicated

March 23rd, 2017 by Michael Tabor

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I will never ever post or interact with people on Facebook EVER again. It’s actually not Facebook that’s the problem, FB is in fact really just a prodigiously effective and great way to interact with other people, friends, old friends, family, strangers, etc.  The problem is the friend’s friends who end up in your FB circle and who happen to be stupid and hateful – you know people who voted for Trump. Sadly, I grew up in an incredibly backward and regressive small town in Bloomingdale, NJ. And I attended a high school with inferior unqualified teachers and moronic racist bigoted white trash students – Butler High School.

So, the reason I mention the aforementioned before I get to the point of my blog, is because my progressive intelligent friends I have now are completely perplexed as to how I ended up surrounded by redneck imbeciles. So there you go – I picked up my high school year book, sent friend requests, and not only did I befriend them, But I inherited about 2000 of their clueless friends.

Okay – this blog. I’m not going to write about stupid, ignorant people on FB (enough of that already). I on the other hand want to make the point that I do not really dislike anyone on FB. They just happen to be misguided and misinformed. And, most importantly they don’t know that every single issue under the sun is SUPER complex and nuanced. So, how do you communicate? Generalizations are easy and save so much time not having to articulate the subtleties, differences, nuances, exceptions, etc. Hence as a result with generalizations, you have nonconstructive hateful dialogues.

The real solution (which is impossible to do now in 2017) is to somehow  convey information, ideas, concepts, opinions etc. with all the nuances and exceptions – covering both sides to whomever you wish to converse with. The problem with this, is that it’s impossible. Essentially what I’m envisaging is essentially trading whole scholarly books back and forth in a way that can be transmitted, processed, and understood instantaneously. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. But, I’m optimistic – it’s coming – Hello Cyborgs. So, WhaDaYaThink? What do you think?

P.S.- I absolutely LOVE 100’s Of people on my FB page. You know who you are – I won’t mention any last names for confidentiality reasons. But Michelle, Gary, Kevin, Karl….and so many more. Love, hugs, and kisses.

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