The Future – Artificial General Intelligence or The GOD Machine

January 9th, 2017 by Michael Tabor


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So if we don’t destroy ourselves i.e nuclear war and barring some sort of cataclysmic  event such as a flood, volcano, climate change, an asteroid hitting us, etc. or anything else that might eliminate all life on this planet we can expect our species to continue to strive to make things better for ourselves –easier. What makes life better and easier? AUTOMATION. We will continue to automate (we already have the technology for self-driving cars, and many other things) and innovate. Driven by free markets and Profit incentives big corporations will continue to invest in Labor saving technology –i.e. machines that will create and produce better consumer goods and services at a faster and more efficient rate. In fact, these machines will replace all forms of human labor. No more horrible factory or assembly line jobs. No more drudgery. Indeed we will have a machine that makes the machines. And this machine will more than likely be powered by sunlight so we’re only dealing with the cost of raw materials. Eventually we will not only replace blue-collar jobs with these efficient labor- saving machines but also artistic and scientific jobs. Yes AI Or AGI (Artificial Intelligence or Artificial General Intelligence) The super wealth-generating machine, idea producing machine or whatever we call it will eradicate the need for people to work at all. After this entire AGI machine can do anything and everything better, faster and more efficiently than any human being. And it rarely if ever makes mistakes. There is of course the hacking possibility but that’s another rabbit hole I’ll discuss later in another blog.

Yes we will have in our possession the perfect oracle – a GOD if you will. To think this is not possible is to be shortsighted. Again, look at where we are today and understand that we are advancing technology at an EXPONENTIAL rate. The growth is not linear – every 18 months technological improvements with miniaturization lead to the doubling of everything we learned before. At that rapid speed, the GOD  machine is inevitable. The REAL key to all this is the fact that this device is intelligence that will be able to make refinements to itself . YEP –the system will be able to make changes to its own source code and get better and better at learning and more and more knowledgeable with instant access to all human and machine intelligence. Just picture thousands of years of research every second. The sum of all human and machine knowledge doubling every day. That is a           GOD.  We are talking about a device so extraordinary that even a Stephen Hawking will simply not have the brain power to have even an inkling of understanding of the power it wields. And now imagine the GOD machine doubling its intelligence every week AND making improvements and refinements at doing what it does. Even if it were limited and just able to reach human level intelligence and no more and it was just faster, its circuits would be a million times faster than any biological system –and again that’s an undersell. The machine will be able to provide unimaginable happiness and we will never be sad. We’ll all be gods and goddesses and each of us will have perfect health because the machine will have figured out how to eradicate disease. Yes it can make you a new heart – one that beats forever because after all we’ll have attained immortality (if we want it). Lastly, along with all this we will undoubtedly have the ability to not only clone or make a copy of ourselves, but also the ability to create whole worlds with other people who are conscious just like us. YES we will be able to simulate our world  and the rub is that the simulated people in this simulated world won’t know that they’re merely a simulation. And to get really spooky, the programmer or simulator of that world might also be a simulation in someone else’s simulated  universe ad infinitum – as they say “it’s turtles all the way down”.


So WhadaYaThink ? Where are we going with AI OR AGI ? Is the GOD Machine inevitable ? Do  you want it ?

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6 Responses to “The Future – Artificial General Intelligence or The GOD Machine”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    This is awesome …found this diagram on google….this is what AGI is up to

  2. Magdalena Says:

    Human beings will always be unhappy. If we’re not its only because we’ve ceased to be human. There’s beauty in imperfection and frightfully scary to think of where we’re headed. But don’t worry, Trump will make sure that doesn’t happen. If he doesn’t get us blown to smithereens, he’ll build a wall to keep out the simulators.

  3. le duke de fromage Says:

    We have probably opened Pandora’s box and it already is too late. Quoting a recent Elon Musk statement, he says A.I. is the biggest existential threat and that humanity risks summoning a demon. While Steven Hawking said that the development of full A.I. could spell the end of the human race. However I agree with Magdalena that Trump will build a wall but only for himself and family.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    IT is very scary and oh so very real.

    lol = yes Trump cares only about Trump and family and nobody else. How was it it that people were so easily conned into voting for him – a narcissistic billionaire for the common man – yeah right.

  5. Son of Walt Says:

    A.I is sitting right next to me on my end table. My sister got me Google Home for Christmas. This is similar to Amazon Alexa. Ask Google Home any question and she will answer it. “Hey Google, what is artificial intelligence”?

  6. Michael Tabor Says:

    Pretty awesome !!!

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