I Saw Jesus

March 28th, 2015 by Magdalena Tabor

I saw Jesus
On a New York City sidewalk.
His hooded sweatshirt
Pulled up over his face.
The dollar bill I gave him
Went through the holes
In both his hands.
And he never looked up.
Not once.

I saw Jesusi saw jesus
Carry his cross of cardboard.
I followed him into an alleyway
Where he slept
With the trash of humanity.
The sweat that trickled from his brow
Was bloodstained.
And he smiled at me
But once.

I saw Jesus.
He wore the face of every man.
He was at Seventh Avenue
And at 31st and Broadway.
He was the beggar, the friar
And the multitudes.
He was everyone
And everywhere at once.

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