December 20th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

Christmas is coming. Today is especially busy, with last minute shoppers bustling about. I never bought into that; the hurry-up and buy whatever, without any real thought invested into believethe purchase, especially for people you think the world of. No……there has to be more time taken, well ahead of the Christmas rush. The perfect gift might be bought in summer (Hey, Herb would love this) or just after the season (Nina would think this is great) but then, that’s just me. Never liked being rushed into anything. I was done with shopping weeks ago. Wrapped the parcels into neat little bows and arranged them into shopping bags ready to go at a moment’s notice. Why? So I can sit back and watch the world go into its annual frenzy with my feet propped up in front of a roaring fire sipping hot cider with a self satisfied smirk.
But this year was especially hard for me. I didn’t want Christmas coming with its jangling idiotic bells of merriment. But I knew it had to. And I began shopping early, as well I should, following my usual routine like a goose in flight, lagging somewhat reluctantly behind the arrowed formation of the other geese. But I was still ahead of the rush, mind you. There was no danger of being swept into the Christmas craze I was determined to avoid.
But what if there were no gifts? No friends or family with which to share this grandest of holidays? Would Christmas still come? Or have we forgotten? You know…..the real meaning of Christmas? I was feeling so lost. Trying to keep self pity at arm’s length when all at once something happened. I latched onto a tiny glimmer of hope. And I ran with it, never looking back. This glimmer grew with determination. Nothing was going to stop me from moving forward. I knew each day would bring me closer to how I wanted to live my life in spite of what life threw in my way. I would hurdle, jump, swerve, to avoid stumbling and scraping my knees against the stones of injustice. I would stand up.
And so. I am standing up this Christmas. I’m extending my Christmas card of Hope. There’s a manger filled with straw. It used to be empty. But every single straw that cushions a particular child, was placed there by each one of you. This Christmas, I wish you PEACE. LOVE. and JOY. If only in our hearts….let Christmas come.


In Woods

December 14th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

In woods,in woods
The shifting shadows sway
From limb to limb
And fall away.
And rustling in the fallen leaves
What creatures play
That never grieve?

In woods,
The sifting snow alights
On every stick and stem
In sight.
A sugar shaker to endow
Its diamond dust
On pensive brow.

In woods,
I cannot help but steal
Each rubied moment
Round and real.
To pocket them
For riches in a hollowed tree.