Dog Days Of Autumn

November 17th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

What is it about autumn that resonates like a cigar box banjo? There’s something so inherently “down home” about this particular season that invariably invites one to burrow into a nest dogdaysof woolen blankets with a cup of spiced cider from the local mill and an out of date movie. Seeking solace in the familiar, cinematic legendary heroes dramatize the ordinary and we settle in to enjoy an afternoon of what can only be described as sheer comfort while the wind howls outside. (Or was that Old Yeller?)
When legs have gone numb and require one to mobilize, what could be more enjoyable than pulling on a well worn pair of boots (and houndstooth jacket) to step out into the crisp clean air? Crunchy acorns underfoot and a whiff of wood smoke from a neighboring house revive the senses as our tracks bear down into earth softened with decomposing leaves. (This time of year always makes me wish there was a dog alongside for a romp through the woods.) It won’t be long before we hasten back to our own hearths spurred by the thought of another cup of steaming cider with something freshly baked. Or some of that chili made earlier in the day with a hearty chunk of bread. (Here, boy! Now where’d he go?)
As the day dims and the horizon bruises with purples and pinks, we turn our reflective gazes from the window and flick on a lamp. Darkness descends all too soon these days but the clock’s insistence that it’s early enough offers a browse through a favorite book. Lost in reverie, we dog ear a page or excuse our absence in our dog tiredness with a brief nap relishing these days spent at home. With those we love. And cherish. In this space of time we call “fall”. (Now where’s that dog to curl up on the rug next to the fire? And can you make sure you walk him before bed?)

So……………….whadayathink? As we come full circle to another year spent, what endears you to this apple crisp season? Perhaps a slice of the well loved pie itself. Or, as the English are wont to ask, “Would you fancy a biscuit?” (You old tail wagger).

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2 Responses to “Dog Days Of Autumn”

  1. chipster Says:

    There is absolutely nothing inviting me outside during this time of year. Possibly the only one to enjoy it is my Jack Russell, who at this point, I’d prefer to let him go outside by himself, but being the concerned pup parent that I am, I bundle up like I’m going on a polar expedition and follow him around to do his “business”. If only I could train him to use an indoor toilet!

  2. tyler Says:

    We cats possess all the creature comforts without (much) trouble to the Beans. Might I suggest the advantages of the litter box? Keep your human warm and toasty as they scoop away.

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