Writer’s Block

July 31st, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

Staring at a blank pagewriters block
Pen in hand.
Seconds turn to ninety minutes
Clocks be damned.
Empty headed
Mindless drivel.
Ever dreaded
Second fiddle.
Round the block
And down the middle.
Nothing’s panned.

Every writer stumbles over
Worthless words.
Sick to death of useless prattle
Wears the nerves.
Bubble headed
Bubble rap.
Ever dreaded
Loss of knack.
Scribble scrabble
Out of whack.
A writer’s curse.


Inflatable Swan

July 20th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

In those dayslake ronkonkoma
Nothing could touch me.
Not the real life
Or the legend
Of Ronkonkoma.
I would evade
The whirlpool
That sucked you out
To sea
From the placid stillness
Of a lake
Where I floated
On the breath of my father,
A child
On an inflatable swan.


No Water For Debtors In Detroit

July 17th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

Can you imagine living in a huge city or municipality and having no running water in your home? A few months ago The Detroit Water and waterSewerage Department (DWSD) started turning off the water supply of people who simply can’t afford to pay their outstanding water bills. So now folks and families from an estimated 80,000 homes in Detroit will not be able to flush the toilet, wash their hands, and bathe. Even more terrifying is if these poor impoverished people have no money to buy bottled water, they will not even have drinking water. Even if you have a couple of dollars, where do you go ? The city looks like an apocalyptic war zone with everything shut down. How can this possibly have happened in this country?
Detroit filed bankruptcy in December of last year because it simply put is flat out broke; no jobs, no money, and no businesses. The city has become undone and can’t pay off its debt. The people residing in the city can’t pay off their debt. The fact that the DWSD is permitted to simply cut off your water – something essential to life itself is beyond disturbing. Incidentally, it is rather surprising that many families from these homes are only 60 days past due.
I understand that the water company is in a spot and fighting for its own survival but this action is cruel, inhumane, and barbaric. What needs to happen NOW is for the federal government to intervene and declare a public health emergency. In addition, what we all have to keep in mind is not only the obvious well – being of the destitute, but also the possible consequences and repercussions of the government doing nothing e.g. an epidemic of disease from lack of proper hygiene that could spread exponentially.
It’s also interesting to note that The United Nations has also called for our federal government and Pres. Obama to take action. This whole situation is alarming and what’s so sad is the water problem can easily be remedied (the reviving of Detroit is another issue). We can only hope and pray that Detroit gets the help they so desperately need – and soon.
So WhaDaYaThink, What do you think ? I’ll end this blog with a quote from an uncaring spokesperson from the water and sewerage company, “It’s a new way of conducting business and we’re going to continue to do it. We will shut off every single one who doesn’t pay.”



Dust Of A Star

July 16th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

We have our crosses.dust of a star
Our splintered hands.
With these we pray
In our Gethsamanes
And rise to meet them
With only the moon in sight
And the dust of a star,
We brush off our knees.
We are what we are.


Ironically, Political Correctness Comes From The Left

July 10th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

I am a huge David Letterman fan and don’t particularly care for Joan Rivers, but I was pleased to hear that Dave was only joking when he tolerantliberalwalked out on Ms. Rivers the other night. Though there is plenty of crassness and incivility in our society, I think the world of comedy would be in a lot of trouble if comedians started censoring other comedians and entertainers.
What I find interesting and ironic, is today’s over – the – top political correctness comes more from the left rather than the right. I thought that the whole World Cup commentary in which the announcer called one of the players a moreno (which means black or brown in Spanish) was silly, over – blown, and not racist at all. However, people are being fined, fired, and sued over such innocuous remarks.
Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony Show tweeted some rather indelicate things (no “n-word, btw”) after being physically attacked by a black fan. Cumia’s employer, Sirius radio, subsequently fired him.
I am a liberal and believe everyone ought to be treated equally including blacks, gays, women, trans – gender, etc but we’re unfortunately witnessing a backlash.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Of course the lines are different when it comes to comedy, but the last 2 examples here were serious in nature.


Rod Of Iron

July 6th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

The statue in my gardenrod of iron
Moulders. Crumbles
To reveal her shin bone,
An iron rod.
Of course! Everyone
Has a rod of iron
To support what is mere flesh
Or plaster.
But how to repair the damage
When the rod of iron
Has rusted?


Tyler Talks One Year Anniversary

July 4th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

Hey! It’s me, Tyler! I am now an official NY State resident, having reached my one year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. Oh sure, tylerSnowshoe still kicks my butt every now and again but I’ve learned to read his body language, and believe me, there are some choice words in there! The difference is, I no longer care. I just make a fuss so the Beans will yell at him and lavish me with the attention I so deserve. Five minutes later, I sprawl defiantly in front of Alpha male daring him to do it again. Invariably he does, much to my bitter dismay but more often than not, the old man just falls asleep. He’s not as tough as he pretends to be. His whiskers are old and his underwear is older. Oh. I’ve just been informed he isn’t wearing any. I don’t know what to make of that so I’ll just leave it alone.
Clementine still spurns my advances. All I want to do is pat her head and say, “It’s okay, my lovely little snicky snack.” But I guess I just don’t possess the eloquence of de Bergerac and therefore all she can see is my big nose. I just want to sniff her a little and say’ “My, what’s that perfume you’re wearing? Essence of organic catnip?” She just spits at me like I’ve just uttered the most ridiculous thing. What’s a guy to do?
I have grown increasingly fond of the Beans and seek their presence at all times. They smile at me adoringly and say things like, “Isn’t he cute????” That’s a rhetorical question and yet it’s always answered with such enthusiastic conviction. It just melts my heart when Lady Bean comes home from wherever she’s been all day and makes the biggest fuss when she sees me. I get so happy I claw at the rug and she just laughs. I think she’s genuinely glad to see me although she acts the same way with the other kids and then I don’t feel so special anymore. I think she still likes me best and just doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the others.
Bean Daddy’s birthday is the 4th and I’m throwing him a surprise party. The surprise is to snub him when I see him. I think I’ll throw myself a party instead to celebrate my year long vacation in NY. Here’s the invite:
Come one, come all, to Tyler’s ball and bring me lots of presents. And if you come with nothing at all, you’ll be turned away at the door and never so much as looked at sideways and wish you never were born and shipped to that god awful place called Nacogdoches, Texas!

So…………….whadayathink? Are you as pleased as I am about my one year anniversary? I accept gifts of all kinds. Did I mention to bring me something nice? I especially favor live mice (not the fake kind you buy at the supermarket) and creepy crawly things of which there are a lot more to be found in Texas.