When Marty Was Great !!!

May 23rd, 2014 by Michael Tabor

How many mob/bad – guy movies can you watch before you say “enough – already !!!”goodfellaslook

When I was a kid (I actually appreciated the film more as an adult, when I was able to understand everything) my favorite mafia movie of all time was ‘The Godfather’, directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1972. I was shocked beyond belief when the sequel, The Godfather Part II released 2 years later was actually (not by much, but still …) better !!! Al Pacino portraying the formerly sweet & nice guy who wanted nothing to do with the family (well, we knew it was coming at the end of Godfather I) and turned into the surprisingly, most – vicious – Machiavellian don one can imagine (another blog).

Anyway, I just recently watched ‘Good Fellas’ and it brought back memories of  how GREAT that movie was. Wow !!! This film, ‘Good Fellas’ was made 24 years ago in 1990 and I can’t even begin to describe how powerful & how well this move has stood the test of time. Unlike the ‘Godfathers’ I & II (btw, Godfather III was a dog and perhaps one of the worst movies ever made) Good Fellas really sort of made you feel like you were right there with the BAD guys and what made it so intriguing was that it was so different from ‘The Godfather’. This film invited you to vicariously live the life of the “soldier” lifestyle of the Cosa Nostra. The Godfather’ films tried, and obviously succeeded, in portraying the mob as simply corporate America in which killing other human beings was just an occupational hazard.

I’m not going to elaborate too much, because I think everyone has seen the aforementioned films, but allow me to go back to memory lane and throw up some of my favorite ‘Good Fellas’ scenes.

·        If you see someone who looks like this and is looking at you this way, you probably don’t have much longer to live

·        This is great dark comedy here ….

·        And of course, the – “ are you amusing me scene” is perhaps one of the greatest scenes in all of  cinema

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Martin Scorsese has made some unspeakably great movies e.g. ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Cape Fear’, ‘The Aviator’, ‘The King of Comedy’ … & more, but the last few films have been major bombs. Is Marty done ???

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5 Responses to “When Marty Was Great !!!”

  1. chipster Says:

    While I can’t really say anything about his talent, I have to say you got me in the mood for a Godfather’s marathon this weekend! Thanks!

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Enjoy !!! Make sure to Listen to the Francis Ford Coppola commentary afterwards which on some level is even better, more entertaining, and more interesting than the movie. Oh, incidentally, ‘Good Fellas’ has I think 3 commentaries … great stuff, the real Henry Hill is on one of them.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    This comment or remark belongs in the John Cazale blog I wrote a few years ago but I can’t resist throwing up the classic “Fredo scene with Michael” …just the greatest acting one will EVER see

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    As I stated in the blog, I completely fell in love with ‘The Godfather’ the 1st time I saw it, and after viewing the movie another 3 dozen times or so (the movie is so rich you can see it over & over again) you kind of get your favorite scenes. I know this is a Marty Scorsese blog, but “The Godfather’ was, well, the GODFATHER of all the Mob movies to come (Yes, ‘The Sopranos’ was good for HBO, but..) How can anyone EVER forget the most notorious line “Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli” here’s the youTube clip

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    I think I’ll blog next about what’s a better movie: ‘Godfather I & II’ or ‘Good Fellas’ ….. check this scene out from the Godfather

    Just classic !!!!

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