Moon Over Hamden

May 21st, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

There’s a moon over Hamden
Like no other,
That guards
A certain yellow house
With purple trim.
And a star so brilliant
You can wish upon it
And have it come true
By breakfast.

There’s a moon over Hamden
Where the little people play
Between the phlox
And the hollyhocksmoon over hamden
And in the pocket
Of Marion’s apron,
Slipping into the kitchen
To float Johnny Jump Ups
On Walter’s breakfast batter.

There’s a moon over Hamden
That steals the heart
And reminds it to dream
While sleeping,
So that upon awakening
We might breakfast
More than once
With two very special friends.

Come and savor
The moon over Hamden.
You can eat it with a spoon.


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2 Responses to “Moon Over Hamden”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    This is a poem in which any sort of commentary can neither add or detract because it’s perfectly said. A bed and breakfast in Hamden, NY which you can savor and eat with a spoon.

  2. magdalena Says:

    A very special and magical place one must experience for themselves. How would you describe a flavor without ever having tasted it?

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