Liposuction Ought to Be Banned

May 14th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

We, Magdalena and I, have PERSONALLY known two people in our lifetimes who have sadly succumbed to the unspeakable ravages of lipo1lipo2lipo3lipo4this very misunderstood and dangerously, potentially fatal procedure called liposuction. Magdalena’s best friend literally died (after years of unimaginable suffering resulting from the liposuction operation … multiple strokes, hemorrhaging, irreparable brain damage, etc… ) and her sister – in – law almost died from this so – called panacea which allegedly is supposed to safely remove all fat and unwanted pounds. Yep, the cosmetic surgeons stridently proclaim that hard – work, dieting, and exercise are simply not necessary anymore. “We will simply vacuum all that excess fat and blubber from your body and voila – your battle with losing weight is over – no more depriving yourself from your favorite cakes, lasagna, and big sloppy steaks.
Having done a little research before writing this, I was utterly shocked and surprised that Tummy Tucks and liposuction are now the #1 cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. BTW, I completely understand why a person would opt for the surgery and not put in the unspeakably hard work of diet and exercise. And to be fair, incidentally, especially when you get older, diet and exercise doesn’t always work. I try to work out every day, watch my diet and occasionally I’ll starve myself (like eating one meal a day), but nevertheless, being age 50, the pounds still mount.
The reality and I think the reason for my writing this blog is to just blurt out the fact that WE, all of us in our/my age bracket get fat, or to put it more nicely – (put on a few pounds) as we age and get older. Sadly, there are no easy solutions but painstaking diet and exercise (btw, Madelene has written about these unfortunate phenomena of aging and weight gain. It’s here on this blog, just search for it, it’s awesome).

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Check out this statistic: between 1994 and 1998, the folks permitted to actually anesthetize you and carve you up were untrained doctors and EVEN some were mere cosmetologists – wow !!! Furthermore, the medical laws were laughably (mournfully actually) lax. Here is the scary #: one out of every 1,000 patients DIED during or shortly after liposuction. THIS IS NOT OPEN HEART SURGERY FOLKS, IT’S COSMETIC. Surely, today, the numbers are not as harrowing (or are they ???) i.e. 1 out of 3,000 people die today but this number is skewed and not accurate. Liposuction is BIG business, and when there is $$ involved you know there is going to be major “fudging” involved. Typically, what happens when a person dies from an unnecessary cosmetic surgery incident, what appears on the death certificate or cause of death, is something called “latrogenic Causes”. Of course, I looked it up and latrogenic is a vague term and simply means “any complication”.

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2 Responses to “Liposuction Ought to Be Banned”

  1. chipster Says:

    Michael, my sarcasm is directed at the medical and political/legal establishment, not you. I think this information needs to get out to the public and people need to wake up and forget their belief in the GODS of the medical community or their faith in the justice system.
    Now my comment: Wow big surprise, money trumps peoples lives when the medical community stands to make themselves rich!!!!

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Chipster, agree… so sad

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