Kiosk Folks and The Remote Control Helicopter

May 1st, 2014 by Michael Tabor

What is the deal with kiosk booths and the remote control helicopter (who knows, maybe the concept was the progenitor of drones – lol) ??? kiosk1kiosk2Esthtician stock photo shootOr how about the glittery cell phone kiosk5covers, other cheap flying junk & mechanical animals that walk around and make oink – oink sounds. I almost NEVER go to strip malls, but when I do, there they are … those independent booth owners hawking nauseating kitsch. My question is –DOES ANYONE BUY THIS STUFF ???

Sometimes the merchants will sell some sort of secret skin cream that will make you look 20 years younger and remove every wrinkle from your face. How about those inane vibrating chairs that some people sit in thinking that that they’re getting a massage. One of my favorites is the skin burning machine i.e. tanning booth. Sure you might get malignant melanoma, but at least you’ll have a nice tan – … uggh, we’re a strange species, indeed!!!

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Everybody seems impressed with the miniature helicopter flying around the mall, but I personally have never seen a person actually buy one of those things.

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4 Responses to “Kiosk Folks and The Remote Control Helicopter”

  1. magdalena Says:

    Michael, I seem to recall you being in possession of one of those “inane vibrating chairs” that eventually fell to the wayside on the road to better comfort. Actually, it was just a mat that strapped to a chair, attached to a remote control gadget from which one might procure hours of pleasurable oohs and aahs. I believe the cat finally adopted it and in the end found its way to the trash pile but not before making its inventor filthy rich… our expense. Or was it a cast off from your dad? These things have a habit of making their rounds until developing a cover of cat hair.

  2. magdalena Says:

    Pity the cat never learned how to work it.

  3. chipster Says:

    I know what you mean! Is there anything they don’t sell? I had just switched from my beloved Blackberry to an IPhone and I don’t like to carry it in my pocket. I’m used to a case on my belt or waistband. No one had one, so while in the mall I happened upon one of these vendors and thought “what the heck, I’m here and maybe I can find something to use”. What GARBAGE! I know what you’re talking about regarding those insane “Bedazzled” phone covers. Oh well, I guess there are many people with really bad taste!
    I was always annoyed because I felt like I was in a damn flea market, even though it was a somewhat upscale mall (God, how I hate to shop. Thank God for Amazon). Glad to hear someone else who feels the same way about it!

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    That’s all it is Chip … people just throwing their $$$ away on junk. I did however get a reply from someone who bought the helicopters and surprisingly it was a hit w/their kids.

    Yes, Magdalena. I remember the vibrating chair too. Those things just don’t work @ all … & when you stand – up, it feels like your whole body is asleep and you can’t walk.

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