Is There A War Against Women In This Country???

May 27th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

The recent harrowing killing spree in CA has galvanized discussion regarding misogyny in the United States. There has even been a catcallhashtag thrown up on Twitter stating:  #YesAllWomen   the goal of which is to unite all women to stand up against men who hate and marginalize women.

I have personally blogged over the last couple of years more than a few times regarding the remarkable strides and progress women have made over the last few decades … from the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ happy homemaker to CEO of fortune 500 companies. Hey, our next president may very well be a woman.

I was listening to the ‘Brian Lehrer’   show this morning and the misogyny topic cropped up. What I was able to glean from the discussion and female callers was how annoying, degrading, and sometimes even terrifying “catcalls” can be. My thoughts are 1. I, nor any of my friends or even casual acquaintances have ever whistled, made stupid and inane remarks to a woman walking down 5th Ave (there’s a joke by some female comedienne who hilariously claimed that she always gives out her # and contact information and very frequently dates catcallers – lol).  2. Is some illiterate idiot whistling @ you on the street the worst thing in the world ??? (BTW, young women, your worries about catcalling will quickly no longer be an issue in about 20 years or so … just wait a bit, and father time will resolve the problem) 90% of the men out there do NOT catcall and are as respectful to women as they are to men.

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? I’m certainly not suggesting that it’s okay for a group of morons (especially if you feel physically threatened) to behave unspeakably moronic, but most guys are cool – believe me.

P.S. – My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and family of that twisted monster (I refuse to give his name)  who should have been in a mental facility and certainly it goes without saying he ought to have had zero access to firearms.

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8 Responses to “Is There A War Against Women In This Country???”

  1. tyler Says:

    Catcalls should be restricted to cats only. Even then, we cats have a tough time of it.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    (Disclaimer: this is just a little humor, so …..)

    Hey Tyler,

    Male beans think they have it tough trying to win the affections of a female. Listen Ty – guy, I can understand your frustration !!! You’re my cat and probably wondering – “What gives ? What the hell am I doing wrong ?? Sure, I can imagine what you must be thinking e.g. “Is it the fact that that I’ve put on a few pounds ?” “Do I have bad breath – (hey Ms. Clemmy, we all have fish breath) ? ….

    I’ll tell you one thing Tyler, you get an A+ for perseverance. Most cats would have given up a long time ago. Another thing (I guess because you’re fixed – lol) you’ve never tried to force yourself on her.

  3. ANONYMOUS Says:

    I honestly don’t see it as misogyny, but rather the actions of a very disturbed young man. When the parents called the police and wanted their son brought in on an involuntary hold and the police said they had no reason to bring him into a Psych hospital for evaluation, I think we see the breakdown in our system. They should have given credit to the parents for taking action; instead they ignored them and now we see the tragic consequences.
    In terms of misogyny, I have to say that I think just as we’ve become way too “Politically Correct’, people have become way too sensitive. If someone passes a comment or whistles, what the heck is the big deal. Some women stare at an attractive man, are they ever condemned for doing so? No.
    Equal pay for equal work: yes. The right to vote (haha): yes; but to the population I say: get a grip

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Anonymous – Yep, we’re talking about a very disturbed young man who absolutely should have been institutionalized and put on some sort of medication. I’m just really sad that “the system” failed us once again. My goodness, this young man’s parents were fearful enough to make the call themselves & yet … I can’t imagine the hell the parents must be going through right now.

    I also agree with the PC nonsense gone crazy. Yes, if a woman is alone, it’s late @ nite (or maybe not), and there are a group of thugs – then well, yes – that’s a threatening situation. I do also understand that young men are typically physically stronger than young women so I do understand why it might not be such a great idea for beautiful young women to perhaps be polite to strangers. Dopey guys might get the wrong impression.

  5. tyler Says:

    What do you mean I’m “fixed” ? They told me I was getting my tonsils out and I could have all the ice cream I wanted.

  6. magdalena Says:

    Catcalls experienced at a NYC work site are a thing of the past. I believe there was a law passed that prohibits this. If not, it could be I’m not attractive as I once was. In any case, it’s a very unflattering form of attention, making most women feel a sense of dread and discomfort every time a work site crops up. But that not what this is about. The tragedy that took place was committed by an unstable person.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    What strange & peculiar behavior … like back in the jungle !!! Per the female callers this morning, white collar dudes used to catcall too (though you are right, it’s mostly the the blue – collar and uneducated).

  8. xscs Says:

    Just like the war on drugs and the war on christmas.

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