Another Social Network – UGHHH !!!

April 17th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

As I write this, reedit appears to be the hottest and fastest growing social networking site to date. So let’s see what we now socmed2socmed3socmed4socmed1have: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram … too many to count. For my money, LinkedIn is by far the best in terms of utility, quality, and content and unlike the other networks; LinkedIn is necessary for business professionals regardless of what industry one works in. This reedit is just another social networking site in which members can write & tell tales and stories and the world gets to comment or vote on whether it’s cool or not. More gossip, oh boy – just what we need.
Is this it ??? Our children have not yet found a cure for a single virus, not even the common cold (forget about cancer). Yes, of course, I’m certainly aware of the fact that this is no small task but… this “generation millennial” seems entirely consumed with “selfies” and societal image and popularity and seemingly have managed to conjure, build, and create every conceivable social networking spot under the sun. Where are our priorities???

These kids e.g. Zuckerberg, Weiner, Ohanian know code and algorithms & are so unfathomably brilliant but their focus is all in 0’s & 1’s i.e. digital. Yes, technology and computers are essential (Hey, bioinformatics) but how many social networks do we need? The young people are standing on the shoulders of giants – so do something! And okay, to be fair biotechnology is hotter than ever and indeed we have made tremendous progress in terms of understanding our biology, the human genome, disease, and essentially who we, homo sapiens are. However, it’s not enough!!! My goodness, not only do we not understand consciousness in the most general and facile way, we have not even scratched the surface of what it is to be conscious but we can instantaneously & in real time send pictures and tell lame stories about one’s boring, non – eventful day.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Young geniuses, use your monster brains to cure disease and perhaps prolong a better quality of life instead of wasting it all on how popular you could be! The possibility of extending our lives beyond our wildest dreams may someday not be science fiction.

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3 Responses to “Another Social Network – UGHHH !!!”

  1. magdalena Says:

    Michael, I agree whole heartedly. The “Me” generation is a product of the “My Generation” so where did we go wrong? We, who sought change and revolted in the Vietnam era have oddly, produced self-centered offspring obsessed with texting, twittering, and twerking. The genius involved in developing social networking to spotlight mindless and mediocre minutia might otherwise be put to better use. Imagine if Einstein had priorities that centered around himself.

  2. chip Says:

    Technology is great, but in this respect it’s gotten totally out of hand. People are so wrapped up in their social networks that they often forget to live their life, they forget their spouses and families! Not to mention, how far they go! What makes anyone think the whole world needs to know every bit of minutia in their lives; I certainly am not interested. Along the same lines is how people these days don’t bother to pick up the telephone (landline, god forbid!) and actually speak to someone; they prefer to text. Which leads to another problem plaguing us; many people who text use abbreviations (again, god forbid they actually printed out a whole word!) that it’s gotten to the point that the younger generation doesn’t know how to write a proper sentence. Oh wait, a what????? When I teach a college class and ask for a paper to be written I can’t tell you the unintelligible papers I get returned. It’s gotten to the point that when I give an assignment, I lecture that their written word is a reflection of them; they are to write the paper, proof it, spellcheck it, get someone else to read it and check it again themselves……………………..and I still get garbage. All this technology is actually putting these kids at a major disadvantage.

  3. magdalena Says:

    They probably think OMG and LOL are actually words. Does anyone (besides myself) write a letter anymore? And a postcard has become something of a novelty……do they even sell them anymore? The beautiful use of language and penmanship is lost. And does anyone even bother to read, let alone comment on our site?

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