Happy Saint Yodelers Day

March 15th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

Frankly, I’m jealous. Why do the Irish get to have Saint Patrick’s Day, while I, of Austrian descent have no day to commemorate my heritage? austrian yodelerWhy, think of the possibilities.
Cute little yodelers dressed in fetching alpine outfits marching down Fifth Avenue with their accordions. A float depicting famous classical composers. Couples waltzing dreamily to Strauss. Einstein dancing in lederhosen while reciting the theory of relativity. Julie Andrews floating down with her umbrella. Ooops, wrong movie.
And then, after a long day of singing “the hills are alive” we can all sit down to a hearty dish of schnitzel and noodles with a generous helping of Mom’s delectable apple strudel. Beats corned beef and cabbage with soda bread.
Don’t you think a pretty girl dressed in her dirndl with each of her ten fingers hooked around the handle of frothy dripping beer steins is a whole lot more appealing than… beer??? Or….a leprechaun??? Which of the two characters produces the better gold?
Oh sure, I can always lay claim to my American status, but honestly….couldn’t they have dreamed up a handsomer figure of Uncle Sam? He’s as gaunt and gangly as Saint Nicholas on my Austrian side. In fact, I’d say they could very well be one and the same, posing as an interchangeable icon clothed in different costumes. Hmmm…….interesting observation. Where are Uncle Sam’s switches with which to thrash the naughty politicians? Or have the Irish fairies spirited them away? Always getting into the act.

So……whadayathink? As long as we’re contemplating shining a spotlight on other cultures, what about yours? Why don’t we have one big Melting Pot Day so we can be politically correct? We can fondue our favorite politicians, uh, foods.

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4 Responses to “Happy Saint Yodelers Day”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    Yea, why isn’t there a special day for Austrians or any other ethnic group for that matter ??? Nice little piece of writing and funny to boot.

  2. magdalena Says:

    Yeah. And don’t give me “Everybody’s Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day” because everyone isn’t and not everyone wants to be. So there. (Don’t get your Irish up, just being funny. Wouldn’t want to antagonize the fairies).

  3. Le duke de fromage Says:

    Magdalena, Step aside wee lass, for I have a bigger gripe. I grew up of Scottish descent in the Irish dominated Boston area. St Patrick’s day was like 4th of July and Christmas all in one. While the Irish drank enormous quantities of beer and raised hell all we Scotch had was something called the highland games, where grown men would dress in kilts and try to throw telephone poles as far as they could. Great fun this. This would be followed by consuming quantities of a stomach turning dish called Haggis. No warm, mouth watering strudel or schnitzel. So we Scotch will have to be content with playing miserable rounds of golf and counting our coins late at night in darken rooms, lights cost money. Maybe we are both lucky, at least we are not from Transylvania.
    P. S. it doesn’t work trying to be Irish on St. Patricks’ day , the minute they ask your name you are dead.

  4. magdalena Says:

    Ach du lieber Gott im himmel! No one can top the Guten Morgen of that. Let’s have a pint to drink to our understated lineages.

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