Superman !!!

February 16th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

I think the reason I dislike Chris Weidman so much, is the fact that everything has come so easily for him; he simply is a freak of chrisweidmannature. He began wrestling as a child and simply cake – walked his way through NCAA Division I wrestling as a young adult. If he pursued the wrestling path, I guarantee he would have medaled and even won the GOLD. What drives me crazy, is that after only 3 months of jiu – jitsu training, he entered the EAST Coast Grapplers tournament &WON (How is that humanly possible ???) One might say that he used his wrestling skills to win the event but the fact of the matter is he submitted all 13 opponents – WHAT ??? (If people aren’t familiar with jiu – jitsu, it usually takes about a year to submit a white belt in live action). Weidman decided to give MMA and ultimate fighting a shot on a whim and won 10 consecutive fights. Unbelievably (but deservedly, since he was destroying everyone he faced) he was actually granted a title shot against the greatest mixed martial artist to ever step into the cage in Anderson Silva. Well we all know what happened – Weidman beat Silva soundly not once but twice just to ensure the 1st time wasn’t some sort of fluke. Chris Weidman is now the Middleweight champion of the world in MMA & quite frankly I can’t see him losing for a loooooong time.

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