An Absence of Flowers

January 29th, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

In answer to your question, Pete,                                     pete seeger
Have they not tossed them at your feet?
Were not the roses made as sweet
By their response.

In search of change for season’s sake,
A steady rain reverberates.
The dire question mark mistakes
The need for want.

In answer, Pete, we gather not
The Baby’s Breath, the Purple Phlox.
One wonders with a heavy heart
Where you have gone.

In search of change for our own sake.
No flowers, please, left at the gate.
Leave them to flourish in the wake
Of Seeger’s song.


Where The Heart Resides

January 22nd, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

In a certain housesnow
Where memory is lodged,
Vacated only by our physical selves,
Occupied by the family
That once called it home
In my routine inspection
Of its cobwebs.

Is there nothing of ourselves
Wedged between the cracks?
The crumbs we let fall away
In careless anticipation
Of better surroundings.
None so fine
As the glow of sunlight
On oaken handrail
Burnished by our many hands.
Or cluster of snow on windowledge,
A small white sparrow huddled there.

Why does the heart
Refuse to relinquish
That which must be
Left to itself?
Were it not for the lonliness
Of what was left behind,
And the urge
To keep it company.


Corporations – Not The Government, Are What’s Boss!!!

January 12th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

How interesting, mind – boggling, and quite frankly bizarre is the FACT that most people concern themselves with politicscorporate1corporate2corpoate3 and which political party one is affiliated with rather than really getting down to the very root of who (or what) is really in charge of matters and ultimately who is in fact controlling the world. Secondly, what I find fascinating is that though corporations are of course comprised of people, the reality is that Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Google don’t really exist in the truest sense of the word.

When I was in college, I was lectured to by a very astute professor who stated that the most powerful corporations run itself and noboby is irreplaceable; yes, certainly you need personnel and brilliant people, but the aforementioned corporate entities have prodigiously deep pockets and can certainly attract the best and the brightest.
Any average person can figure this out if you just sit and think about it: Corporations employ lobbies, lobbies in turn exert their profound influence on politicians and lawmakers, and then the politicians ultimately con you into voting for him or her. Along this road and path there are a lot of favors and backroom deals that will of course be reciprocated.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Incidentally, corporations care about only two things which is 1. to first survive and then 2. grow as big as it can possibly get at all costs and without concern or care for you or the planet (extracting fossil fuels, dumping toxic wastes into our waters, fracking, etc.) & the fuel which turns the corporation into a finely – tuned, well – oiled machine is – MONEY and lots of it. $$$ doesn’t talk, it screams.


Why Joe Rogan is Better Than Howard Stern

January 9th, 2014 by Michael Tabor

Many people have compared perhaps the latest recent media sensation in Joe Rogan to Howard Stern. I was a regular Howard Stern fan back in the 1980’s and now that it’s 2014 and I’m 50 years old, I’ve now moved on (Listen, I’m really an NPR, WNYC geek, but I still like Rock ‘n roll, sort of down – to – earth radio or pod casts, so ….) I suppose the comparison is made because they curse, stand for the common person, and are both in tune to the world of comedy and relief in this unfair and hard world.

Well for starters, much to my dismay, Howard Stern has blatantly revealed to all that he’s a fake/phony/fraud!!! Howard stern came from a world of privilege and wasjoerogan raised by caring, loving, and educated parents. That non-sense about having to “tough” it out in Roosevelt, on Long island is a joke – please !!! I live on Long Island, I’m familiar with Roosevelt and though yes, there are minorities I doubt he had any more problems than your average High School kid. Joe Rogan on the other hand came from the school of real hard knocks – being raised only by his mom while dad took off (BTW, Joe has not been in contact with his biological dad since he was 6 years old) in Newark, NJ.

Howard Stern’s father owned a radio studio, sent his son (Howie) to Boston University, and the spoiled, rotten, rich kid – Daddy got him a gig on radio and the rest is history. Joe Rogan came from absolutely zero, never went to college (though he’s incredibly brilliant less the grammar – lol) and studied martial arts and stand – up comedy (BTW, Stern doesn’t even know how to do stand – up – WTF???). Joe is now the regular color commentator for every major UFC event (at which he’s absolutely stellar), has his own Podcast, and still does stand – up.

Joe Rogan doesn’t have guests who are strippers or porno stars but rather – scientists, psychiatrists, some hippie – potheads – lol (but they’re smart), and any other person who has something interesting to say (not just celebrities).
This is just part 1, but I just want to get your initial thoughts. WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ?


False Confessions Are Shockingly Not Uncommon

January 2nd, 2014 by Michael Tabor

Would you confess to committing a crime (not just a misdemeanor but also a felony like murder or rape) that you didn’t do? Certainly not !!! One might say, that most coercion1sane and rational people would not under any conditions admit to a crime of which they had absolutely no part and I agree, however, there is a phenomena called interrogation – induced false confessions which sadly and outrageously has led to the indictment, conviction, incarceration, and even death of completely innocent people e.g. mentally – ill, uneducated, poor, etc. YES, indeed it happens all too frequently and the bullying and coercive tactics of law enforcement officials has to cease immediately!!!

I’m certainly not suggesting that cops want to arrest innocent people, however there is unspeakable pressure coming from the press, public, and everyone else to get the bad guy ASAP, hence interrogators will resort to the most despicable tactics e.g. Sleep deprivation, lying to the purported suspects about being released, encouraging suspects to admit to a crime they didn’t commit, etc.
I think the most notorious case is the Central Park jogger case (everyone must see Ken Burns’ ‘Central Park Five’) in which 5 innocent black boys admitted to raping and leaving for dead a woman who was young, white, educated, and worked on Wall Street as an investment banker. The tragedy even prompted the clownish Donald Trump to pay for a full-page ad in the New York Times demanding that the boys be put to death. Fortunately, because of the advent of DNA, the boys were exonerated, but sadly not after having spent many years in prison – years in their prime, which they can never get back.

What I find prodigiously unbelievable is that these false forced confessions are still happening TODAY, 2014 in this country to our own citizens (of course to the poor, uneducated, and the neglected). I don’t have the exact # of these miscarriages of justice but I know it’s substantial. Let’s stop this type of coercive interrogation and call your congressman.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? I honestly don’t think that law enforcement wants to “hang” an innocent guy, but when there is pressure, anything can happen.




A Retrospective New Year

January 1st, 2014 by Magdalena Tabor

Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one…..(in the words and music of John Lennon). As I look around me in glorious mid town Manhattan, I’m astonished to realize oldnyhow much has changed, how much of Olde New York has virtually vanished. Even as we speak, the city is fast relinquishing its old identity and evolving into something else. Old buildings, once ignored on my daily walks, have suddenly been razed and replaced with new ones and it’s only then they’re appreciated for the unique flavor they injected into the city’s mix. Or perhaps the city’s new offerings only enhance the old. But what is apparent is the overall newness of things and less of the Victorian New York once so familiar; the graceful curve of a wrought iron railing that edges a stairway, thick with paint from years gone by, the drippings hardened like capsules of time caught still. To see these things, one has to venture further and further downtown where life in Greenwich Village remains untouched. Somehow a cup of Joe in an old cafe tastes better than sitting in a non descript Starbuck’s. Why can’t we be more like our European counterparts and develop a rich and vast history spanning the test of time?
For me, new things have no soul. At least not yet. Give them another hundred years or so and they may begin to speak of things other than sparkle and shine. But by then, we’ll just tear it down, won’t we? I like things with a bit of tarnish to them. Something that says its been through the trenches, has had a life of its own and can convey a feeling. In this new year, let us celebrate what is old. Old values. Old memories. Old friends. I wish you the very best of what is old, and yes, the best of things to come. But things that can remain with us for a long time to ponder and consider. To enjoy for its aesthetic value. Whatever this obsession to rid us of our past, let us be reminded that we too are all too vulnerable to replacement. With this in mind, I invite you to stay awhile. Tell me, my friend…..what’s new?

So…………..whadayathink? Are you bothered by the under appreciation of our history? Or are you all too eager to be out with the old and in with the new? Why? What’s your hurry?