My Christmas Card

December 24th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

I’m sending you my Christmas cardmy christmas card
In thought and silent prayer,
Remembering our Friendship
When you were always there.
I color this rendition
With softest whites and blues
And brush a cheerful touch of red
To illustrate what’s true.
Green, for everlasting Love
Scented like the pine,
Glittered with a dash of snow
To give away what’s mine.

I’m sending you my Christmas card
By telepathic post,
By dove or by an angel
Or some such heavenly host.
Remembering our Friendship
When you were always there.
I color this rendition
With the utmost Love and Care.


A Candlelight Christmas Stroll

December 22nd, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

We are fortunate to live here on Long Island, a place rooted in history. These roots are yet very much alive, nurtured by unique individuals who still take the time to learn ways long since forgotten. There’s no doubt in my mind, I was born in the wrong century and because of it I often times grab Michael by the hand where it’s off to another 19th century adventure, a kind of time travel using the Jeep as our vehicle to get there. Michael always complies even though I can tell he’s not really into it……at first. But he ultimately ends up saying, “Wow! That was great!”
Last night we visited a place very dear to both of us. Old Bethpage Village Restoration is comprised of over 50 structures on 209 acres depicting life in the 1800’s. Best of all, it’s less than 15 minutes away. It’s a place that draws you to her, not as spectator, but as participant to life foreign yet oddly familiar. There are no guides, only roads with old homes and buildings spaced comfortably apart, much as a real village might have been back in the day. Here and there are folks dressed of the period going about their daily business. But if you enter one of the homes, they’ll tell you all about it. Each of the structures was rescued somewhere on Long Island and brought here for safekeeping. Fascinating by day, but come nightfall, the last two weekends before Christmas are transformed into something that can only be described as magical.
We enter the village from a road placed quite a distance from it. That road is lined with gaslit lamp posts until we draw close enough to the village itself. There are no lights other than the houses and shops lit with candles, so one would be advised to bring his own battery operated lantern to traverse the terrain between them. Trust me, it doesn’t detract from the overall effect. You’re so busy looking around, you quite forget yourself and the modern day world.
We first came upon some Civil War soldiers taking a respite with some humble Christmas offerings sent from “home”. I must say, they looked very impressive in their uniforms, and with just the candle burning and a small campfire nearby, it was rather like you were transported to their era. They spoke of their longing for Christmas at home and joked good naturedly.
A little further up the road we came upon some carollers authentically attired and in perfect tune. Behind them near the Noon Inn a cozy bonfire blazed invitingly with rustic benches on either side where one could sit and stare at the embers flicking away like fireflies into the night. The inn offers homemade cookies and apple cider for a modern day price.
Ambling further up the road, musicians at the schoolhouse played to a packed house so we peered in through the window and marvelled at the old bubbly glass. Somehow, you just haven’t lived until you see life as it was through old window panes. The muffled strains of fiddle and guitar could be heard from within.
There are broom makers, story tellers, parlor music, contra dancers, crafts and events too numerous to mention. For a mere ten dollars, you can travel backwards in time to your heart’s content and come away wishing you could stay in one of those candle lit homes for the night. As the Jeep pulls into the driveway and we unlock the door, I flick on a light and bask in the warm glow of the 21st century. Let’s have one of those muffins I made earlier that didn’t get scorched on an open hearth somewhere back in time. I’m betting they taste as sweet.Candlelight Evening


A Retro Christmas

December 21st, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

The ghost of my grandfather
Towers in the yard
Two stories down
In the moonlight.
His pipe glows red
Between alternating puffs
And deep down laughter
At a five year old me.
She knew him better
Than any man named Claus
Impersonating Christmas.

These days, the mind fills
With scrapbook images,                                                                                                                                                                                             retro christmas
Five and dime store treasures
Bought cheap.
Plastic Santas, suddenly retro
Pair with long legged Elves
Hugging knees to chest.

Here a bit of tinsel
At the bottom of a box.
There a shard of glass
Too pretty to cast off.
I love them still
These broken Christmas musings,
And hang them on a bough
In a moonlit yard.



The Secret of Fox News Success: Beautiful, Tough, Smart, and Angry Right – Wing Women

December 18th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

I hate to blow the whistle on the fact that Ann Coulter in real life is slightly to the left of Karl Marx. There are approximately 60 + extraordinarily attractive looking women working for Fox ( I will insert the FOX girls website @ the end, so you will read my little blog here).

Yep, Fox News has hit the jack – pot in terms of what will get ratings. It seems natural and normal that most sane and rational women would most certainly be liberal when one considers” Free Choice, Equal Pay, Sexual Harassment, on & on, but here you see on the prodigiously successful cable news network show, scores of women touting and advocating the most outrageously ridiculous right – wing nonsensical propaganda .

Adding insult to injury, is the fact that these FOX broadcaster/models are half – naked when they’re slamming you in the face about anything remotely fair, compassionate, and liberal. Another matter to consider, is though they’re barely wearing any clothing (how short can a mini – skirt be in December???) they’re not stupid – far from it !!! Rich mommy and daddy have ensured that their Barbie doll daughters have been raised properly and have gone to the most pedigree and ivy – league schools on the planet.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? What I find most entertaining, is the fact that they’re so angry – lol. Okay, here’s the the FOX women list


Michael Jordan Still Makes an est. $80 Million Dollars a Year

December 15th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

Endorsements, Endorsements, and Endorsements!!! Yep, although Michael Jordan has been retired for over a decade now, he still makes about 80 million dollars a year.mikejordan
How often do we hear of a professional athlete e.g. Evander Holyfield (boxing), Terrell Owens (football), Pete Rose (baseball), Michael Vick (football), Latrell Sprewell (basketball), on & on … about how broke he is, regardless of the sport in which they’ve excelled and made millions. Invariably, there is a pathetically sad list of once multi – millionaire athletes who are now without $$$ & bankrupt. How does this happen???
Well, to begin with the money these athletes earn alone during his tenure ought to be more than adequate to enable anybody to be financially secure for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, how often do we hear about a “Lawrence Taylor” crying about how he’s spent his millions of $$$’s, blah, blah, blah.
Though I mentioned Michael Jordan to begin this blog, he is not the poster boy for someone who is frugal and pragmatic in terms of saving one’s money; he’s a notorious gambler and has been known to gamble as much as 250K on a game of golf. However, Michael Jordan has always kept his nose clean, no nasty scandals, and as a result, he still has the #1 ‘Air Jordan’ sneaker brand, along with other Jordan brand clothing lines.
So, WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think? Most superstar athletes make more money in a year than a professional middle – class executive will make in a career. So, obviously we ought not shed too many tears if Latrell Sprewell doesn’t know how to sock his millions away. However, I suppose the message is, if you want to spend, spend, spend, then behave yourself, be relevant, and then I guess the world can be your oyster and you can be like Mike.


The Cutting Of The Tree

December 12th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

Will it hurt? asked little Thomas.
Not a bit, son, honest
Said the tall man
Brandishing a broad ax,tree1
Its blade glinting
In the waning sun.
Their breath blew clouds
That puffed like toy trains
Around and around
The handsome boughs,
When all at once he swung.
Thwack! echoing.
Thwack! echoing.
Thwack! Thud.
And it was done.
Thomas cried
To put it back
But the tall man only laughed.


New York is Teeming With Not Just Homeless People but Homeless Families

December 8th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

Capitalism ought to reward success not excess; the gap between the mega – rich and the absolute destitute is widening and the middle – class has all but disappeared. Indeed, thanks to both the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations 42ND street now looks like Disneyland which is good, but what happened to the homeless people ??? We have a very serious homelessness problem on our hands in New York City and unbelievably enough, most New Yorkers think we actually have fewer homeless people than before.
Here are the sad facts:
· There are now 236 homeless shelters in New York City, which is a staggering increase of 69% since 2002. What makes this increase prodigiously sadder is the fact that most of the homeless are now families with more than 22,000 children without a roof over their head. Can you imagine such a horror ???
· Overall, there are approximately 60,000 human beings without a place called home. 52,400 men, women, and children are forced to spend the night in any one of the city’s shelters, so that means roughly 8,000 folks are sleeping on the disgustingly urine – stained filthy streets of New York.
· According to the Coalition for the Homeless, these #’s have not been seen in New York since the Great Depression. (The Bloomberg administration has always turned a blind eye to this fact – & as far as Bloomberg is concerned, everything is just peachy – keen).
· Perhaps, one of the reasons we see fewer homeless on the street, is because many of the homeless single adults have elected to live underground i.e subway tunnels and other out of sight places because they’re tired of being hassled by cops.
· Another reason why there may be a misconception about the decreased # of homeless individuals over the past 2 administrations is because as this title states, we’re now contending with an increased number of homeless families, who by contrast have fewer problems of mental illness and substance abuse, and for the most part stay off the street and don’t panhandle.

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? I know the homelessness problem is not just an issue with New York, it’s worse than ever all across the country and we can’t just ignore this. Have a heart everyone … I know everyone is hurting with this dreadful economy, but if you can afford to give and help out, please do.



Tyler Talks Santa Claws

December 8th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

There’s been a whole lotta talk about this cat named Santa Claws. He sounds like one crazy dude who claws his way up and down chimneys and for what? To leave some tylertrinkets in some smelly old socks hanging by the fire to dry. He must have a foot fetish. They say he has a long white beard so I’m thinking he must be a Persian but why is he hanging out with reindeer??? We cats usually stick to our own kind. Anyway, as long as he’s doling out gifts I thought I may as well jump on the band wagon (or is it a sleigh?) and make a list:

1) New paratroopers gear……I misplaced the original and have not given up hope of escape. If I don’t get one I can grow my nails long enough to try the chimney like Santa. But I think the fireplace may be fake. Darn.

2) A personal chef…….In case I’m doomed to stay here I may as well be fat. Look, the Beans try really hard to provide me with a variety of cat food but it is what it is…..CAT food. For those of us with a sophisticated palate, a personal chef would be just the thing.

3) Some new buddies……The two cats I hang with are not the friendliest of creatures. But I still LOVE Clementine. Can’t stand her spitting at me though. So although she can still stay, that other guy has GOT to go. He thinks he’s Alpha Male. Let’s get another female and give Clem some stiff competition. Then maybe she’ll warm up.

4) Real mice…….Are they kidding me with the fake catnip things? Cats know a real mouse when they see one. They think a mouse is a thing you move around on a desk top. Let’s get REAL.

5) My own room…..I hate sharing space with the whole gang. I want my own room where I can close the door any time I want, instead of THEM closing the door on ME. See how THEY like it.

6) A one way ticket to Spain…..Why Spain? I don’t know. It’s the first place that popped into my head and I think it may be affordable on Besides, it’s warm there. What is it with this cold? I’m a Lone Star cat, remember? Oh, that’s right…..Texas dipped to freezing this week. Spain it is.

7) A personal trainer…….As long as I’m getting fat, I may as well trim some of it. And I don’t want one of those cat “trees”. A real in-home gym or a life time enrollment at Gold’s Gym. This would also come in handy to put that alpha male cat in his place in case he gets to stay.

8) A heating pad……..As long as it’s cold I may as well be comfortable with a temperature controlled heating system built into a cat sized bed. If you can’t get one, Mr. Claws, can I at least have my own fleece blankie?

9) Bunny slippers……There’s just something so cool about a cat dressed in bunny slippers, doncha think?

10) A personal supply of Temptations Cat Treats……It may be for cats but in my opinion, no personal chef could do better.


So……..whadayathink? Some pretty neat suggestions for that Santa Claws cat. Let’s see what he can come up with. Hey, wait a minute! I don’t have any socks to hang up! And that fireplace doesn’t have a  real chimney! Maybe I can find a way to crack open a window. And as long as the window’s open, I won’t need ANYTHING from Santa. I’d have the world at my at my claws! Nah, too cold out there. Scary too. Maybe I can shove a key under the door.