Bill Maher versus Big Bird Howard Stern

October 3rd, 2013 by Michael Tabor


The same sociopathic Howard Stern (now the kinder & gentler Howie) who used to humiliate retarded and disabled people (maybe he still does) is calling out Bill Maher for some recent remarks Maher made about his (big bird’s) comments re: 9/11.

Howard Stern is a twisted, evil monster who will do anything for $$$. He knows damn well that he cannot get away with anything he used to do, so he doesn’t do it anymore! Remember your Song parody and your unspeakably nefarious comments about Karen Carpenter and her agonizing death. Why don’t you bring that up, big bird ???


Here’s another insanely asinine thing Stern states re: the fact that, he, Stern (the kinder, gentler Stern) is just a comedian and completely unlike Bill Maher. Holy, moly, what a bunch of horse shit… your acts are identical i.e. comics talking politics hoping for a laugh, yet maybe, maybe getting some credence. Stern is a vile, unfunny, hypocritical beast and I can’t wait until he croaks !!!

Hey Stern, buddy, just talk about strippers if you’re so afraid of criticism. How’s your ex – wife Allison doing anyway – ohhhhh, that you don’t care about !!!

So WhaDaYaThink ? What Do you think ? Your time is goanna come Stern !!! Stern says that he’s only here for laughs, but if that’s the case, give back all the $$$ you stole from us  – CREEP !!!

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