What Do We Do With Syria?

September 5th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

syriaI think we, the United States is in a no – win situation. To start, the obvious is that the use of chemical weapons and nerve gas by the Assad regime against its own citizens is absolutely reprehensible and I’m certain that in a perfect world those who were responsible would be identified, targeted, and ultimately eliminated from the face of the earth. However obviously this is something that is neither tenable nor remotely possible and the only option our country has in terms of retribution is strategic military strikes. BUT, just think , not only is this not an effective viable solution i.e. just more civilian deaths and massive infrastructure destruction, not to mention the rabbit hole with which this country, the United States, would have to contend e.g. “boots on the ground”,  the tenuous geopolitical relationships we have with nations such as Russia and Iran (who support the Assad government), the Palestinians who are split … Israel and a plethora of other catastrophic scenarios, etc. Furthermore, what is the end game ?

The Assad regime (The notorious Ba’ath Party) is wicked beyond belief but I think we can all agree that the Syrian rebel fighters are certainly not our friends. This civil war has been going on for more than 2 years now (Arab Spring) and more than 100,000 people have died, just about half of whom are civilians.   So, WhadaweThink ? What do you think? The Middle East is war – torn and a mess; whether we strike or do nothing will invariably have repercussions.  We can’t turn a blind eye to a nation that uses chemical weapons but I feel there is nothing we can do but lament the ineffable sadness of it all.

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5 Responses to “What Do We Do With Syria?”

  1. magdalena Says:

    As Americans, and as humanitarians, it’s hard to sit by and do nothing. The sad truth of it is, sometimes there is nothing else we can do. The tragedy is by no means lessened, but all the greater having no recourse.

  2. Rick Says:

    Liberals are so political. Where are the war protesters? Wheres Hollywood? Wheres all the Bush war protesters? It all makes me sick.

  3. Rick Says:

    Bush had 40 nations with him. Obama- 0. I say stay out let Russia deal with chemical weapons. Iraq was a mess and this will be an even bigger mess.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    If we do get involved, who knows down what type of ominous rabbit hole awaits us. The Prez is holding a very important press conference tonight re: Syria.

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    I do agree with you here, Rick. There’s definitely a double standard in terms of our perception of conservatives being hawks and liberals as doves.

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