July 8th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

tylerThe long awaited TYLER is finally here! Tyler is our new cat flown in from Texas Siamese Rescue located in Corinth, Texas. He’s a two year old Snowshoe Siamese and is, as you can see, just adorable. We picked him up from  Bradley International Airport which is just outside Hartford, Ct, a 3 hour drive from Long Island. Because he had to pass through security and be removed from his cat carrier, he was harnessed and leashed prior to departure to prevent any mishap. Barbara, who personally transported him on flight in cabin, reported his excellent behavior during the hours long trip. In fact, during the drive home he retained his calm demeanor. Not a peep out of him. However, upon arriving home to Tyler’s designated room for his period of isolation from the rest of the house, he immediately sought refuge under a small loveseat, and aside from hiding behind the TV in the corner, he has remained there ever since. That was two days  ago. In short, he is still harnessed but I managed to snip off his leash with a pair of scissors. Shy and distrustful, Tyler will eventually allow said harness to be removed which we’re certain will add to his overall comfort. Here is Tyler’s take on the story. Please forgive his spelling:

My nayme  is Tyler from the Lone Star state and I haf bin kitnapped. I am stil waring my paratroopers gear I was given for the jurney frum the land of snaykes and scorpeons. I reefuse to let my captors remove it as Im serten I will need it to escaype frum the windo. The Human Beans have locked mee in a rume but I do not beeleeve it is jail beecawse its too nise and soft otherwise I wood bee serving “hard” tyme. LOL. Hey, even a cat has to keep his sense of humer in tymes of stress.

I am hunkered down under the bored walk where the Human Beans like to sit sumtimes. Im as kwiet as a mouse so I do not beeleeve they know Im heer. They cut off part of my paratroopers gear so Im not shure it stil werks but thats the chanse you haf to tayke. I must say tho, the food is pritty gud. I even get Fancy Feets but theres nuthing fancy about it. There are no mice feets as one wood expect. The Beans are getting trickee tho, placing my food farther and farther away so that I haf to come out if I want to eat. Thats not fair.

Im afrayd I may be getting to like it here and want this stoopid paratroopers thing off but I am not reddy to give up the ship. I am stil playing at beeing invisibull. When they tawk to mee I just look the other way. If I dont see them they cannot possiblee see mee.

So……………………whadayathink? Tyler will be helping us out with his own blog spot from time to time to give you the inside scoop on what goes on around here…..from his perspective of course. Please check out Texas Siamese Rescue where all the cats are free to roam and maybe pick one for your own. If you can’t adopt, please help by donating. We need your support. Thanks! And thank you, Alisa, for all that you do.

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7 Responses to “Tyler”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    A note from someone named Snowshoe:

    BTW, I mostly like to scratch and chew my father’s books but sometimes, unbeknownst to him, when he’s sleeping or not looking, I actually read most of them, hence I’m an educated feline. They (Mom & Dad) think I’m dumb, because I do a lot of dumb things but even though that’s true, I’m a great writer and my English is almost perfect. I am I think what people call an idiot savant.

    Hey Tyler, not to hurt your feelings but your English stinks. But, anyway – boy are you in for a pleasant surprise !!! I’ve been living here for 13 years now and to me I couldn’t be happier. You know what, you kinda look like me. How did that happen ? Maybe we can hang out some day soon – there are a lot of cool places around here.

  2. magdalena Says:

    Snowshoe, I never said you were dumb. Your father did and he’s wrong. Your writing skills are right on par with his and I believe he’s a little jealous. Right now Tyler’s already exploring the house and there’s a good chance his writing will rapidly improve with all Dad’s books lying around, so watch out. He’s apt to dog ear a few of the pages that most interest him.

  3. Chip Says:

    Dear Tyler,
    I realize that you’re wondering who these strange people are and wondering why on earth you were taken from your prior “holding” area (in TX.) only to be brought to this strange place called LONG ISLAND. Well, let me tell you, you have no idea how your luck changed once Magdalena saw your photo and had you brought to her loving home. You’re about to see the difference in people; from the inexplicable obvious lack of love in your prior life, to the home you’ve entered into where animals are treated as good as one can only imagine. You will be loved unconditionally and waited on, hand and paw for the rest of your life. Most of your wants and all of your needs will be taken care of without question, with only your well being and happiness taken into consideration.
    Magdalena (your new mom) and Michael (your new dad), will lavish you with love and understanding for all the rest of your life. Enjoy and take advantage of every moment; that my dear furry boy is what your life is all about now. In return, when you’re comfortable, I’m 100% certain you will lavish the same upon your new parents, 1 brother and 2 sisters.
    BTW, you are one handsome fellow.

  4. magdalena Says:

    Tyler to Chip: I haf no choyce but to tayke yoo at your werd. Snowshoe (my new bruther ) sez the sayme thing. They tell mee my spelling is bad but I am still learning and hope to bee en editer one day. I wish spelchek wud stop trying to cerrect me.

  5. Sal Paradise Says:

    As commendable as Mike and Magdalena’s rescue of Tyler is, I strongly encourage anyone inspired by their adoption to look much closer to home; I daresay there’s a Humane League or Cat Angel’s shelter in every reader’s city or county that is literally teeming with felines needing a safe, loving home. My wife and I are fortunate to live in a progressive county which recently went completely “no-kill” (as in no more euthanasia) while also promoting spay & neuter programs, but only because of the tireless efforts and financial contributions of passionate animal advocates like my wife.

    Okay, I’m getting vertigo up here on the soapbox…..this moment is Tyler’s. My furry friend, may you and your new parents enjoy many years of warm companionship and shared graceful aging.

  6. magdalena Says:

    Thank you, Sal. I share your “closer to home” logic. But because I happened to stumble upon Tyler’s photo, he spoke to my heart and I could look no further. I only wish I could do more than rescue just one. Instead, I urge everyone to rescue just one to alleviate the distressing homeless pet situation. Thanks Sal and wife for being my kind of people.

  7. magdalena Says:

    Oh, and please support you local animal shelter as well. More of them are becoming “no kill” thanks to baby boomers like us who insist upon it. Now let’s take it the rest of the way and devote, if not money, then maybe your time to pitch in and help out. Our pets need whatever we can afford to give.

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