RIP – To a Talented and Sweet Gentleman In Cory Monteith

July 16th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

I listen to WNYC and NPR every day/ all day and sort of have it on for background news and stories – autopilot kind of thing while I’m working. Oh and I don’t watch TV, ever, except for C-SPAN. Last night, something grabbed me – first, I stopped what I was doing because on the radio came on one of my favorite Queen songs of all –time ‘Somebody to Love’ but it wasn’t Queen, it was a cover by Cory Monteith & company  I was shocked because the singing was even better than the great singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.

I had been reading in the paper, surfing the internet, checking out all of the social media sites and reading about a “Cory Monteith” dying at the age of 31. Who is that? I skipped it all and not until I listened to the aforementioned Queen song did I pause and say to myself “Wow, I’m  blown away by that, what does this kid have to say for himself and what kind of interview will this be like.” Well, I must say that being a life – long talk radio listener and having heard perhaps every famous person that ever has been interviewed , I was prodigiously shocked to hear that this Kid/ MAN was the kindest, sweetest, humblest, most gentlemanly individual I have ever had the incredible good fortune to hear.  His story is just remarkable and sadly it didn’t have to end in the tragic way in which it did. I won’t write about it here, just Wikipedia it.

He, in so many ways reminded me of myself in terms of : I always hated school but loved education and learning, he was big and I am a big guy (unlike the typical Cruise, Deniro,  Pacino, Hoffman types),  worked at really shitty jobs, and so much more.

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Even though I never had the privilege of meeting you nor have I ever had the good fortune of seeing your show ‘Glee’, I feel I have been in your shoes (less the show – lol) and I will miss you !!! Check out this song  – it’s a gay Rick Springfield  tune but Cory makes it work in a big way.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith walk to the set of Glee on August 12, 2012, in New York City.


Tyler Talks Cheese

July 14th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

tylerHaving recently read the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson (well, of course I can read, I’m writing. aren’t I?) I have incorporated its findings for use in my present situation. First and foremost, this is not a book just for mice and men, and not to be confused with Of MIce And Men. “Cheese” is just a metaphor for whatever it is you don’t want changed. And we, as cats, detest change.

The change in question came about when they kitnapped me. I was perfectly fine where I was down at the ranch with all the other cow pokes (or is it cat pokes, some of them did poke at me but I poked right back). I did not ask anyone to move my cheese. Who ate all the cheddar anyway? I think it was the Human Beans who moved it in the first place. They will stop at nothing to fulfil their own selfish interests while I must make do with the dried up cereal that’s supposed to serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, they give me some of that wet food too, that looks like vomit, but it’s actually not bad. However, it’s not what they would eat, oh no! They get the finest cuts of turkey and throw me the scraps once in awhile. (Mmmm! It was rather tasty and nice of them to offer.)

The whole point is, my cheese has been moved, like it or not. Ah! Let me repeat, “like it or not”. You are better off pretending to like it just to throw them off guard. You have to adapt. You know, survival of the fittest, and cats have been expert at this for thousands of years. That’s why we’re still around. Well, some of us did shrink in size but evolution saw to it that we could curl ourselves into the coziest of places, all for our own comfort and convenience.

In short, I have sought out several of these comfort zones and am quite at home now, cheese or no cheese. Now where’s that mouse?

So……………….whadayathink? Read this childlike book with adult vision and you too can be a cat. Not just another self-help book but a help-yourself-to-some cheese- book. Who doesn’t like swiss except for all the holes? That stupid mouse has been at it again.

Incidentally, have you noticed the dramatic improvement in my spelling? Just one week around Dad’s books has turned me into something of a scholar. I’m giving him some stiff competition. (Grinning like a cheshire).


“The Jury Finds The State of Florida Guilty For Allowing George Zimmerman To Carry A Gun”

July 13th, 2013 by Michael Tabor


Wouldn’t it be great if this were in fact a true statement ?

George Zimmerman should not be on trial and in an ideal world the irresponsible individuals who legislated the lax gun laws in Florida ought to be. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood security guard, and not even an officer of the law, was well within his rights to be armed with a gun and as a result a 17 year old boy, Trayvon Martin  is dead.

Furthermore, sadly, Mr. Zimmerman, 28, may be found guilty of second degree murder and have to spend a long time in prison because of careless and thoughtless law makers. Had this legislation not been on the books, which legally permitted Zimmerman to own and carry a gun, maybe the worst scenario we’d have on our hands is a street fight. So instead of maybe a bloody nose, some scrapes and bruises we have a dead boy and a young man who may have to remain in prison until he’s an old man.

This case is just another reason why we ought to ensure that we make gun control a priority in this country. So, WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? I earnestly don’t believe there is a man or woman in this country who hasn’t at one time or another become so enraged about something that for a split second  he or she has felt like killing someone over typically something inane and stupid. Fortunately, most people are not insanely paranoid and therefore we don’t usually feel compelled to arm ourselves to the teeth when going to our local supermarket.


Enjoy Your New Home – O.J.

July 11th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

I know there is a whole lot going on around the globe (here – the Zimmerman trial & privacy issues, etc. Internationally- Egypt and so much more)  and perhaps the O.J Simpson story is just old news, but I have to let everyone know that I am gloating over the 33 year prison term Simpson was slapped with for stealing sports memorabilia. God bless the judge, the Nevada parole board, etc. for handing down this otherwise draconian sentence had the individual not been O.J. Simpson.

Mr. Simpson is now 66 years old, looks absolutely awful, and he’s never going to get out of prison. This is poetic justice: Simpson viciously kills two young people and gets away with it, and then does something absolutely stupid like stealing baseball cards and for all intents and purposes gets a life sentence and will never see the light of day.

Here is a man who had absolutely everything and I mean everything i.e. fame, all the money in the world, famous friends, an amazing career as a player and a great life after his playing days and he couldn’t control his jealousy and his obsession with his ex – wife and well the rest is history.

So WhadaYaThink ? What do you think? This sort of reminds me of what we did to Al Capone. No we couldn’t nail Capone for murder and racketeering but we got him instead on tax evasion.

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 5


Anderson Silva Throws In The Towel

July 9th, 2013 by Michael Tabor
silva fix

The greatest mixed martial artist of all time decided to throw a fight this past Sat. night, 7/6/2013 and willingly and obviously gladly gave up his title to one of the WORST MMA fighters to ever  step into the octagon in Chris Weidman. Shame on Anderson Silva, shame on Dana White (although I think he’s fuming over the fix), and shame on everybody involved with what’s been going on since time immemorial – the fixing of fights. (I was just a toddler in 1964 & 1965 when the unstoppable and ferocious Sonny Liston threw 2 fights to the same man, Cassius Clay in ’64 and in 1965 with the “Phantom Punch” to the then  Muhammad Ali).

I personally think this particular fix was so monumentally huge that I’m not sure the sport of MMA can ever recover. I know that I will never, ever watch another MMA fight again – sadly, for as long as I live. Just to note that I’ve been there since the beginning in 1993 and have probably seen almost every single UFC fight (not to mention Pride, Strikeforce and other venues) and until this travesty, I have never seen a staged fight.

There are a plethora of reasons why this fix is a nail in the coffin for the UFC:

The ratings and the interest in the sport in general are at an all – time low. I don’t know what the box #’s are/were, but I know that there was virtually zero interest in this particular fight.

Chris Weidman, (the beneficiary of the fix), is a God – awful fighter and really had no business in even fighting Anderson Silva.

Even if Chris Weidman had the goods to be a professional fighter, he’s so boring to watch e.g. he’s slow, only a purple belt in Jiu – jitsu, and has nothing special to offer spectators to even bother staying awake to watch him fight. His only skill is that he’s a solid wrestler and well, how exciting is watching single and double – leg takedowns. The Olympics are considering even eliminating wrestling completely from their list of events because quite honestly, free – style and Roman – Greco wrestling is as exciting as fleas mating or watching your lawn grow.

That’s it for now, so WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? BTW, MMA is so lame now that the following day I couldn’t even find a single article in ANY of the major papers in New York nor were there any stories on the internet, except for a little blurb on Yahoo. Good riddance to the UFC and MMA because it didn’t have to go down this way. SHAME, SHAME, and SHAME.



July 8th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

tylerThe long awaited TYLER is finally here! Tyler is our new cat flown in from Texas Siamese Rescue located in Corinth, Texas. He’s a two year old Snowshoe Siamese and is, as you can see, just adorable. We picked him up from  Bradley International Airport which is just outside Hartford, Ct, a 3 hour drive from Long Island. Because he had to pass through security and be removed from his cat carrier, he was harnessed and leashed prior to departure to prevent any mishap. Barbara, who personally transported him on flight in cabin, reported his excellent behavior during the hours long trip. In fact, during the drive home he retained his calm demeanor. Not a peep out of him. However, upon arriving home to Tyler’s designated room for his period of isolation from the rest of the house, he immediately sought refuge under a small loveseat, and aside from hiding behind the TV in the corner, he has remained there ever since. That was two days  ago. In short, he is still harnessed but I managed to snip off his leash with a pair of scissors. Shy and distrustful, Tyler will eventually allow said harness to be removed which we’re certain will add to his overall comfort. Here is Tyler’s take on the story. Please forgive his spelling:

My nayme  is Tyler from the Lone Star state and I haf bin kitnapped. I am stil waring my paratroopers gear I was given for the jurney frum the land of snaykes and scorpeons. I reefuse to let my captors remove it as Im serten I will need it to escaype frum the windo. The Human Beans have locked mee in a rume but I do not beeleeve it is jail beecawse its too nise and soft otherwise I wood bee serving “hard” tyme. LOL. Hey, even a cat has to keep his sense of humer in tymes of stress.

I am hunkered down under the bored walk where the Human Beans like to sit sumtimes. Im as kwiet as a mouse so I do not beeleeve they know Im heer. They cut off part of my paratroopers gear so Im not shure it stil werks but thats the chanse you haf to tayke. I must say tho, the food is pritty gud. I even get Fancy Feets but theres nuthing fancy about it. There are no mice feets as one wood expect. The Beans are getting trickee tho, placing my food farther and farther away so that I haf to come out if I want to eat. Thats not fair.

Im afrayd I may be getting to like it here and want this stoopid paratroopers thing off but I am not reddy to give up the ship. I am stil playing at beeing invisibull. When they tawk to mee I just look the other way. If I dont see them they cannot possiblee see mee.

So……………………whadayathink? Tyler will be helping us out with his own blog spot from time to time to give you the inside scoop on what goes on around here…..from his perspective of course. Please check out Texas Siamese Rescue where all the cats are free to roam and maybe pick one for your own. If you can’t adopt, please help by donating. We need your support. Thanks! And thank you, Alisa, for all that you do.


Happy Birthday, Michael! Oh…..and Happy Birthday, America.

July 4th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

Ten Reasons Why You Should Have A Happy Birthday:


1. You are 187 years younger than The United States Of America and not nearly as wrinkled.

2. You got up this morning and are still breathing without the aid of a device.

3. You may feel like crap but at least you don’t stink. Not yet.

4. Your vision may not be what it used to but you can still read the new RUSH book.

5. You can do whatever you want today except for the things you can’t.

6. I will be your personal slave for 24 hours (but you’ll have to find the coupon first and it may take 24 hours).

7. We are getting a new cat named “Tyler” who will help you with your blog. Please tutor him with his spelling.

8. Unlike Snowden, you can leave the country if you want to and still come back while the rest of the world welcomes you with open arms (except for the countries that don’t like us but you wouldn’t want to go there anyway).

9. You can acknowledge your faults and still like yourself while having others love you besides (even when they hate the things you do).

10. Even if you don’t like fireworks and parades, they’ve been held in your honor since the day you were born. (At least that’s what they told you when you were a gullible little kid. “Daddy, make them go away”.)

11. I’m only giving you ten reasons. There are a lot more.

So…………………whadayathink? Some good enough reasons to start the day? And maybe even enjoy yourself! Happy Birthday, my love. Smile.me4


No Rules To Live By

July 4th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

no rules

If we try

And fail at our endeavors

We succeed.


A man is not a measure

Of what he has accomplished

But of how much he gains

With as little

As life affords.


Be as you are

Not where you think

You should be.


Even if your best

Isn’t good enough,

It’s good enough.


Don’t suck it up –



Making mistakes

Makes you

A perfect human specimen.


Your state of affairs

May be part of the Union

But it’s nobody’s business.