Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson: The Best In the Business

June 12th, 2013 by Michael Tabor
Short and sweet – Roy Jones Jr. and Iron Mike were far and away the most exciting and quite frankly the greatest 2 boxers ever to step in the ring. Here’s a great clip I pulled from YouTube:

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4 Responses to “Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson: The Best In the Business”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    I LIKE THIS There is absolutely no sport at all that compares with the intense adrenalin flow of a one on one boxing match or MMA fight. Note: Interestingly, Joyce Carol Oates, a slight 100 lb. woman, wrote, perhaps the best book ever written on the psychology of boxing. Whether you like fighting or not, “On Boxing” by J.C.O. is a must – read !!!

  2. Le duke de fromage Says:

    Michael, granted these lists are highly subjective, but E.S.P.N has Jones #46 and Tyson #50 in a top 50 poll. Burt Sugar from Ring Mag. has Sugar Ray Robinson #1. I have Robinson and Ali #1and#2. Tyson was an incomplete fighter and did not have the heart of Ali. Robinson would have had Jones for breakfast.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Le Duke – “The sweet science” – boxing !!! I completely understand where Ring Magazine (the bible of boxing and the registry) is coming from. I think rather than the greatest, they were the most exciting and media – hyped fighters of all time. Tyson fought mostly bums and Holyfield figured out his style, which is to stay alive for five rounds, then after that Tyson is yours. Roy Jones Jr. was just an incredible athlete and certainly didn’t possess the great boxing skills of the greats. Furthermore, once he got a little older his athleticism, speed, and power waned a tad, & it was all downhill for Mr. Jones – but boy, in his prime (despite his arrogant hotdog style) he was so fun to watch.

    Yeah Ali was truly the best & unfortunately I never had the chance to see Sugar Ray Robinson fight but indeed the consensus is that Sugar Ray (the real Sugar Ray, not Leonard) was pound for pound the best to ever step into the ring. BTW, my father’s favorite fighter of all time was Joe Louis, whom incidentally he met when my dad was a youngster. Growing up, my dad always maintained that nobody could beat Joe Louis – who sadly died broke and hooked to heavy drugs like heroin (I’m sure you know this Le Duke). What a damn shame !!! He was an emissary for the great sport of boxing and basically did absolutely nothing wrong, but BAD people ripped him off – another story.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Michael, Your Dad was right ,Louis was an incredible fighter. I was able to see some of his fights and he is one of my favorites of all time. However Ali would have gotten into his head and found a way to beat him. Ali’s size, speed and power would have been too much for Lewis to handle. With both in their prime it would have been one hell of a match.

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