The Central Park Five – What A Sorrowful Tragedy !!!

May 30th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

Ed Koch was mayor of New York back in 1989 and the city was an absolute mess – dirty, dangerous, peak of the crack epidemic and brimming with racism; there used to be a saying back then that a young black male in N.Y.C. was among the most endangered species in America.

Remember how scary and disgusting the city was in the ‘80’s? And, how about the hatred, racism and crime ? (Wow how much ink was spilled on the Bernard Goetz case – sadly most white people didn’t blame Goetz for blasting away the would – be perpetrators and quite frankly, well … do you blame him ???)  It was a time for the insanely haves (on Wall St.) and the sickeningly poverty – stricken have – not’s, i.e. black people in Harlem and the outer boroughs who had no other way to survive other than to steal, rob, sell crack, etc. to survive (we’re talking human beings here folks … the super, lilly – white rich I don’t think even to this day understand that you can’t dump on people and expect there not to be repercussions and consequences).

Anyway, the film/documentary to see is Ken and his daughter Sarah Burns’ The Central Park Five – just a first – rate, 5 star film about the grossly unjust indictment and conviction of 5 innocent poor black youths (ages 14 – 16) who were convicted of raping a 28 year old white investment banker jogging in Central park, only to be later found that the thing was a sham. Yes, the white woman was sadly raped and beaten by one man (a serial rapist) but the 5 black youths had absolutely nothing to do with it, yet they were convicted and all of them served out their full sentence without a shred of physical evidence except for coerced testimony illegally eked out by the despicable New York homicide unit who lied, fabricated, and whose mission was to ameliorate the savage racist climate which existed in the ‘80’s. Remember the big Donald Trump posting a full page ad in the New York Times clamoring for the death penalty for theses innocent kids – DISGRACE and SHAME to you Mr. Trump !!! (Do you think Trump would have given a rat’s ass if the victim was a poor black woman???)

Well, WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Also shame on the prosecutor, Elizabeth Lederer, who knew damn well that there was no evidence at all on these poor, black kids but proceeded anyway only to further her career.

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2 Responses to “The Central Park Five – What A Sorrowful Tragedy !!!”

  1. magdalena Says:

    There should be a sequel to this documentary. Where are those 5 kids now and how did those who sought to prosecute them benefit from their injustice? There’s just no end to the extremes some will go to enhance their position at the expense of innocent victims. Shame.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Actually Magdalena ‘The Central Park Five’ is thankfully fair and spends a great deal of time obviously 1stly exposing the insanity, media frenzy, etc about killing innocent black boys (hello Jim crow – yep – the media, Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch were very much in the the mood to lynch some niggers) but the last half of the film focuses on restitution – depicting how these kid’s lives’ were ruined and yes the boys (now grown men having served time for nothing) are suing NY and some day not only will the ludicrous charges be vacated (in 2003 – done) but also these kids will be awarded some sort of monetary compensation (a million, a billion $$’s – how much of a price tag is fair for this horror ???) but of course, we know the deal, the state stalls, stalls, stalls, hoping the victims will tire and give up, but rest assured the Central Park Five will wait FOREVER until justice is done – END RACISM !!!!

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