Okay Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ Is A Gem And A Must – Read, However …

May 8th, 2013 by Michael Tabor
The hoopla about Ms. Flynn’s latest novel (not even deemed popular fiction but rather “literature” by some super – heavyweight reputable sources such as the New Yorker ) prompted me to finally get around to reading it. It started out slow, not very interesting, even ponderous and I thought  – wow, what an over – rated piece of rubbish but once the real Amy (female protagonist) came out, the novel took off, and it was impossible to put down; I polished off the 419 pages in two days.
There are no spoilers here, so it’s safe to read this, but do read the book, it’s a lot of fun and saying that there are prodigiously clever moments in ‘Gone Girl’ is an understatement. What I merely want to point out in this blog is some of the problems I had with the work– namely that I don’t think  Gillian Flynn has a real understanding of who men are and what their interests are; granted Nick, the male protagonist was intended to epitomize the worst of the worst in the male species and the lowest common denominator but having said that, a writer wants the reader to empathize and sympathize with even the most despicable man at some level at some point in the novel but that didn’t work for me. So it isn’t perfect but it’s close. A couple of notes:
How can I be delicate about this ? Okay, non vaginal intercourse. I find the act to be vile, nauseating, and revolting and I know I’m not alone here. All of my friends, acquaintances, and males I know in general concur. Mike Tyson on the Howard Stern show said that anal sex was utterly disgusting – yes Mike Tyson & Howard Stern. Yes, Nick is a twisted slime ball but Amy is Satan – incarnate and one would think that you would want to kinda of root for Nick a little bit but how can you ? Sure, I think the lesson is that they’re  both trash and they deserve each other but….

Threesomes ??? No guy wants that – yes making love to a beautiful woman other than your wife, one @ a time is understandable for men who cheat on their wife but @ the same time – nonsense.

Well as you know, the novel is Triple XXX with a capital T. The author, Gillian Flynn is an intelligent, beautiful, educated woman (like Amy, the protagonist – lol) and I earnestly believe she lowered herself by using certain language and describing ad nauseam the aberrant sexual behavior of her protagonists. (What does her real – life husband say about this, not to mention Ms. Flynn’s toddler child who will obviously eventually read her book.

So Whadayathink ? What do you think ? Aside from too much pornography, the book is absolutely brilliant. Two of my favorite authors, John Updike and Paul Auster appealed to voyeuristic appetites of some of their fans without compromising the overall integrity of their masterpieces.

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9 Responses to “Okay Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ Is A Gem And A Must – Read, However …”

  1. magdalena Says:

    Paul Auster’s choice to compromise his work did nothing to enhance it, in fact it seemed to come out of left field. Not dissimilar to a pornographic love scene popping up in the middle of an Agatha Christie film. There’s no correlation, rhyme or reason. There’s enough porn to be found without the willynilly (pun intended) insertion of it into everyone’s face. Or maybe I’m just prudish.

  2. Sal Paradise Says:

    I found “Gone Girl’s” carnal references a secondary, if not tertiary, element in the book, and certainly consistent with the depictions of the two main characters, both of whom are sociopaths of varying degrees. It’s when sex scenes are gratuitous or superfluous that they detract from the story, at least for me. As for the acts in question: to each his, or her, own erogenous zone, my friend. (I gather you’re not a fan of Roth or Amis or Houellebecq!) I believe your own preferences and aversions unduly influenced your review. The fact that you cite and expound on the objections you do, acts which occur between consenting adults, yet make no similar mention of the utterly depraved malice towards others which is rife throughout the story, is a curious commentary. Additionally, why do you find the unflattering portrayal of “Nick” to be evidence of the author’s shallow understanding of the male psyche, yet raise no similar issue with frankly terrifying description of reprehensible “Amy?”

    Anyway, hell of a read, wasn’t it?

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Sal,

    Indeed, consenting adults to each his/her own….I’m sure my strong aversion to feces surely jaundiced my commentary, but nevertheless I still can’t wrap my mind around why a man would want to insert his manhood into a toxic dumpster when paradise is waiting right there. (I know human sexuality is 99.9 % psychological i.e. submission, domination, humiliation, etc ) Btw, after I had written the blog I read that Gillian Flynn actually gleaned much of what men like from her very own real life hubby (interesting – lol ) Indeed a great read and a superb job in terms of what makes sociopaths tick and what goes through their twisted evil minds.

  4. magdalena Says:

    Don’t you know girls don’t do number two?

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    hahahahaaahha Magdalena – The sad truth is that I’ve met grown men who deny that women s**t. Obviously, on some level of course they know but….they don’t like to think about it. So any of you guys out there who are obsessing or lusting over some smoking – hot 20 – something, know that unless Miss America has had nothing to eat for a week, there is fecal matter coursing through the large and small intestine and a rancid stool will eventually be released (accompanied usually with gas/farts)down the anal canal into a porcelain toilet. Are you still turned on ??

  6. Sal Paradise Says:

    As I don’t idealize or put any woman on some ridiculous fantasy pedestal, yeah, I kind of still am turned on. The thought of some sanitized mannequin leaves me cold. Ain’t nothing more real, and sexier, than a woman in all her sweaty, funky glory.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    I can’t disagree w/you Sal but I must admit that I’m so horny (used to be – lol) that I would get a boner just looking @ the mannequins @ Macy’s – the female figure, hips, etc. it’s all genetic: homo sapiens/ape/monkey/orangutan – whatever must be done to pass on as many copies of YOUR genes onto the next generation.

  8. Michael Tabor Says:

    Robert Sapolsky changed my life forever … I’m not suggesting everyone watch the whole semester, but lecture #1 s a must you go

  9. Michael Tabor Says:

    A little S&M joke: Masochist says – beat me. Sadist says NO

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