My Kind Of People

April 24th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

Growing up, and even through my twenties, I had a lot of friends. There were always three or four especially good ones I could confide in. But then life moves on and we develop closer bonds with our spouses, and if we have children the circle widens to include the parents of their friends and so on. Relatives, once the staple in the branching of the family nucleus, either move away or broaden their horizons much the way our former friends had. If, like me, you don’t have children, you might seek the companionship of the ever loyal canine, or in my case, have a predisposition to feline fancy. As a kid, I always loved them and still do, now more than ever.
What is it about cats that I admire more so than most people? For one thing, they’re adorably cute. How many adults can you say that about? They don’t tell you what to do and they do what they want. Wait. Let me rephrase that. They do tell you what to do and they do what they want but you don’t mind doing it (most of the time). They’re resourceful. If it’s raining out and you’re not home to let them in, they’ll wait it out under the awning or under a bush and never bellyache about it. They don’t whine the way people do and unlike people who are easily distracted or pretend to care, when you talk to your pets they actually listen. They may not know what you’re saying but a gentle rub against the knee does more to console than anything anyone can say. I could go on and on about the attributes of my sphinxlike friends. Why is it then, they’re so hated by some people?
They don’t come when you call them? How would you like to come running every time someone goes, spss, spss, spss? They poop in your garden? Consider it free fertilizer and a lot less expensive than what you can purchase at The Home Depot, or be a man and dispose of it with your wife’s cute little garden gloves. You pick up dog poop, don’t you? It’s a lot less smellier. At least the stuff disintegrates, not like the junk people have no qualms about dumping everywhere they go: trash in parks, preserves and beaches, all manner of unwanted household furnishings thrown guiltlessly into rivers, oceans, and roadsides, cups and food wrappers from the local Wendy’s or Taco Bell stuffed into a neighbor’s hedge or simply tossed out the window of a passing car on a highway.
In recent days (turning into weeks now) three of my five outdoor cats went missing in less than a week’s time. They rarely leave the yard except for perhaps the occassional visit to your backyard. They didn’t go for a walk to never come back. Some heartless (I won’t even call neighbor) thing living in close proximity decided to take them for a walk, either in the literal or not so literal sense. I don’t know who you are but I want you to know that I despise you. You’re not fit to walk the earth and share breathing space with the rest of humanity, you evil, decrepit, soul-less entity. Now that I’ve purged myself somewhat from weeks of uncontrollable crying maybe, just maybe, I can move ahead with grace, one of the traits I’ve adopted from my furry children. We’re survivalists. What in hell are you?

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9 Responses to “My Kind Of People”

  1. Rick Says:

    Do you have tags for all those cats? Theres nothing worse than people keeping untagged cats. They are all over our neighborhood. They spray in our yard marking their area and drive the dogs nuts. They lay on our cars and scratch them up. The most important thing of all they don’t have tags and they aren’t fixed. Cat Owners have issues with keeping their pets compared to dogs.

  2. Chip Says:

    I myself am a dog person, but I love all animals. I have always owned a dog, but have been around animals my whole life. I trained horses and taught riders for many years and therefore have had a lot of contact with cats (no barn would be rodent controlled without the beloved barn cat).
    Truth is, in my opinion animals demonstrate a lot more humanity than people! Somewhat ironic don’t you think?

    My dog loves me for me, not for my bank account. He could care less about what I look like when I get up in the morning or whether I’m dressed in designer clothes or my handy jeans. Animals demonstrate the purest form of love and loyalty and if there is anyone who doubts that, all they have to do is do the slightest bit of research about animals (dogs and cats) that treked miles beyond comprehension in order to reunite with their beloved humans. There are documented cases of dogs lying at the gravesite of their humans, with such devotion that it evokes tears from virtually anyone who witnesses it. In addtion, there was a video on the news not too long ago, that showed a dog in the middle of the road refusing to leave his companion who was hit and died in the middle of the road. The documented cases abound.

    I can understand that not everyone is as avid an animal lover as some of us, and that’s fine, don’t own an animal )PLEASE), but for heavens sake, accept the fact that they are innocent living beings that deserve care and respect. I understand that leaving me a present on my lawn or garden can be annoying, but for God’s sake, they are part of nature and give so much, is it really such a bad thing to have to pick it up? NO.

    Animals give so much and ask for so little. All I can say is that anyone who harms an animal is indeed evil with absolutely no conscience. They’d cry if you look at their children wrong, but think it’s ok to hit or harm a dog or a cat. Meanwhile, the animals show a lot more consideration and compassion than many of these children.

    Bottom line; my heart goes out to you and Magdalena. I hope that even if the “evil” neighbor relocated your fur children, that instinct kicks in and they show up at your house in the near future. As for your evil neighbor; I hope that as the saying goes “what goes around, comes around”. Hopefully the day will come when he/she feels the need for unquestionable understanding, support, love and compassion and I hope he/she gets what they deserve.

    One more thing. Considering the fact that it’s a known fact that serial killers have been known to harm animals, I can only imagine the “quality” of your neighbor.

  3. magdalena Says:

    Rick, the cats are confined to the yard. They are all females that were spayed when they were kittens. They don’t spray, male cats do that when they haven’t been neutered which is the responsibility of their pet owners. The males impregnate the unspayed females , again due to negligent pet owners and before long the neighborhood is overrun with unwanted cats known as ferals. That’s why the TNR program, trap neuter return is so vital because it decreases the problem over time as the colony dies off. This is the only humane and successful means of eradication. Ferals should never be relocated because they can die once removed from familiar territory, and contrary to belief they cannot sustain themselves by eating rodents..You wouldn’t feed a dog vermin, why should cats be thought of as being able to fend for themselves. By the way, we’re off the topic. My cats are/were socialized to humans. Unless they find their way back which is doubtful, they will most certainly die or live the harsh existence that will terminate their lives in a few short years. I am heartsick.

  4. Chip Says:

    Rick, house cats that are indoor/outdoor cats is one thing and I can understand your opinion regarding tags, but the way Michael described it and Magdalena confirmed, these were Feral cats. Sadly there are ferel cats because of negligent owners who are stupid and lack compassion. On the other hand, there are loving and compassionate people such as Michael and Magdalena who who see a problem involving living beings and they go the extra mile to do their best to correct a problem that someone else created; they trap and neuter and thereby prevent further unnecessary litters. A trapped, neutered and released ferel cat will provide no problems other than the occasional gift they leave a human; big deal, you go to the bathroom and have the luxury of a bathroom…………they don’t. As Michael stated, “humans”, particularly kids, leave a worse mess on our streets, yards and parks; which is a heck of a lot worse than the biodegradable gifts of the feline variety.

  5. magdalena Says:

    My cats are not feral.

  6. Rick Says:

    I understand Magdeline, but there also to many ferel cats out there. The cats scratching up my vehicles and hanging around my yard is not good. What if there was loose dogs running around in the same manner. Your compassion is there, but it doesnt make it right. These cats feral or not need their shots and vets care. The whole thing was ignored because of compassion, which doesnt do the cat any good without the right care, vaccines or true liscensed home

  7. Rick Says:

    I think the SPCA is the best option for tagless pets.

  8. magdalena Says:

    Leave it alone, Rick.

  9. magdalena Says:

    It has been 4 weeks last night since Eleanor went missing. I will miss her until the day I die. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since Henrietta went missing. I will miss her until the day I die. It will be 4 weeks on Thursday that Miss Moreland went missing. I will miss her until the day I die. Don’t think for a moment I don’t suspect who you are, you who inflicted the harm. It’s you who will suffer by your own actions, my friend.

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