Why Reject Sanctions For Polar Bears?

March 11th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

I’m sorry I didn’t get to write about this sooner because time is always of the utmost importance on actions that have already been too long delayed. But on Thursday, the US sought to protect the killing and distribution of Polar Bear parts at a world conference but was voted down by Canada, Norway and Greenland. This is a huge blow for those who advocate this magnificent species.
The Unites States argues that shrinking Arctic ice habitat due to climate change, places the Polar Bear at risk for extinction and demands for its protection were argued against. Canada, which holds the largest poplulation of Polar Bears, claims that there is no indication of the bears’ marked decline and is not threatened.
Prices for Polar Bear pelts have increased dramatically and are traded among 70 countries with every indication of its continued escalation. So it all comes down to money. This barbaric practice has to stop! Restrictions on its trade must be met head on. I won’t go into the particulars but did want to make quick mention of it. Please be so interested as to read the editorial on and then contact your congressman.
We need to be the spokesmen for those that cannot speak for themselves.
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9 Responses to “Why Reject Sanctions For Polar Bears?”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    It is so important that we maintain an awareness of that finely – tuned interaction between spieces and environment – our ecosystem. This is nothing short of a proclamation to save the planet and to be ever so mindful of the fact that the extinction of any given spieces (even though polar bears will eat humans – lol) is something that we should not take lightly and it is imperative that we ensure that the precious polar bear not become yet another animal snuffed out as a result of greedy capitalists.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    From Rick, publically posted on FB:

    Its think its time for earthers to literally hug a polar bear. When Bears take priority over unborn children you know the worlds screwed up. Just saying.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    This s from Michelle:


    The world system values $$$ and all species were created and are here for a reason, just like us! THIS kind of stuff burns me more than other kinds of egregious acts amongst politicians/people because the species are subject to the greedy hands and dominance of humans ….

  4. magdalena Says:

    Rick, since when do Polar Bears have anything to do with unborn children? Unless you’re referring to the unborn children of Polar Bears.
    Let’s get the topic straight.

  5. magdalena Says:

    Oh, and do you not live on planet earth? Oh, I forgot. You must be transient.

  6. Rick Says:

    Madeline. priorities.

  7. Rick Says:

    Do you live on clouds?

  8. magdalena Says:

    The state of the planet and it’s creatures should be everyone’s priority. My feet are firmly planted on the earth.

  9. Rick Says:

    Just asking

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