This Tree

March 9th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor

This tree.
It was so much smaller
You hovered over it,
Dug the hole.
I felt like I was ten.

Its branches fill the sky.
Diamond patterned
On my face.
Beneath  this behemoth,
Only I.

The ground that spills
Around it,
Where the shadows of us
Tangled in my tresses,
Takes a strand
And falls away.

This tree.
How can it stay the same when
Everything else has changed?


Alvin Lee – Gone Home

March 8th, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor
By now I’m sure you’ve heard, another rock legend has joined the band of angels. The great blues/rock guitarist, Alvin Lee, died yesterday  (March 6th) at the age of 68 in Spain while undergoing some routine surgery.
What I knew about Alvin Lee is probably what most people knew him for; his American debut at the Woodstock festival with an 11 minute performance of I’m Going Home and some of the most incredible guitar playing anyone had ever heard, earning him the title The Fastest Guitar in the West. And of course, his contribution to the band Ten Years After. But what I didn’t know before today are some noteworthy facts such as, he was just 13 years old when he picked up the guitar and a short 2 years later founded the crux of what would become Ten Years After. His love of music came from his parents who collected blues and jazz records and although he went on to become a rock hero, it wasn’t what he wanted. Alvin Lee simply wanted to be a “working musician” who preferred small venues with that of large stadiums which is ultimately where he had to perform once fame took possession. And he thought of his other most recognized big hit “I’d Love To Change The World” as pop, refusing to ever play it live. Through it all, he tried to stay true to his roots. In doing so, he gave us, the baby boomer generation of rock, our roots. We, never realizing what we believed to be a new British sound, is something he borrowed from American blues artists, and he said so. You might say Alvin showed us where we came from, no small gift in exchange for wanting to change the world. I think he succeeded in changing ours, encapsulating it in a very intimate way….
It’s 1971. I’m in my room back home listening to WNEW. Alison Steele, The Nightbird, spins a new record. Its melancholy bluesiness  rides the airwaves and puts me in another world beyond the boundaries of my postered walls, with no inkling of what lay ahead, the twists and turns of my life’s travels obscured by teenage bliss. The power of a rock superhero is as limitless as the imagination. If I heard that song this minute, that’s where that sound would place me. Right back there in my old room with a grin on my face, because all my old friends, the ones that are gone now, are still there. So, you did it Alvin. You changed my world while I still get to keep it the way I remember it.
Sadly, his April 7th Paris gig with rock legend Johnny Winter will never be. It seems he had a prior engagement with a certain Beatle. If there’s a Ten Years Afterlife, there are two guitars gently weeping with joy. Well, maybe not so gently.

Stupid Athletes

March 7th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

I am just going to name three: 1. Travis Henry, former running back with the Buffalo bills has 9 children with 9 different wives or mistresses (he also was sent to prison for dealing cocaine but I won’t get into that) 2. Evander Holyfield, champion boxer has fathered 11 children – ELEVEN with 9 different mothers; he pays 100s of thousands of dollars in alimony and child support each and every year. 3. Jason Caffey, former NBA star with the Chicago Bulls (he has 2 championship rings) also has 10 children with 9 different mothers. How can any human being be so utterly reckless, immoral, promiscuous and just plain old stupid !!!

I’ve blogged in the past about professional athletes who make a ton of $$$ and end up bankrupt a year after they retire; however I’ve never specifically written about the # of children these uncontrollable animals (I know terrible thing to say but what else can you call them) have fathered. Where do they get the time ??? I guess all they do once the game is over is fornicate. Even if the aforementioned is the case, why not use a rubber??? Everyone knows that there are groupies and celebrity – stalking whores who don’t give a rat’s ass about the player and purposely try to get pregnant – well guess what ladies ? Get in line, besides these “ballers” are going to be broke in a few years anyway.

The 3 athletes I named are black but I’m sure there are some stupid promiscuous white people out there too. So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Feel free to add to the list.


Hey Milton Friedman, It Ought to Be Gushing Down Economics, Not Trickle Down!!!

March 5th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

It was hard to argue against Milton Friedman when times were good, but now that the middle class is suffering (not to mention the poor but the poor always were and always will be poor & miserable), many people are starting to take another look at trickle-down economics.

Man is greedy and will always look out for his or her own interest before anyone else’s; Milton Friedman understood this very human trait only too well and developed a theory around it which won him a Nobel Prize for economics. “Greed is good…” Gordon Gekko, the fictional inside trader tycoon from the 1987 film ‘Wall Street’ said, echoing Friedman’s philosophy and it is in fact the driving force of a free market system – greed & competition. I agree with 90% of trickledown, free markets, and competition – oh yes, and even that ugly human thing – greed, which we can use for the benefit of society as a whole. Scenario: I do well, I create jobs, the people I hire do well and they create jobs, ad infinitum and then trickle down (I mean gushing down). This makes sense and it truly works, however not always.
I love the free market system and it works like magic when you are selling lampshades, cars, computers, etc. The problem exists down on Wall street; the successful traders or “Masters of the Universe” are just hoarding, buying yachts, and not creating jobs – not to mention derivatives, insider trading and cheating. Rather than Friedman’s theory, I’ve always liked John Maynard Keynes more.  I agree with the late Mr. Friedman in terms of free enterprise; however you MUST have some form of regulation, which is why I and President Obama put more stock into Keynesian economics.

Trickledown that ought to be gushing down if it were executed properly doesn’t always work in real life. When something catastrophic happens, such as the real estate burst, or the bubble, etc., the government needs to pump money into certain markets and bail out i.e. banks so we can get the well – oiled and finely tuned economic free market system going again – Keynesian economics. Yes, let the private sector do it’s magic but when there’s a recession, we NEED help from the government, a stimulus plan,which is exactly what this administration is doing as well as trying to trim the deficit.

It’s not only Wall Street that caused this mess e.g. I can get into supply and demand, markdowns, surplus, lack of consumer spending, economic cycles, high unemployment, the miserable poor, and a plethora of other economic variables but I just wanted to here in this blog – drive home the point that government spending is not a bad thing and point out that Mr. Friedman’s theory is almost perfect, but not quite.
So, WhaDaYaThink ? What do you Think? What are your thoughts on Keynesian economics or do you still hold on to the tenets of Milton Friedman?


Sharing Space

March 2nd, 2013 by Magdalena Tabor
Have you heard about the plan to send a married couple cruising past Mars? Concocted by the Inspiration Mars Foundation with its frontman millionaire Dennis Tito, the group intends to embark on mission fiasco in 2018. Fiasco? Well, think about it. What would you call sending a couple into space for a period of 501 days? This is cabin fever beyond the pale. Never mind that the lucky pair would have to be past child bearing years due to the risk of radiation, any mature  couple faces an even greater threat with the strong possibility of a murder/suicide crime scene. Where do you go in space to get some space?

Much as Michael and I enjoy one another’s company, part of it has to do with the space between us now and again. I, for one, can’t imagine not having any “me” time. “Michael, I need some air. I’m just going out to float around for a bit. Be sure to pull me back in when I tug on the cord”. At a prompt twenty four hours later, after awakening from a film he fell asleep in the middle of, he suddenly realizes I’m not around. Just like on Earth. Forgetting to pick me up. What’s the excuse this time? “I’m sorry. I couldn’t seem to pull the hatch open due to the non existent gravitational pull that might otherwise have expedited your return. I tried to call you but you didn’t answer your cell phone”. Or, “I thought you said you were going shopping at the new Mall on Mars”. No, these decisions must be made soberly with careful deliberate consideration for life and limb hung in precarious balance.
Mention was made that the chosen couple will have to be green (not alien green, although they may as well be), an earth conscious pair who won’t mind recycling in its most extreme form. For the entire duration of the year and a half long sabbatical, they will be made to drink recycled water and air;  What’s that funny taste in my water bottle? It’s nothing dear, just pee. And, Why does the air smell so pungent? I wasn’t in a position to change my socks again. Besides, you only packed enough for a week.

And what about the same old TV dinners night after night after night? Don’t worry. They’re constructing a new MacDonald’s as we speak. I can see the golden arches just past the next crater. On second thought, maybe the pureed London Broil with the liquified asparagus spears doesn’t sound so bad after all. Don’t tell me you drank all the Hershey’s bars after I hid them in the overhead emergency air supply box? We still have 497 days to go!!!! Whadayamean the chips are soggy? You have to drink them through a straw. No, I did not spill all of the extra sharp cheddar cheese. Get your helmet out of the way!
I don’t care if it is the trip of a lifetime, the scenery is boring! Whadayamean we’re lost? I told you to ask the guy with the tentacles for directions 9 light years ago! So what if he had an accent!
As long as we’re streaking past Mars, all men should disembark here. I’m sure there’s a very nice spa on Venus by now so I’ll just make a U-turn and we can meet up on middle ground, say Earth for example? Now isn’t that a novel idea? Speaking of novels, no I did not pack all of your books for the voyage. There isn’t a space craft big enough to house the Library of Congress!
Oh, did I forget to mention the possibility that one or the other of the happy couple may perish from the extreme heat upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere at break neck speed? That is, If they don’t kill each other first.

So………………..whadayathink? Are you man enough for Mars? Are you woman enough for your man from Mars? Why 500 and 1 days? Did they add the extra day just to make sure you’ll go over the edge? Ya wanna go to the moon, Alice? Do you really wanna go to the moon???