Do We Survive Our Death or Is there Life After The End of Life ???

March 26th, 2013 by Michael Tabor

Or how about – “After I have finished eaten my ice cream cone, is there anymore ice cream left to be eaten?” These questions seem absurd, for the answers to which are built right into the questions itself. “After the game is over, what happens in the game?”

Nevertheless, we conscious, sentient, self – reflecting human beings have been asking whether or not there is life after death since time immemorial; in fact, the notion of whether there is life after the end of life is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Yet, if you ponder the question, and for not all that long, the answer has got to be NO. Or is it ???

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? This is an example of a Zen koan.

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14 Responses to “Do We Survive Our Death or Is there Life After The End of Life ???”

  1. magdalena tabor Says:

    No one has the answer, it’s a question of faith. And faith is not questioned, or is it?

  2. Rick Says:

    Mike, the ice cream is entering your stomach and soon is to be pinched out and wala! It transforms into dung.
    The real question is why are you making a physical comparison? What you don’t physically see doesnt mean its not there in 1 form or another.
    Your talking about 2 realms, a physical and a spiritual realm. If you see things in your dreams that look real are they going to be there when you wake up? Does it really exist in the physical world? Probably not. Was it really a dream?
    The best comparison I could give.

  3. Rick Says:

    The fact is your scientific head says dead is dead. My faith says dead is alive. I would rather have faith to live than be dead and done like your ice cream.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick – of course it’s factual that there are certain physical things and forces that we can’t perceive with our senses e.g. electrons & electricity but these things certainly exist. I also would like to point out that I’m not an atheist (unlike most of the scientists whose work I read and study) and I personally think that there probably is/was a creator, we just don’t know what it is yet.

  5. magdalena Says:

    A number of Near Death Experiences read in recent days reveal so many similarities as well as a number of astounding personal pieces of information given to certain individuals that they were able to verify afterwards with other family members. These are events that have happened before they were born, that were never mentioned, and yet they had knowledge of it from their deceased family members they never knew in life. All accounts are documented with the Near Death Experience Research Foundation. One little girl’s account of her NDE at age two was revealed to her mother a year later and is absolutely chilling. Just BELIEVE, she repeatedly tells her. Or to more accurately state, Just BEWIEVE.

  6. Rick Says:

    It seems all Religions with the exceptions of the strange have a creator. Many point to the bible including Jewish faith, Christian Faith, Muslim Faith and more. The fact that these men were historically documented as well as the fact Jesus is honored as the Son of God in Christianity or a great prophet in Jewish faith or Muslim faith. Kind of makes the doubter think twice of one true God. Why would the Jewish and Muslim faiths call Jesus a great prophet? A man who called himself the Son of God, the Way, The Truth, The light of the world. Either he said who he said he was or he is the biggest mad man that ever walked the face of the earth. Why is the most honored name in the world Jesus? Why is the only hope for mankind defined in Jesus alone or the Jewish faith and Muslim faith (The Messiah)? Why are there so many near death experiences similar? Why do many of them introduce visions of Heaven and Hell? Alot of questions to test the faith of the evolution theory.

  7. Rick Says:

    Correction- The evolution of man theory. Its being tought as fact even though there still and always will be a missing link. Its because man was created not evolved.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Rick,

    Believe me, If I didn’t read, study, and analyze the bible, I’d probably still be a Christian and a much happier man – but of course real life would invariably rear it’s ugly head… the inexplicable random horror e.g. children born with the most horrific diseases suffering through a few agonizing years only to die, tsunamis & earthquakes killing scores of innocent people (we call them acts of God), cancer, 9/11, nazis…you get the point. Again Rick, I ‘m a little hesitant to really go full throttle and trounce on people’s religions (like Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, etc. do) because I think that for the most part, people who truly believe in God, the Christian faith is indeed a positive factor and a way of life.To switch gears a little, Madelene actually doesn’t read the old testament @ all but believes Jesus IS the son of God & she happens to be wayyyy more optimistic than I am. So though there are still so many contradictory inconsistencies with the new testament as well, it’s @ least good – hearted (except for Revalations, which I detest) and trying to “live like Jesus” is definitely a great thing. So,anyway @ this stage in my life I’ve come to terms w/the idea of non- existence and I truly try to appreciate my life and the good fortune I’ve enjoyed all these years (health is everything) while I have it ((who knows ? I can die 2nite) and just be happy that I’ve had a good life (hopefully 50 more – lol )…oh & my credo is that every human life is precious and special no matter who you are….the most rotten & despicable human beings usually have @ least a little something redeeming…there is a thread of love, beauty & order and I try to be mindful of that.

  9. Michael Tabor Says:

    As far as evolution goes, man is almost done w/the puzzle. It’s interesting to note that when I was just a teenager and learning about evolution, I was amazed and somewht alarmed that we evolved from ape-like creatures; but not only is this true but we ultimately started out as an underwater fish-like spieces…. just remarkable !!!

  10. Rick Says:

    Man will never be done with the puzzle Mike, because there isn’t a puzzle. It is a has been and always will be a theory. Non-believers look upon such as fact but it only is a distraction through the times caused by mans fall. You can’t look at the world as good (its a basket case of sin). There are good things occuring in the world but man is basically going to fail without God. The old testament are stories of mans failure and the wrath of God. The new testament is a story of Gods amazing love and instruction for all times. Since the original sin all hell as been let losse. Therefore, the choice between good and evil is evident. What you call true is a theory, and theres no fact based conclusion to such. The only fact about it is that non-believers call it fact. So in conclusion, swim with the fish, throw poop, and you might be an evolutionist. Praise God and thank him for all thats good.
    To Anonymous: If you die tonight, and the bible is the truth. Do you really think youll have a change to redeem yourself at death? The bible is clear, Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and he gave you the keys to Heaven upon accepting him into your life. So in return what if your wrong? Free will is an amazing thing. Thank God you have free will to decide what you believe or not. Its crystal clear, its an amazing creation that only God himself could have ever achieved, and yet we question his authority, his majesty, his mighty power and his amazing love. And this my friend is no fairytale.

  11. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick, I’ve said this b4 but again – theory in science is different from theory in ordinary use. Evolution is a FACT !! Surely, there are some gaps (soon to be closed) and there is some disagreement regarding the mintuia but it’s just the truth & btw, you can be a Christian and believe in evolution … You believe in the laws of gravity, don’t you ? If you want to get to the bottom of this, then take some time to really study what evolution is (& for not a very long time – just a weekend) you’ll never question evolution again – promise. Evolution when put forth clearly is as solid as the laws of gravity. Unlike whether or not there is a higher power (which for me is 50/50), I believe in evoutuion not 99% but 100% – it’s just the truth – fossils & radioactive carbon dating don’t lie.

    Very simply put – evoulution asserts that mutations occur which enable any given species to better adapt and survive, the survivors mate and pass on their genes, and then after generations and millions of years there is a notable change in the spieces. It’s just common sense. Nothing stays the same and one can be a Christian and believe in evoulution, as a matter fact, I think a majority of Christians do believe in evolution – @ least I hope – lol.

  12. magdalena Says:

    Evolution is God in the process of creating and like all artists, the art form is constantly evolving. There will never be a finished product. Like looking into a mirror, into a mirror, into a mirror. Infinity. We can’t wrap our minds around it, but as sure as the air we breathe it can and does exist. God. Evolution. One and the same.

  13. Rick Says:

    Mike-The Christian faith believes man was created.
    Magdalena- Yes Gods creation evolves. A great example is the universe that is still expanding. Man on the other hand was the center of his creation.

  14. magdalena Says:

    Rick. My comment alludes to the universe still evolving. If you believe in evolution, in all its factuality, man is part of that chain of events. We weren’t just placed here at a certain period in time. God works magic yes, but he’s a realist. There’s no logic in the fairytale. God is logical in that everything makes sense.

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