Why Gun Laws in Chicago Don’t Work

January 31st, 2013 by Michael Tabor
Since the Newtown massacre, gun enthusiasts have been vehemently protesting any sort of further gun control legislation citing specifically the fact that Chicago, the city with the strictest gun control laws on the books, has not curbed gun – related homicides one bit  -in fact Chicago had more than 500 gun – related killings last year.

Here, the NRA and firearm – loving zealots, have been clutching their semi – automatic arsenals and screaming – see, see, see – look at Chicago, gun restriction laws don’t work. Well my gun-toting fellow citizens these are the reasons why the Chicago gun laws don’t work:

The most obvious reason is that one doesn’t have to travel too far from Chicago to get a gun, in fact just by taking a 30 minute drive to Cook county, Illinois, a person can find plenty of gun shops and easily purchase a gun. Furthermore, why not just go to another state like Mississippi (them their Mississippians’ love them their guns) & Indiana is not even an hour away. SOLUTION: Outlawing the sale of rapid- fire semi – automatic guns with insanely large magazine capacity NATIONWIDE. The only way the new gun restriction laws are going to work, is if you ban these crazy guns in every single state (Importing guns from other countries, I’ll get to that ASAP)

Here is another interesting factoid that the NRA loves to omit, is that, no, there are no gun shops in Chicago (the aforementioned makes this a moot point anyway) but the penalties for carrying a gun and breaking the law are incredibly, not as severe as other urban areas and communities are.

Kind of related to point #1, is the fact that, because we have not yet outlawed these weapons that kill scores of people within minutes – nationally, the coordination between the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago is completely heavy – handed, jumbled and unintelligible and it’s actually considered a joke according to law enforcement in Chicago.

Again, over and over my argument is – prohibit the sale of these assault weapons NATIONWIDE period. My opponents say, denying the sale of these weapons to solid citizens, second amendment jargon nonsense, blah, blah blah. Well, guess what – fact: gang members in Chicago have their girlfriends with clean records buy their guns outside of Chicago. Solution: with nationwide laws prohibiting sales of any assault weapons, criminals can’t buy from a legal establishment. Okay – last resort, black market – see last point.

Last Point – if the sale of all semi – automatic weapons are banned nationwide, the criminals will go on the black market, rely on gun – runners importing from other countries, etc. Broken Window theory implemented by the Giuliani administration cleaned up N.Y.C. What is Broken Window Theory ??? – in a nutshell, if you do anything unlawful, I mean anything i.e. loitering, law enforcement can stop you, & if you happen to be carrying – Prison – for a long time you go. 1. Legislate 2. Enforce 3. Draconian heavy penalties for owning and carrying semi’s.

So WhaDaYaThink? What do you think? Listen, we will never stop crazy people from killing other people and unfortunately we can’t stop homicide completely. A Psycho can always use a knife or a blunt heavy object to kill you, but we certainly can do something about maniacs with a mere index finger (yep, no martial arts necessary) from killing a whole lot of innocent people so easily in a matter of minutes.

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4 Responses to “Why Gun Laws in Chicago Don’t Work”

  1. Le duke de fromage Says:

    The ban on automatic weapons makes sense to me, but to ban all weapons is just not feasable. There are so many guns in America at this point it would take decades if not a century before this law had a real impact. Its a sad fact if anyone in this country wants a weapon bad enough they can get it. Banning guns reverts to memories of probition and we saw how well that worked. There are several things we as humans can do now, educate our children to the reality of brutal actions and teach respect for life. Strengthen our gun laws, enforce them and have them reasonable for all. Make our voices heard so that the politicans and the nation understand we will not tolerate this type of behavior. Campaign to have strong mental health programs available for those in need. Take individual responsibilty as humans in our behavior and treat people as people and eliminate hatred for others. These are not brilliant observations nor are they the only solutions , but they are a start. We will not eliminate guns in this country, but we can control the climate in which they are used. We can also control the way that we as individuals act and show no tolerance for behavior that is less than we would want for our families and ourselves.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Le Duke – incisive, lucid, and wonderfully expressed as always. I agree with just about everything you said, however I don’t believe the banning of certain weapons is as futile as curbing alcohol via Prohibition(I hope!!!). I’m not crazy enough to think that legislating the banning of “all” guns is a solution, I’m simply clamoring for this country to classify semi’s as just (almost) as lethal as automatics. 29 dead within 10 minutes @ the hands of a scrawny, twisted, evil – psychopath who stole his mother’s guns. Mom doesn’t have the semi’s, then there isn’t the massive carnage we saw. Making it insanely difficult for crazy people to get their hands on military assault weapons is my message. Respectfully yours, M&M

  3. NonhyphenatedAmerican Says:

    I find it difficult to comprehend how taking guns away from law abiding citizens will remotely begain to reduce “gun violence”. Even to use the wording “gun violence” is pure political nonscense. Have you ever heard of a gun being violent? Of course not its the person with it in his/her hand. Have you ever heard of knife vilence, baseball bat violence , vehicle violence,etc, ? More people are killed by those means than by guns yet the media and the politicians target guns. There is a reason for it, control. Some of you will never understand the 2nd Amendment of our bill of rights. Too many of you are so comfortable and complacent the thought of our government obtaining more power and controling every aspect of our lives seems impossible. History has proven what can come from power hungary politicians and military leaders . Secondly, why not put the focus on the criminal? In short, the biggest threat to our society has been moral decay and there are many factors that have contributed . Unless people become responsible for their own actions it will continue. I, like many gun owners will never give up our rights. Our forefathers set the path for our independance with the rights and oppourtunities to become the best we can be. Unfortunatley , with the moral decay in a large part of our society is the start of most of todays problems.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Btw – thanks for reading and responding – allow me to respond to each of your statements:
    • Believe it or not, law – abiding citizens who buy guns legally, tragically fall victim to gun –related violence (better than gun violence – lol, I’ll get to that) e.g. children, friends, etc. who gain access to a “sane” person’s gun trove i.e Newtown – the son of a gun – owner. Furthermore, we “sane”, “normal” people are emotional, flesh and blood creatures who are not immune to emotional meltdowns i.e. loss of job, divorce, terminal illness, etc.
    • In one of my grammar blogs, I actually blogged about “gun violence” and you indeed are correct about the common misusage … but English is an interestingly evolving language.
    • There will always be crazy people who will kill other people and there is virtually nothing we can do about that,accept: a. not to be paranoid, but keep your distance from them & b. I’m not against some sort of protection e.g. pepper spray, a big dog, a studly husband who knows martial arts – lol. (This is serious – just to lighten the mood).
    • The 2nd amendment rant is well, just a rant.
    • Power hungry politicians, sinister ambitious monsters… yes, sadly, in 3rd world countries, this is sadly a reality – we’re not a 3rd world country and in fact the U.S. is still, despite these unprecedented hard times, a superpower.
    • Moral decay, The Howard Sterns of the world where anything goes, and the lack of family and traditional values is something on which I don’t disagree with you. However reality is reality and in a free – market society, it’s all about money and there will always be people who hate this fact …but, arming our citizenry to the teeth is not the answer.
    • Why do we think our forefathers were GODS ??? Yes, the constitution is a great document, but the authors of which were ALL slave-owners

    Just to sum up, is giving up semi – automatic weapons to protect innocent people from being victim of a crazed and psychotic killer such a sacrifice ??? I have no problem with “regular – one – shot – @ – a-time- reload type of guns.

    Thanks , come back…you’re always welcome to WhaDaWeThink


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