Who is Joe Rogan?

January 4th, 2013 by Michael Tabor
The stupidest and most inane show ever to be aired on Network TV, the reality show – ‘Fear Factor’, was hosted by a man who is anything but stupid and inane.
Joe Rogan is a thoughtful interesting man who has a lot of profound things to say about everything under the sun. If I were an executive producer of a major network or cable outlet, I think Joe Rogan would be an ideal candidate to consider for some sort of talk show in which he would have free rein to spew his unusual take on state of affairs, popular culture, and life in general.

First and foremost, let’s briefly take a look at his resume and some of his eclectic interests and qualifications: 1. He’s a martial arts practitioner, MMA enthusiast, and UFC color commentator (without which, I earnestly don’t believe the UFC would be as accepted and as popular as it is today). 2. He’s a stand – up comedian (with real comic talent, unlike a Howard Stern who couldn’t do stand – up to save his life) 3. He has whacky and fascinating convictions with interestingly thoughtful evidence which flies in the face of certain generally accepted facts, such as man landing on the moon. 4. He publicly and unapologetically smokes cannabis – lol. 5. He’s in tune with politics, popular culture, and has interesting opinions about everything and finally 6. If Ellen DeGeneres (the most uninteresting person alive, aside from the fact she’s a gay woman who can dance), Dr. Phil,  Unfunny Jay leno (who tries to be like Letterman but fails miserably) and Rosie O’Donnel can get a show …. so, why not Joe Rogan ? I am at a loss.

So WHADAYATHINK ? What do you think ? Just Google or YouTube Joe Rogan and you’ll see what I mean. This guy is good – I’d watch his show.

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2 Responses to “Who is Joe Rogan?”

  1. Karl Larson Says:

    Dude , JR , love him, and loved the original FF because it showed how far stupid people would go for 50k. That’s I’m sure why he did it. His stand up is real real real blue.. Much bluer then Howard. Why are you always ranking on Howard man? All that you said was correct except the Howard comment . I don’t think that you ever have really listened to his show. You should try it you might like it.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Truth be told – I was a fan of Howard and yes he has a unique talent, but for these reasons listed here, I stopped being one 1. His inflated ego is out of contol 2. The stripper stuff got old 3. Cruelty towards disabled people always bothered me. 4. + he pissed me off when he went to Sirius. There’s more if you check out the archives on But, yes to sum up, when he’s on, he’s hysterically funny.

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