Do You Have Any Sympathy For Lance Armstrong ?

January 29th, 2013 by Michael Tabor
Lance Armstrong must make restitution financially (the civil suits are coming) and publically- make amends and atonement in a more sincere and unrehearsed way than he did with Oprah Winfrey; he owes it to his fans, the general public, commercial enterprises, the Tour de France, cancer survivors, and supposed friends he bullied to lie for him. Lance Armstrong is a self – serving lying opportunist who sadly happened to be afflicted with, along with 12.5 million Americans, one of the worst diseases known to mankind – cancer, and exploited his illness to bilk millions of dollars from all of the aforementioned supporters by shamelessly using illicit drugs and subsequently capitalizing on his affliction, bringing him fame and fortune, knowing that he would get sympathy and be treated with kid gloves.
This guy is a creep, and it’s quite frankly shocking, because most folks who get cancer are prodigiously humbled by the fact that they might not make it – being alive and spending time with loved ones is much more important than any type of transient, superficial celebrity. Here is a guy who is famous because he was a cancer survivor who won the Tour de France several years in a row, which is unheard of for a healthy athlete, but he CHEATED and he LIED. This is a guy that is so famous that he gets a 2 hour special on Oprah and he’s a complete fake – phony-fraud. And, btw, this guy is loaded with cash, he even has his own island – wow, no way, WE, the American public want our $$ back. I’ll tell you what, sue him until he’s penniless and then give the proceeds to the cancer foundation & maybe some of the money can go toward getting real people who are nameless, on Medicaid  (and maybe not white and handsome) get some assistance and help.

Yes, Mr. Armstrong was sick, and he went through hell, and he ought to be applauded for beating cancer and trying to get his life on track – but his behavior afterwards is nothing short of appalling – I’m sorry Lance, we all have our problems, and there are a lot of people I know with cancer, and you owe these people an apology + some cash – this is outrageous !!!

Here are some additional factoids to chew on according to Oprah Winfrey:
She claims that she had been trying to get an interview with Armstrong for years, and when he finally relented, she cleared her house (mansion) of everyone, and Mr. A. complained that there was traffic (is that supposed to be a joke ???)

Though Oprah clearly stated that she was alone for the ‘shocking revelation’, this idiot felt compelled to bring in a “team” of his people (what an outrage !!!)

So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? This guy was a role model for so many people and lied to the world for decades and became famous nonetheless. Cancer truly is a disease that truly doesn’t discriminate – good, decent, honest people get the disease and so do crummy dishonest jerks like Armstrong do too.
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3 Responses to “Do You Have Any Sympathy For Lance Armstrong ?”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    Some publically posted comments on FB re: this blog

    Joanna Nerfherder No, None. Zip. Nada.

    19 hours ago · Like..

    Frank Baumann A guy with bike-riding talent. Added the “juice” to get him to the very top of his field. No matter what we think of him, he’s a multi-millionaire, basically, from riding a bicycle! So many that did it honestly didn’t make the cut, and worked in average jobs, making 60 – 70 K / yr. for their lives – Baseball players have done this for decades. The pot at the end of the rainbow is so huge, that just about any of them would risk being caught. Sympathy? He sure doesn’t need (or deserve) our sympathy. Save that for the hard-working people barely able to feed their families!

    15 hours ago · Like..

    Joanna Nerfherder He lied and brought lawsuits against people that said he lied. Enough said. He’s a sham and whatever sympathies may have gone to him surviving cancer are lost. I wanted to believe he didn’t lie. He doped like they all did. HGH or PEDS or whatever it was.He lied. Everytime you lie, you kill a piece of someone’s soul.

    15 hours ago · Like..

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Joanna what you’ve posted is sad and right on the nose – we all wanted it to be not true. How could he shamelessly lie like that over and over again. Oh & Frank, this is a tough call for all professional athletes; being mediocre in any sport, even average on a professional level doesn’t get you very far, the statistics show that athletes that make enough $$ to be financially secure for the many years after one’s career in sports over, is really only one percent.

    a few seconds ago · Like..

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  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    some more FB posts:

    Joanna Nerfherder What was it even, blood doping? Still not sure what that even means. Apparently, they all did it. So he’s the best doped cyclist. Whoopee!

    18 hours ago · Unlike · 1..

    Michael Tabor That is so funny Joanna & sadly true… same with the baseball players e.g. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, A-Rod…they all shattered all those precious baseball records.. so much for hot dogs and beer, the diet of a national treasure in Babe Ruth -he actually was freakishly talented unlike the cheaters !!! How many Home Runs would the Babe have hit ??? Here’s an interesting notion to chew on – Bernie Madoff makes millions of $$ but he cheated. Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth’s record, but he cheated. The obvious difference is Madoff bankrupted and completely devastated his clients. Barry Bonds merely cheated his fans BUT Bonds and Armstong are multi – millionaires who never have to work again, unlike you, me and everybody else. I want my $$ back & instead of riding a bicycle, try working a real job – LANCE !!!

    a few seconds ago · Like

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