Enough! Stop Gun Violence

December 18th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
Twenty precious children/babies were massacred on Friday and they will never have another birthday, fall in love, graduate from college, find a cure for cancer, win a Nobel prize, and even have children of their own. Six adults were also slain and their awesome responsibility and prodigiously important job of teaching and educating our children has been dashed and blotted out.
Words are monumentally inadequate to describe the absolute horror and despair the parents, siblings, relatives, and other loved ones of the victims must be nightmarishly enduring; not to mention all of the good people across the entire nation who are weeping because of that unique virtue of empathy that we humans possess. “This could have been my child.”
It has been four days since the unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, CT and this country is still numb and shocked beyond belief and now we and the public officials to whom we have entrusted the duty to legislate policy that will ensure our safety and enable us to lead normal lives have come to our senses and have declared resoundingly – ENOUGH! We are going to do 2 things: 1. Legislate draconian laws banning automatic and semi – automatic weapons and permit only law enforcement to own these weapons of mass destruction (yes – that’s what they ought to be called – WOMDs) 2. Enforce the laws we pass. The response I hear over and over again whenever the aforementioned is expressed is “Then only the bad guys will have them.” Well, my response is – GREAT – now we know who the bad guys are. This would make law enforcement’s monumentally difficult job of identifying felons SO much easier. Just think, it’s not unlike the broken windows theory which empirical studies have successfully proven this style of combatting crime works.
Is it a sacrifice for gun enthusiasts ? I suppose one can view it as such, but my question to all of you out there who might be against new legislation is – what’s more important, your gun or the safety of your child. The proof is in the pudding – the United States easily has more guns than any other industrialized nation, hence more crime – logic 101.Japan remarkably suffers from fewer than 2 gun – related homicides per year because guns are banned (I was shocked too but here is the source

We waited on longer lines at airports and permitted security to search our bags after 9/11, so shouldn’t we make the same sacrifices and perhaps only be slightly inconvenienced for our children ? This is a no-brainer. NO MORE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS !!! Gun enthusiasts, get a new hobby; why don’t you pick up reading, music, art appreciation, etc. – the world is so rich, besides you will become more cultured and have a more varied life. Isn’t there more to life than collecting objects that are manufactured for one reason and one reason only – to KILL.

So WHADAYATHINK ? What do you think ? Let’s stop killing each other and imagine like John Lennon did.

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4 Responses to “Enough! Stop Gun Violence”

  1. magdalena Says:

    The sentiments of the nation resound in this sensible (long overdue) plea. Let’s make it happen.

  2. Son of Walt Says:

    I agree

  3. Mike Says:

    Enough! Stop politics during a time of crisis! We need better mental health services!

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Here some comments posted publically on FB RE: THIS BLOG

    Read the blog … I wish the answer was as simple as legislation or having gun enthusiasts “getting a new hobby”, but it’s not. And this will not be figured out overnight, nor should it. Citizens and politicians are quick to be reactionary, especially when emotions are high … and this is a LOADED issue (no pun intended), that should be thoroughly reviewed to protect the rights on all sides.

    20 hours ago · Like · 1

    I understand Michelle – all input helps. I don’t want to trounce upon our civil iberties, God our freedom is what makes it worth living here. We can’t just do nothing – the status quo is just not acceptable.

    20 hours ago · Like

    Second Amendment enough said

    Donna Kerstner Nadratowski I don’t usually post on anything but I call this the “Ivory Tower” mentality. It looks great on paper but it isn’t going to solve the problem. Banning guns will not solve the problem. Banning violent video games will not solve the problem. It all starts at home, with guidelines, discipline, compassion and respect. These are the things that we are responsible to teach our children. If you look at any of the shootings in recent history, I guarantee these character traits are absent. I am a teacher and a parent. All I can say is that the behavior that I see in school is a sampling of society and it is appalling. That kid’s mother knew there was something wrong with him and yet she had accessible guns? The whole thing just makes me sick. We need to stop passing the buck and look in our own backyards.

    17 hours ago ·

    Look it this dude was sick thats it and mommy should not have let him have access to her weapons

    Hi Donna – There are young people who have had a proper upbringing (all the things you mentioned such as being taught about respect, compassion, discipline … essentially a foundationally sound and structured environment) yet for reasons unknown (some sort of pathology, i.e. genetic mutation) & who turn out severely mentally disturbed and capable of committing unspeakably heinous acts. You can be the greatest parents in the world and still wind up with a “bad seed” so to speak. However, for the most part, I cannot deny the fact that your words resonate with truth. There are kids who sadly have zero family structure and hence – horror. This is really a nature/nurture point you’ve brought to the fore. However, having stated the aforementioned and the uphill battle ahead of us, I am not willing to throw in the towel. How can we, a nation of over 300 million inhabitants, allow or be content with the status quo in which a fiend[s] with an index finger[s] and access to semi – automatic weapons destroy 27 human bodies within minutes and devastate a whole community forever.

    15 hours ago · Edited · Like

    Yes John and Danielle the mother was profoundly remiss. However, without the guns, a massace of such epidemic proportions is not possible. If you can move your index finger fast enough, you can fire 5 rounds per second with a semi – automatic weapon . What hunter needs that ??? not to mention a 30 round magazine. There are average citizens walking around or have in their possession weapons that the military is using in Afghanisthan. Now, what sense does that make ?

    16 hours ago · Like

    No one needs to own a gun like that. Let’s be smart here and make it more difficult to buy these things. I have said it before … want a gun….hunt….sport so be it. But these guns don’t offer “sport”. The second amendment was drafted when it took minutes to reload a gun. At that time no one could have seen the future and the weapons of today. Chris

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