121212 Concert

December 13th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
Having just left work via Madison Square Garden, I arrived at my Long Island home just in time to hear the introduction “The Rolling Stones” and ran to the TV. How do they do it? How, after 50 years, count ’em, do they manage to still stimulate the crowd with the same old songs? They never tire of them and neither do we. Mick Jagger, thin as ever, bouncing all over the stage, while I after a long days work and younger by far, can’t imagine  doing that at his age. He must have a special chemical make up. After Jumpin Jack Flash, they were gone in a flash. Guess we’ll just have to buy the new album, Grrrrrr.
The Who. My, goodness. They stunned with a long set of about 7 songs which included Teenage Wasteland, (goose bumps and tingling of scalp), Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, to name just a few. The touching film backdrop of Keith Moon singing Bell Boy, with Roger Daltry motioning to him in real life was bittersweet. The climax of their entire performance ended with a song sung by Roger to Pete Townsend asking him to join him in a cup of tea, no doubt an old English custom of good will between two old friends. At the end they clasped their arms about one another beaming into the audience, at which point, in typical Who fashion, Pete blurts out “Have a Fu@&*ing Bee-ahh!” No censorship on live TV made it all the funnier.
That’s all I got to see. Will watch the taped version of the rest of the big acts,
Hope you got to catch some of the show held for the victims of  Hurricane Sandy and made your donation in some small way.
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