Honest, Abe

November 22nd, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor

Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War document is up for sale. Dated April 19, 1861, he authorizes the blockade of all Southern ports which was, in fact, a declaration of war. One might say Lincoln fired the first shot initiating the Civil War. Let’s just say,  he called the shots. His signature, firm and resolute as  the man himself, constituted an act of bravery that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Indeed, it would ultimately end it in abrupt violence at Ford’s Theatre almost 4 years to the day, on April 14, 1865.
This important document, currently in private hands, will be sold to the first person offering the $900K price tag attached to what really belongs to all of us. How can a record of such historical significance be up for grabs? Shouldn’t it be protected and housed in a public place of exhibition and not part of someone’s personal trophy room? This is not an autograph of your favorite rock star – it’s ABRAHAM LINCOLN who, in his own words, triggers what was to become the single most terrible act of war this country has realized within its own borders resulting in tragic loss of life – for the sake of Freedom. My hero. And yours.
There is no price one can place on on such a document. $900K, a cool million, two – who’s to say? History, bought and sold. It does not belong to one person. It should be donated, whoever you are.

So……………..whadayathink? What do you think? Maybe you’re the guy with the cash who can buy it and give it back to its rightful owner(s). How ’bout it, Big Shot? Or, maybe no one should step forward and buy it in the first place, forcing Mr. (Mrs.)  Whoever You Are to donate it themselves.
No man resolved to make the most of himself has time to waste on personal contention. – Abraham Lincoln

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