Cold Comfort

November 4th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
The effects of Hurricane Sandy hit our shores on Monday, October 30th, when at 5:38 pm the power that thrice taunted me with the tampering of electrical devices suddenly made good on its threat. Five days later, I write this by candlelight on a placid November night accompanied by the steady hum of neighboring generators providing access to heat and hair dryers for a fortunate few. Nearly a half million Long Islanders still without power curse them in their envy.
The harrowing winds that bent and uprooted tress and utilty poles too numerous to count, are stacked up like firewood here and there but in the forested preserve across the way they lie like gentle giants gone to sleep. There they will stay, their remains to either decompose or petrify, barring a favorite path to serve as a place to bench instead. Perhaps to reflect on these unsettling circumstances years from now.
I wonder that I don’t feel angry at the slow progress of the 21st century in restoring us back to the modern world. I am at home with book and candle, bulky sweaters to ward off the chill. Grateful for the hot water with which to shower which has been my sole comfort, yet why and how it functions is beyond me.¬† Food is prepared on the BBQ grill powered by propane, thanks to Jetmore for taking our last $7.00 between us for a $20.00 tank with a $13.00 IOU to be mailed off tomorrow. There were no ATM machines to serve us without power, likewise no gas to fill up the Jeep without the aid of electricity. Therefore trips to the supermarket for essential canned goods and non perishables are carefully planned to include trips to the pharmacy and petco enroute.
My patience is unwavering only because I know it’s just a matter of time before everything returns to normal. Meanwhile the battery operated radio reports of a drop in overnight temperatures with a Nor’easter in the wings to deal with next week; cold wet rain with wind and possibly some snow. On Monday my battery operated alarm clock will wake me at 5 am for the 20 minute walk to the train station, flashlight in hand (skirting any downed wires) to wait for the hourly service into New York City. Or with any luck, trains will be back on schedule. I can charge my cell phone and sip hot tea at my desk while perusing the news via internet. Ahhhh…….. Simple pleaures.
In case you’ve been wondering how I happen to have posted this, we have been graciously catapulted into the land of the living by our next door neighbors who have just returned from their week long stay in Ireland. They connected us to their generator for heat and computer access only. At 9 pm the service will be cut. So until LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) does their job (or lack thereof, which is being hotly debated on both sides of the party line), it’s Roger, Over and Out.
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3 Responses to “Cold Comfort”

  1. rick Says:

    keep safe Tabors.

  2. Magdalena Tabor Says:

    As I curse the utility trucks parked in a darkened row across the street upon arriving home from work last night (eg, Nice job, guys. Glad to see everyone’s working) the lights suddenly flicked ON. Oops! Ya think they heard me ? as they started the ignition in their trucks.

  3. satellite tv pc Says:

    THX for sharing. Good story – well done. What an incredible storm. Don’t mess with Mother nature.

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