Could it be True That Facebook and LinkedIn are Guilty of Collusion ?

October 11th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

My Letter to the New York Times:

Dear Pierre,

Thank you for taking my call and affording me the opportunity to inform you of what may be our worst fears realized – Mark Zuckerberg, 28, Founder and Chief Executive of Facebook and Jeff Weiner, 39, CEO of LinkedIn are in cahoots and more disturbingly censoring the comments of those individuals whom they perceive to perhaps have a deleterious effect on each billionaire’s respective empire. I left an innocuous comment on Facebook, simply stating the fact that Jeff Weiner has publicly and privately remarked that Facebook is a light and breezy forum through which friends and loved ones can interact. Mr. Weiner has continually stated that LinkedIn dwarfs the substantive, scholarly, and professional value of Facebook and that to even compare the two social networking sites is laughable. Furthermore, I went on to comment and defend Facebook by stating that I am a daily visitor to Mr. Zuckerberg’s site and though LinkedIn is certainly the place to go if one is interested in business relationships, Facebook is second to none in terms of exchanging messages with friends and loved ones. I also must say that I resorted to ad hominem in regards to Mr. Weiner’s thoughts about Facebook and when I inserted a curse word, however I relied on the acceptable –  **&^&%&, etc.

The story is that if:  Had  I made the disparaging comments on LinkedIn , I would almost understand, but certainly not agree (the New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, always allow criticism) censoring my remarks, but what makes this absolutely deplorable is that I criticized LinkedIn and defended Facebook on FACEBOOK, and they sabotaged my commentary. This is absolutely unacceptable and a glaringly blatant infringement on my (our) 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech. Now did they break the law – of course not, they can do whatever they want. However I think that it’s imperative that the New York Times alert their readers that 1. Facebook and LinkedIN are certainly guilty of collusion and 2. Any well-written disparaging remarks or comments by a subscriber will more likely than not be censored. The world’s two biggest social networking sites will not allow criticism of itself – my goodness, that’s not democracy and it’s an outright disgrace.

Best regards,


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