The Question to Which Nobody Has the Answer

September 26th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

If you are a religious believer, you know what question I am going to pose: If you claim that “God” created the world then it stands to reason to ask– Who created God and  who was the intelligent designer who created the God who created God, ad infinitum – an infinite regress. Conversely, what was going on before the big bang? What banged and why? A plethora of scientists can explain what happened 1/1000 of a second before the bang but they’re all clueless in terms of what was going on before – perhaps, nothing? Can anyone wrap his or her brain around absolutely nothing existing for a long period of time?
There is a Russian physicist, Andrei Linde, who claims that we humans, will sometime in the near future, be able to create our own universe in a lab if we like. He has a theory called chaotic inflation, which in a nutshell states that we need 100 thousandth of a gram of matter and some negative energy and BAM – we’ll have created billions and billions of galaxies – no supernatural abilities necessary. However, is this something we would want to do? And, wouldn’t making another universe crowd in on the one in which we live now? Actually, Linde stated that the universe would just simply expand into itself, so there would be no danger of the aforementioned. How about this: would you want to have some sort of control over your creation – Creator and Creation just like the religions (myths) we have now. Just think (this is out there, but…) our world maybe some higher power’s physics project,  after all our world is VERY weird and it’s certainly far from perfect. “Your grade for the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy – C-.”
The real question is – Why is there something rather than nothing? To think about this too long can literally drive you crazy. Sir Bernard Lovell claimed that “pondering it could tear the individual’s mind asunder” and William James said that this is the “darkest question in all of philosophy.’ Some physicists are now asserting that there is something to nothing – it’s actually something you can measure, something akin to dark matter.
So does anyone out there have a clue about creation? Since the beginning of mankind, all civilizations have had creation myths i.e. Christian- Judea has Adam and Eve, etc. This is quite interesting – there is  a tribe in Africa called the African Bantus who claim “The entire contents of the universe e.g. sun, stars, land, sea, animals, fish, man, woman were literally vomited out of the mouth of a nauseated god called Bumba. ” Sounds crazy, right ? But is it any crazier than the whole Adam and Eve rib story? What do you think ? WhaDaYaThink ?

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32 Responses to “The Question to Which Nobody Has the Answer”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    Interesting video I found on the web re: unaswerable questions. Warning: Your head might explode if you watch this – lol However, this is UTTERLY compelling stuff – enjoy !!!!!!!

  2. rick Says:

    Its simple Mike. We are not ment to understand the full power of God, we couldnt handle it. There was creation before the universe outside this realm. That realm is infinity. We cant comprehend it, its that easy. You can’t have the full knowledge of something you dont see or know fully about only faith. If God gave us the knowledge now, earth wouldnt have a purpose and this universe wouldnt have a purpose. We are ignorant and God is not. We think we know everything but only God knows. Its a simple answer, its biblical yet we dont listen or we reject it. Everything is based on faith. Faith is powerful, secuilar human knowledge is limited. You cant seek God in mans science.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick ummm faith. What is faith ? Here’s the OED definition: Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof; believing in something without proof or evidence.

  4. Michael kors store Says:

    Most of the blogs online are pretty much the same but i think you have a unique blog. Bravo !

  5. rick Says:

    I think Jesus gave enough proof Mike. I think the fact your posting is enough proof Mike. I think the fact that we breathe on this planet is proof enough Mike. I think that there is a purpose for every living thing is proof enough Mike. If you think otherwise you might be an idiot. I hope not. That would be scary.

  6. rick Says:

    PS- Lets say you still feel the same and think this life is it. No Jesus, No devil,everythings Biblical lies. You try to do (good) and live your life as a (good) person. What if your wrong? What if there is a hell? What then Mike? How smart would you be then Mike?Is science going to save you?. An infinity of pain for lack of faith. I think if you actually witnessed Jesus face to face you would still not believe at this point. Its a shame, I feel sorry for you.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick – I don’t have the answers and the greatest minds in the world didn’t have all the answers i.e. Einstein, etc. but we have come a LONG way. Is our intelligence limited as to how much we can know such as a dog trying to learn calculus – perhaps. But if there is always cause cause/effect, creator/creation, then as I stated in the blog – who created God ? and furthermore who created the God who created that god – ad – infinitum.

    If Christianity was the only religion that ever existed since the beginning of time, then perhaps I would have an easier time with it (even though I find the Old Testament to be utterly disturbing) but what about Islam ? Mohammed ? People born in Yemen are just as passionate about Mohammed being the the Prophet as you’re about Jesus.

  8. Michael Tabor Says:

    Richard Dawkins is a lot smarter & more eloquent than I and I think he does a better job @ addressing the “What if you’re wrong question” here it is – this is classic Dawkins

  9. Michael Tabor Says:

    oops, I think the muslim god is Allah, Mohammed was the prophet

  10. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick – just so you don’t think I’m picking on the Christian-Judea worldview, here is Dawkins response to a muslim re: absolute morality

  11. Michael Tabor Says:

    This is funny but oh so true …..

  12. rick Says:

    Mike, my faith is so strong, I dont have to watch videos explaining otherwise. You are seeking why not instead of why so.

  13. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick – I admire your faith and believe it or not, I wish I had it back.

  14. Michael Tabor Says:

    I am not dismissing the possibility that there coulld have been some sort of a creator, but to date, there is just no evidence of such. I also believe that, given the prodigious # of stars and hence the billions of planets not unlike the earth, there ought to be life elsewhere, but again still not a shred of evidence suggesting intelligent life anywhere but here on earth (another blog).

  15. Chip Says:

    Rick, I always notice that it’s not the people of faith, but rather the religious zealots that would state: “I think Jesus gave enough proof Mike. I think the fact your posting is enough proof Mike. I think the fact that we breathe on this planet is proof enough Mike. I think that there is a purpose for every living thing is proof enough Mike. If you think otherwise you might be an idiot. I hope not. That would be scary.”
    To people such as yourself, merely questioning is a sign of non-belief; quite the contrary. God gave us minds to think and question to other wise would be to be an idiot.
    Bravo Mike.

  16. rick Says:

    questioning is a sign of disbelief. because

    believers know without question. thats why i said look for the reasons why instead of why not.

  17. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick, I’m shocked – It’s human to doubt one’s religion – Even Jesus doubted “My God, why hast thou forsaken me ?”

  18. rick Says:


  19. chip Says:

    Actually, questioning is not a sign of disbelief but rather an open mind; something that Michael obviously has and something you are so sorely lacking. If God didn’t want us to question and wonder about all the miraculous things around us, then he wouldn’t have given us a brain. With your logic, mankind sould have assumed that all the dreadful illnesses of the world are here because God intended them to be; therefore, since we shouldn’t question their existence, we shouldn’t try to eradicate them. Gee, maybe all the researchers who have developed the anitibiotics and surgical procedures are damned to hell for questioning the existence of the diseases. When do you just accept that things are the way God intended and when do you question? The all knowing believer Rick can tell us……………………….

    and this will be the last I speak of this topic.

  20. Michael Tabor Says:

    Beautifully written Chip – my sentiments precisely.

  21. magdalena Says:

    As well as Jesus, let’s not dismiss Thomas aka Doubting Thomas,to whom Jesus addressed when appearing to his disciples, “Put your hand in my side”, referring to his wounds from the crucifixtion. To question is human. Jesus, who was made man, questioned. To question does not condemn. Jesus would be the last to condemn anyone for questioning the atrocities of the world and why a loving benevolent God would allow it. We are no less spiritual for questioning. Faith is not blind, rather all seeing. If one can still believe after questioning what is never answered, then that is truly faith. For the rest of us, mere acceptance cannot nor ever will be faith.

  22. magdalena Says:

    And to believe “just in case” there is a God is not really faith at all. It’s only fear.

  23. Michael Tabor Says:

    The “just in case” type of faith is Pascal’s wager which simply means believing in God (curriosly only the Judea – Christian faith) for fear of being wrong or hedging your bet. But the whole problem with Pascal’s wager, is one is not taking into account the thousands of other major religions today and 6000 years ago. Okay, let’s be reasonable and cut it down to just today’s MAJOR religions. Here are the statistics:

    1.Christianity: 2.1 billion

    2.Islam: 1.5 billion

    3.Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion

    4.Hinduism: 900 million

    5.Chinese traditional religion: 394 million

    6.Buddhism: 376 million

    7.primal-indigenous: 300 million

    8.African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million

    9.Sikhism: 23 million

    10.Juche: 19 million

    11.Spiritism: 15 million

    12.Judaism: 14 million

    13.Baha’i: 7 million

    14.Jainism: 4.2 million

    15.Shinto: 4 million

    16.Cao Dai: 4 million

    17.Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million

    18.Tenrikyo: 2 million

    19.Neo-Paganism: 1 million

    20.Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand

    21.Rastafarianism: 600 thousand

    22.Scientology: 500 thousand

    So you have 21 Gods to pray to (one listing is secular/atheist 1.1 billion people). That’s a lot of Gods who all think they have the answers.

  24. chip Says:

    Amen Magdalena!!! ……………and I think I smelled the scent of fear on Rick.

  25. rick Says:

    im not here to tell you what you all think. you can reject anything you want. remember most civilized religions refer to Jesus as a great prophet or a great person. Since the celebration of his birthday is the greatest holiday in the world and his name is greater then any name in the might want to find out why. instead of slaming Christianity. sorry from smart phone. i spoke me peace. good luck with your own

  26. Anonymous Says:

    What fascinates me is the way that reality, nature, and culture/history so often seem to function in such a way as to facilitate quite different beliefs from many different kinds of [somewhat] decent people. There are many possible responses to this and many important questions. For instance, why is there such an apparent ‘facilitation of [interpretive] freedom’? OR …Does this mean that all these different experiences/perspectives/beliefs are equidistant to the real or that they all participate somehow in ‘the real path’ – the true way, so to speak? OR Why – if there is a Beautifully Holy and Good God – wouldn’t he make himself more plain (then there comes the explanation about a necessary preserving of freedom – one sufficient to a facilitating of possible RELATIONSHIP between creature and creator (rather than simple fact- or fear-based acquiescing to the Divine. The greater problem seems to have something to do with the simultaneous satisfaction of certain intuitions (concerning God and his creation and love, and Goodness, etc.) AND the stubborn mystery concerning the problem of Evil, for instance OR, for that matter, the orthodox recognition of Holy Mystery – the so-called negative theology. Then there is the issue of how nurture plays a powerful role in what on believes. For me, all of this points to a need to consider ‘revelations’ of different kinds, consider what they intend, what they say is real or true, and begin to sense what rings true BEYOND convenience or ones lesser wishes. In responding to the revelation of YHWH and, then that of Christ, I am astounded by the wisdom, love, life-giving truth. Its difficult to believe sometimes but, more often, its difficult not o believe. Even so – there is the silence – the lack of explanation in the face of the tragic. Christs words are so often both a comfort and a challenge: ‘Come unto me…’ but, also, ‘…Why have you forsake me?…’ Maybe we can learn to reverence each other’s reverence while considering the possibility that all stories concerning the ultimate may not be equally true. I wish each one peace, wisdom, and a clarifying vision of the ultimate. Ask, Seek, and Knock. I will try to do the same. Amen.

  27. Michael Tabor Says:

    This is profound stuff – Anonymous ! Exacttly, I’m sure everyone responding here is a decent person (per comments) yet, we’re SO different in terms of the way we perceive things. My favorite quote from the bible is “Why have you forsaken me” So , if the Son of God is questioning his faith, doesn’t it stand to reason that his creation ought to. Everyone doubts @ sometime or another – how can we not , as Magdalena so eloquently stated when you read the front page of the New York Tmes and see all of this unnecessary suffering – all one can do is say – why ?

  28. magdalena Says:

    No one is rejecting anything or disputing the greatness of Jesus. To reiterate, Jesus had doubts because he was human. Your explanation that we cannot understand the mysteries of the world because we’re not meant to is like saying the world is flat. Given time I’m sure we can wrap our arms around it. Just look at the strides man has made over the course of history. What was once inconceivable is now common knowledge. That’s not to say we’re greater than God. Hardly, It’s merely a matter of using the brain he gave us to think with. If man questions, it’s an extension of God. I do not dispute the existence of God but question why there is no intervention when a child is brutally murdered or when tens of thousands of people are ravaged by natural disasters, the innocent victims that are children included. No loving God would allow it and there is no explanation good enough to sustain the horror of it. Those who don’t question are afraid they’ll be struck by lightening. I guess I’ll just have to take that chance. And finally, Rick, stop acting holier than thou.

  29. magdalena Says:

    Complacency is not acceptable.

  30. magdalena Says:

    Thank you, Anonymous for your reflective words of wisdom. Truly thoughts to ponder. Peace to you as well.

  31. Michael Tabor Says:

    Written by John S. via Facebook: wow, a lot to address here… 🙂 First, archeology has only confirmed the Bible. I could give many examples. The most famous one is the existence of Sodom & Gommorah. Most secularists who tried to disprove the Bible used the lack of evidence of thes cities to disprove the Bible. But, archeologists discovered the ruins of the two cities in 1920. Second, to deny the existence of God and the supernatural is a weak position because it requires more knowledge than one could know. What I mean is that if a person says he’s an atheist, how does he know that God doesn’t exist. He cannot know, because his knowledge base is extremely limited. Agnosticism is a more tenable position. Thirdly, most deaths have been caused by atheistic systems of belief like communism and facism. When people of faith have gone to war it’s because they are either crazy or hypocritcial. But don’t use peoples’ hypocrisy to turn you away from God because just because someone is acting contrary to truth does not negate the truth. Christianity has brought a lot of good into this world. All of the first universities and hospitals were started by Christians. Most non-governmental relief organizations today of one Christian denomination or another.

    20 hours ago · Like..

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