September 21st, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Written by Le Duke de Fromage

Some six months ago, the Pennsylvania legislature [republican controlled] passed a law requiring all registered voters to have a photo I.D. to show before voting.This controversial law has created a maelstrom of protest across the commonwealth. Republicans claim it is needed to prevent voter fraud and have long suspected ballot box stuffing in Philadelphia. Democrats claim it is a ruse to prevent voters such as minorities,the poor, the young, and the elderly, those more likely to vote for Obama from voting.In the past, no photo I.D. was needed in Pa. the new law states you must show a photo I.D. such as a drivers license or passport to qualify to vote.
Democrats argue that there isn’t enough time for voters to obtain the necessary document and the commonwealth was not set to handle the volume of applicants applying.They were joined by such groups as League of Women Voters,N.A.A.C.P. and the Homeless Advocacy League. Republicans countered with anyone who applies can get a non-driving photo I.D. at any Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Estimates vary but it seems that about one million voters statewide currently do not have a valid photo I.D. that would allow them to vote.
“Its a political move against Obama and Democratic voters”, cried the Democratic Party and it seems to have some merit. One top Republican official said ,”With the passing of this bill we can guarantee a win for Romney in Pa”.More controversy arose when a report published in Phila.newspapers showed that in the last 10 years there were only three known cases of voter fraud in the entire commonwealth. Voters are questioning whether that justifies a law change this close to a presidential election.They also argue that the process could phase in over a period of two elections.
Currently 17 states require a photo I.D. in order to vote.This new law enacted in Pennsylvania is one of the strictest and puts a real burden on a certain minority of the population. This includes homeless, elderly, and rural residents. As I voted in the past, I often thought how easy it was to go in , give your name, and were allowed to vote. Well those days are over. As is to be expected certain groups are challenging the law and their objections are now being presented to the Pa. Supreme Court.Interestingly enough the court consists of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. They are expected to rule of the legality of the suit by the end of Sept. Ironically there are 7 justices but one, a Republican has been charged with political corruption involving election fund fraud and has been removed from the bench.
To certain groups this whole bruha wreaks of political chicanery, and to a great extent, they are probably right. However, others justify the new law by stating the old rules were lax, outdated, and were open to corruption, and they were probably right. Currently some 32 states are considering revising their voting procedures signifying change is inevitable. While this law is limited to Pennsylvania it could have great impact on other states if allowed to pass.

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2 Responses to “SMILE, NOW YOU CAN VOTE”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    I have been following this for sometime and this is just another dirty trick by the republicans to get Romney in office. Do you think a person is going to stand in line at DMV for 3 hours just to get a non-driving photo ID just to vote ? The nasty GOP will do anything to garner votes. Obama should win anyway and finish the job – and clean up the horrible mess DubYA & Wall st. created.

  2. magdalena tabor Says:

    This is a timely ruse concocted to clinch the presidential election in favor of any Obama contender. If it isn’t, then why wasn’t this new law enacted 4 years ago?

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