Sick Passenger

September 28th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
I awake suddenly
From my seat
On the train.
I’m aware
Of a dull ache
In the pit of my stomach.
The elastic at my waist
Is binding, I reason.
I tug at it
But it’s no good,
The aching persists.
I begin to feel weak.
My head at my knees
To alleviate
The light headedness.
I’m too warm,
Tugging at my jacket,
Rummaging through my purse
For something to fan with.
It’s a brochure
Of the Frisbee House,
A favorite place.
The fanning helps.
I begin to cool,
Feeling better
By degrees.
The mystery illness
I read the brochure
As if nothing
Ever happened.

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