September 16th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor



September 15th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
It fluttered at curbside.
The significance
Of its journey ignored.
A withering of wing.
A spasmodic sequel
To a curtain drawn
Forces a gingerly step
Over its regal cloak
Of orange and black.
Its monarchy ended.


Beauty Without

September 14th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
As anyone who knows me knows, I love observing animals, in nature, pets, and otherwise. Yet, it is we who are at times the most fascinating of all creatures. Take for instance now. I’m riding the morning train to work when I notice a young woman whose eyes are heavily made up. She, on the other hand, feels they need more tweaking. Out comes this contraption looking very much like a surgical instrument to which she deftly places her eyelash so that it rests within its concave receptacle. By squeezing this scissor-like device, it clamps down on the lash so that upon removal it produces a flirtatious doll-like curl. Now guys, do not be alarmed. This bizarre invention of seemingly torturous self-infliction is perfectly harmless and as women, we are familiar with it but I am of the opinion that there are few who actually engage in this practice. But let us continue, she then applies more mascara to her already raccoon-like mask, primping and pruning, while peering into her dime sized mirror. Who knows how much time she invested in this ritual to portray the glamorous image finally achieved to her great satisfaction. When all is done, she promptly perches a pair of large dark glasses on her nose, thereby eliminating any trace of Cleopatra. The glasses, no less haute couture, took approximately one micro second to procure the desired dramatic effect. So, why go through all the trouble of making up?
A woman I have worked with for years suddenly appeared with the most gorgeous curls. Upon complimenting her stunning new look, she dully informed me that she didn’t have time to straighten it. Ever since, I guess she’s had ample time to flatten what nature so abundantly bestowed. Why do we want to straighten what curls and curl what’s straight? We spend more time and energy (not to mention money) perfecting our fantasy image than improving the imperfections in our character. We all have flaws, myself included, but the world would be a more beautiful (and less deceitful) place without the blemish of conceit and ego. This is not to say we shouldn’t be concerned with how we look, but to be consumed by it is hardly attractive. And why do we perform our grooming habits in a public forum? It seems that we’re always running late and will risk serious eye injury caused by the jerking motion of the train all for the sake of beauty. Stick with the dark glasses. You can’t go wrong. As for hair, just let it do its thing. Nature knows best. Now excuse me while I go and touch up my roots.
So………………whadayathink? What qualities most matter to you? Beauty fades as we age but nothing can deny us our inner virtues.


September 11th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Written by Le Duke de fromage

Every four years millions of Americans work themselves into a frenzy deciding on a presidential candidate.The Republican and Democrat parties hold their conventions to decide on an acceptable person to represent them in a national election.This is the biggest pile of offal masquerading as a serious process that can be perpetrated on a naive apathetic public.These conventions are a flat out boondoggle of lies, half truths, pure fantasy and both parties are guilty.
As Americans, we have believed in such myths as Kennedy,Carter,G.W.Bush,Billy Clinton and sob, Richard Milhouse Nixon. And who can forget the biggest political blunder in over 100 years,Sarah Palin.Yes, my fellow Americans,the conventions nominated these stalwarts of the public trust.And yes, we did survive as a nation.The frenzied hysterical delegates screamed and roared their approvals as these exalted, courageous candidates accepted their party’s nominations and plunged the nation into their version of 4 years of mediocre stewardship.
Yet we continue to live our lives and raise our children and worship whatever our God is.
To be a delegate is a dubious achievement; most are party faithful donating time and money to the party. Some are related to a person of party importance, some are elected by select officials. All leave their intelligence at home. It must be great honor to go to a convention,eat second rate food and usually drink far beyond ones capacity, all at public expense. You also get to wear silly hats, wear silly badges, and carry a silly sign. Oh and don’t forget the American flag, wave that until your arm falls off. If lucky, you are introduced to a V.I.P.who will immediately forget your name and quickly move on.Your one good chance is to watch for a and hope some one at home is watching. Of course your relatives are probably watching Another pitfall is that in a drunken haze you make a pass at another delegate and end up regretting you had those 6 martinis and spend the rest of the convention avoiding one another.
As a delegate, you are expected to cheer on queue, scream every time your state is mentioned, and in general act like a horse’s ass.
Imagine how many hungry, homeless, unfortunates could be cared for with the dollars spent on these bacchanals, but of course the party platform will take care of them or at least promise to. I realize this is cynical but how else are we to view a process that is totally false and empty of any real value? Its showtime folks,smile, back slap, pretty girls, and well fed balding delegates.Oh and don’t forget to roll out the little woman and the great kids, and there’s mom and dad, boy, are they proud. Multi colored balloons, confetti, blaring brassy bands, why its better than the circus.
Democracy in action?perhaps, the facts are it is a tightly controlled, behind the scenes, back room, cigar smoking few who really called the shots. The delegates or party faithful are there for show and T.V. Does anyone believe the delegates have any impact on the party’s platform? Sadly, those issues were decided long ago and far away. And heaven forbid delegates should actually put something in the program that might benefit the nation. The back room boys know what’s good for America, not the delegates. There is only one goal, to be in power. That’s it, it doesn’t matter which party you prefer they both have the same goal, POWER, run this nation the way it should be run, their way.
And the beat goes on and every 4 years we do it again and I stopped watching when I was old enough to realize in spite of what they told me I just don’t believe in politics.
Whadayathink? Worthwhile or a complete farce


One Tin Soldier

September 6th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
The obvious signs
Of wear are there.
Of scuffles and skirmishes
And battle fatigue.
Of one too long
On the frontline
That an afternoon’s nap
Cannot cure.
The arduous journey
From a cobwebbed corner
Of the attic
To the precipice
On the mantlepiece.
But in the end
There is one tin soldier
Left standing.

Gina Rinehart – Are You Kidding Me?

September 6th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
This woman has a lot of audacity for publically telling poor people not to grumble about their poverty-stricken circumstances. How dare you, Ms. Heiress who inherited literally billions of $$, open your mouth! It’s almost impossible to NOT get it right in terms of turning a profit when you have that much money to play with, except of course you are the clown, Donald Trump whose only real accomplishment was that stupid show of his.
Nobody is naïve to the fact that wealth creates more wealth and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a business venture going if you don’t have some money to invest. I don’t mind real entrepreneurs and legitimate rags to riches business people i.e. Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet giving advice, but this woman has no business opening her big fat mouth, especially in this economy. I have nothing more to say about this woman, I have nothing but contempt for her.
So what do you think ? WhaDaYaThink ? BTW, a friend sent this link to me written by the incredibly privileged Gina Rinehart Yes, she gives 21 suggestions to strike it rich but she forgot the most important part: have the right parents and inherit a billion dollars.


Stanley Kubrick – Just One More Film

September 3rd, 2012 by Michael Tabor

What’s sad is I will never again get to see another Stanley Kubrick film. I recently blogged about Woody Allen but there is no comparison in terms of “greatness” when you throw in Stanley Kubrick. Yes, I know there is Bergman, Fellini and Ford, but Stanley Kubrick was just in a completely different universe. You know you’re watching a Kubrick film within a minute, his style is/was so distinct. He was only 70 when he died in his sleep of a heart attack shortly before the release of “Eyes Wide Shut” and oh boy, what a loss this was for film aficionados. To start he only made 10 features if you begin with “Paths of Glory” (1957) which was really his first film (yes I know there is “The Killing” and a few earlier films but “Paths …” was really the first Kubrick film).
This obviously could be a 1000 page book (oh God all the masterpieces: ‘Barry Lyndon’, ‘The Shining, ‘2001: Space Odyssey’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ … and the man – Stanley Kubrick) but in this short essay I’m just going to make a few remarks about his last film, “Eyes Wide Shut”.
I hated “Eyes Wide Shut” the first time I saw it and I couldn’t express my disappointment enough. I watched the semi – masterpiece this weekend and I must say I have gained a whole new perspective on the film. Was it his best work? No. Is this the film I would urge people to see, if one hasn’t seen a Kubrick film? (Can you imagine?) No. However, I missed a whole lot the first viewing some 10+ years ago. The first hour and 15 minutes of the film is, I still maintain, not very good and even a little over the top with the Stanley Kubrick signature – the intense, eerie, sort of otherworldly, esoteric, etc. Great camera work granted, but…. After the bizarre orgy, right after Cruise was told to leave and not tell anyone what he saw, was when the movie really started to get good, no not good – GREAT!
I could hear my heart pounding in my chest (much of the time) as I watched the last hour of the movie; I could hardly breathe when Dr. Harford (Cruise’s character) goes to the morgue and stares at the beautiful young dead woman – oh and the eerie score, that one loud piano note. I didn’t know what was going to happen. For some reason, as Cruise was leaning closer toward the corpse, I thought she was going to pop up. (That of course would have been inane and had made no sense, this is not Carpenter or Di Palma, but it’s that intense ambiance at which Kubrick was so masterful) The conversation at the end in which Dr. Harford (Cruise) and Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack) are engaged is one of the most intense eerie dream-like scenes I’ve ever seen in the history of cinema. Essentially nothing happens in the last hour and yet that atmosphere is there which is really one (of the many) reasons he was the best.
So I can go on, but I think I’ll just end with – if you were like me and were not happy with Stanley’s last movie, revisit it and it’s really the last half that did it for me. Oh, I must mention, not to put a damper on matters, but the ending was admittedly lame, but that shouldn’t stop you from absorbing that one hour of outstanding cinema.  So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you Think ?


Island Guy

September 2nd, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


Big Bear

September 1st, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
Big bear left its mark
In the form of a big pile,
A conglomerate of seeds
From berries pilfered
On our pathway.
He (she?) ambled
At barnside
With a preference
For chicken salad,
Nosing the tumaceous scent
On the late summer air
As they huddled inside,
Timorous fluffs
Of feather.