Howling Mad

September 26th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor

An article appearing on today rankled me enough to protest the senseless slaughter of an entire wolf pack in Washington State consisting of no less than 8 wolves. And why??? Because rancher Bill McIrvine has not done enough to protect his cattle grazing on public land. His convoluted idea that there are radical environmentalists conspiring to introduce Gray Wolves to the detriment of ranchers who lease grazing land is absurd, when it is he who has done nothing to prevent the wolves from doing what comes naturally. The Gray Wolf, on the endangered list, has only just begun to proliferate over the last ten years, and now sadly, an entire pack must be destroyed because of the stupidity of just one person.
Long a subject of controversy, Ranchers versus Conservationists advocation of wolves, the two can readily co-exist by separating wolves from domestic livestock. It’s a no brainer – open land, open hunting. Wolves don’t understand they’re not supposed to do this. Man with his brain has to delineate the line by making it a visible one. We have McIrvine to thank for not using his and compromising an entire species for his ineptitude.
74% of the public vote NO in the decision to eliminate the pack. They are being destroyed as we speak. Get smart, America. Endangered or not? Extinct or not? It’s up to you. Make McIrvine assume responsibility for his non action. He wants grazing rights without lifting a finger. Then points it at us when the end result is what’s to be expected. Go eat a burger, you foolish excuse for a human being. Get yourself endangered with a huge topping of cheese.
So……….whadayathink? What do you think? Even ranchers have commented on McIrvine’s lack of wit. As ranchers, they expect a certain number of cattle to be lost to wolves but they use preventive measures. Even so, they are not opposed to wolves. If they can understand we’re all part of the chain, why can’t McIrvine?

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8 Responses to “Howling Mad”

  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    John C. Arnold in new jersey,people want to kill all the bears,because weve moved onto their turf!

    28 minutes ago · Like

  2. Car SLF Says:

    The most effective method of dealing with irresponsible individuals such as cattle rancher Bill McIrvine of Washington state is to “hit” him where it would hurt him most, the bottom line money.An effective method would be to organize a boycott against his cattle/ beef that is and will be sold for consumption. Anyone with suggestions on how to identiy which companies his cattle is sold?

  3. chip Says:

    I had no idea this was going on and it’s abhorrent. The wolves are gorgeous creatures and this monster is upset because they want to eat to survive????? While he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being (certainly not a humane being), what’s even more disturbing is that the government would condone such dispicable behavior. Car SLF is so correct, the only (legal) way to hurt McIrvine is in the wallet and the only thing I can think of is a petition to develop a referendum to be placed on the ballot in Washington regarding use of public land by ranchers. Let the general public vote as to whether public land should be utilized for the ranchers and if they can’t peacefully co-exist with the naturally existing wildlife, they shouldn’t be allowed to utilize it (by lease or for free) and if they are found to have killed even one wolf, they should be barred permanently from using the land and heavily a hefty fine should be imposed……………..hit him BIG TIME where it hurts. I can think of no other “legal” means to give him what he deserves.

  4. magdalena Says:

    Excellent idea Car SLF. I’m sure with just a little research this enticing piece of information can be found out. The folks in his immediate area are probably already boycotting his beef, that is those who disagree with his actions. I’m past the point of trying to figure people out. They’re either on your side or they’re not. It’s pointless convincing them otherwise, but “hit em where it hurts” is most effective. Money. The answer to it all.

  5. magdalena tabor Says:

    This just in from NBC news: Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker has been quoted as saying “I find it inexcusable that we allowed ourselves to get to a place where killing the entire pack was the necessary decision when other non-lethal options – within the department and with ranchers – were not totally exhausted first”. and “I find it ironic that the attacks on lvestock that caused this situation…took place on a ranch that has been outspoken about the removal of the pack and has refused to work with the department to implement prevention measures successfully adopted by other ranchers”……….While Senator Ranker is demanding answers, I only wish he had stepped up to the plate sooner rather than later. The pujblic was made aware days in advance of the decision made to eliminate the pack using dire measures, however, perhaps his delayed reaction will prevent this from happening again. And what about McIrvine? How will he pay from his hand in this? What were the political motives involved to give in to his demand?

  6. Michael Tabor Says:

    We MUST not allow this McIrvine fellow to get away with this ! Please everyone, make noise and call your congressman, now !

  7. Car SLF Says:

    How about getting the “movers and shakers” like Mark Zuckerberg, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Bill and Melinda Gates somehow involved? I’ve heard that they are very compassionate individuals who are involved in many charitable organizations. I’m attempting to discover the most efficient method to contact them of this crisis. Any suggestions?

  8. magdalena tabor Says:

    Big name guys like that are hard to hook up with. The only thing we can do is yell loud and long enough until it gets the attention it derserves. Washington State Senator Ranker is addressing the issue and that’s a big step in the right direction provided it doesn’t fall to the wayside. The people of Washington State need to keep at this to ensure those responsible own up and pay up, and to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately, there are just too many worthy causes and not enough “movers and shakers”.

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